Spezia COVID cluster caused by ‘anti-vax players’

by | Jul 19, 2021 16:22

Spezia’s chief medic confirms the outbreak of COVID-19 within the squad was caused by ‘two anti-vax players’ who refused the vaccine.

There are currently 11 members of the club between players and staff who have tested positive for COVID during the pre-season training camp, but they have not been identified.

When asked how this could have happened, chief medic Professor Vincenzo Salini revealed the cause was two players who refused the vaccine.

“We provided the first dose of the vaccine, but two players didn’t want to do it, they consider themselves anti-vaxxers and a small cluster of cases then developed,” Salini told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“Fortunately, all the lads feel fine. All the clubs are working on administering the vaccinations.”

In America, some clubs have even released players because they refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

As for in Italy, the FIGC has urged all Serie A and B players to get vaccinated, so should these clubs take similar action against anti-vax squad members?

“That is up to the clubs to decide, but in any case, it’s a small percentage,” added Professor Salini.

“I think if anything this will push the players to vaccinate themselves even more. We had some vaccinated players who tested positive because they were not yet fully vaccinated, as it takes a little time to take effect.

“One of the two anti-vax players tested positive, and the others contracted it too soon after the first dose to have full coverage.

“I am sure that at Spezia, after the second dose is completed, we won’t have any more problems, just like the stadiums should be open to spectators with a Green Pass.”

There were reports the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) was pushing to make vaccination mandatory for players in Serie A and B going into the 2021-22 season.

“Of course, players should be vaccinated, but all we can do is try to persuade them.”

The entire Italy squad and its staff members received the COVID-19 vaccine before UEFA EURO 2020.

The Spain matchday squad received its vaccines during the tournament, after a cluster of cases erupted in the build-up to the competition.


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