Napoli boss Luciano Spalletti was almost slapped as he went to confront a Fiorentina fan who had been insulting him from the stands, and someone threw a plastic bottle at his head.

The coach, who is from Florence and confessed he used to go to the stadium as a child to cheer on the Viola, was visibly furious after the final whistle.

He went up to the stands and had a verbal altercation with one specific supporter, a middle-aged man, while Victor Osimhen also seemed extremely angry and had to be pulled away by teammates.

The supporter tried to aim a slap at Spalletti and missed, while someone threw an empty plastic water bottle at the coach’s head.

“Shall we talk about the rudeness of the Fiorentina fans who are behind the bench?” Spalletti told DAZN afterwards.

“There are some back there who offend you from start to finish. They have children sitting right next to them and I cannot even repeat what they said, it’s incredible.

“They start insulting your mother constantly, my mother is 90 years old, leave her alone. These people are professional trolls.”

2 thought on “Spalletti in altercation with Fiorentina fan after insults”
  1. Yes he is right absolute dumb people…..its unbelievable and so sad society has these narrow minded Fools raising up

  2. Yeah this is very sad situation, hopefully the club will find the culpits and we wont see them again at Franchi

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