Sky: Milan without Zlatan against Liverpool

by | Sep 14, 2021 13:01

Milan veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic will reportedly not take part against Liverpool at Anfield due to an Achilles problem.

Sky Sport Italia reports the Swede is not in the squad for the big game against the Reds in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The former Paris Saint-Germain striker will miss the opening game in the prestigious competition due to an Achilles tendon problem.

Ibrahimovic returned from a knee injury against Lazio last weekend, when he scored in a 2-0 win at San Siro.

The soon-to-be 40-year-old was expected to take part against the Premier League side, but Ibrahimovic will not be available for coach Stefano Pioli.

Milan have Olivier Giroud back, after the French forward spent the international break in fiduciary isolation due to a positive coronavirus test.

Ibrahimovic’s Champions League experience will be missed against Liverpool, as the 39-year-old has scored 48 times in 120 appearances in the competition, after stints with PSG, Inter, Juventus, Ajax, Barcelona and Manchester United.

During his last stint with the Rossoneri, Zlatan played 16 games in the competition and scored nine times with the Milan jersey.


  1. acm

    i suppose this is price you pay when you sign older players,
    it looks like he’ll become only a mascot this season, if his injuries keep occurring.

  2. Michael

    It’s ridiculous, but as @acm said, that’s what happens when you sign 40 year old players. Hopefully Giroud can stay injury-free this season, as it doesn’t look like Ibra will be playing much at all. And hopefully next season we can get an actually good and young striker, since Giroud’s no spring chicken either, and I seriously doubt Pellegri will have what it takes.

  3. Donato Totaro

    Sorry but he was out for oodles of months, returns to play a 20 minute cameo and is hurt again????? Why bother. They keep saying how fit he is but having great abs and slick hair doesn’t help keep your legs from being 40 years old. Looks like Milan have a great player-coach on their team.

  4. VOGEL

    7 MILLION EUROS per season for 20 minutes per month.

    You’re a legend Ibra, but I think you owe Milan some money back.

    No wonder Kessie keeps asking for more, he’s a bargain in comparison.

    I actually started to wonder when people jumped on Ibra after the goal if that was really a good idea – I guess not.

  5. Rossoneri

    Ibra will play against juve I’m sure.

  6. dm

    I agree with Donato Totaro comment 100%

  7. dan

    Kramer said it best – you can’t argue with the body…that’s an argument you will never win! I appreciate he wants to carry on but his body has had enough.

  8. Mr. Joe

    Too many novices in the comments section. People that know nothing about football. Some claim to be Milan fans but all are see are ball boys, nothing more. Zlatan just got a swollen tendon which could happen to any player after sitting out so long.

    Also, Zlatan is worth every penny he’s being paid, cos before he came Milan were absolute trash. Utter garbage! Now they’re back in the CL thanks largely to him. So his salary shouldn’t be a discussion. A true fans would wish him a speedy recovery and wish the team the best.

  9. ACM

    Ibra looks a good specimen but really he’s falling apart

  10. Tom

    Ibra is old he need to retire

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