Sky: Juventus and Fiorentina reach agreement over Vlahovic transfer

by | Jan 25, 2022 12:07

According to Sky Sport Italia, Juventus and Fiorentina have reached an agreement over the transfer of Dusan Vlahovic to the Allianz Stadium.

The Italian broadcasters report the 21-year-old will move to Turin in a €75m deal.

The two clubs have reportedly reached an agreement during their latest meeting today. They still need to decide the formula and the deal’s structure, but the Old Lady has basically agreed to meet Fiorentina’s economic demands.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Vlahovic has already agreed personal terms with the Old Lady and will sign a €7m-a-year deal for the next five years.

Vlahovic became the most prolific striker in 2021, scoring 33 goals in 43 games with Fiorentina. Only Robert Lewandowski scored more goals in Europe’s top five leagues.

Vlahovic’s contract at the Artemio Franchi expires in June 2023 and he rejected a €4m-a-year deal offered by the Tuscans.

Vlahovic has scored 17 goals in 21 Serie A appearances this term. He is the league’s leading scorer along with Lazio star Ciro Immobile.



  1. InterFan75

    So, how? 75m? Did they say Juve have tight budget for winter transfer window? We should beat Milan because Juve is coming to top. 😋

  2. Recoba

    Congrats!! Looking forward to see the great flop on the pitch 😁

  3. Maldinis heir

    Do the Juve have some sort of direct debit set up with Fiorentina?

    We’ll take the usual please – your best players.

    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if Fiorentina had a front three of Chiesa, Bernadeschi and Vlahovic?

    I hate modern football.

  4. Zambrotta

    The bitterness from inter fans is already apparent. Enjoy signing Caicedo and Kostic. Lol.


    Allegri has shored up the defence. This guy can supercharge the attack. Juve will be a force to be reckoned with next season with Chiesa back and a year of Allegri’s stability under its belt.

  6. Bunga2

    Well congrats Juve, and hopefully Viola will get a solid, if not better replacement. I think 7M salary is fair, if not “cheap”.

    At least he’s staying in Serie-A.

  7. sawo kecik

    fiorentina is a feeder club for juve…


    Yea true, small victory for italian football at least


    When some teams need a striker they call on John Carew ! When Juve needs a striker they have the agents of DUSAN VLAHOVIC call them! A life long Juve fan – I LOVE IT !!

  10. Papa allegri

    Juventus gift inter the scudetto and the Inter fans suddenly have opinions again after 10 years.

  11. solo inter


    Dusan chose Juve. Look at your own teams and ask yourselves why. Inter already know that’s why they nut-ride Juve every chance they can.

  12. Asian Fans

    Congratz Rube! at least he can make 0 shot on goal improve to 1

  13. InterFan75

    Zambrotta, not all fans, only me. 🧐

  14. Sardinian Flag is not the English Flag


  15. InterFan75

    Recoba, everyone are saying, Juve have no great midfield. So, maybe Vlahovic will have less service than at La Viola. 🤓

  16. gio

    I think he is the real deal and I have been a huge critic of his early on. Shots fired from Juve…they aint riding out into the sunset or going out quietly!

  17. azzkikr

    @InterFan75 Vlahovic don’t need service at Juve, because his physicality will be very useful to defend his own penalty area.. and thats would be his only job at Juve


    solo inter, u mean juve nut rided inter the past 9 years expect of 2020. dont exchange the facts bro 🙂

  19. Frankie

    Solo Inter, the only nut riding has been by Juve on Inter. We don’t win paper scudetti, we actually sweat and work for them. Good luck catching up to our 36 scudetti. We earned our second star 40 years ago, you’re still trying to win your second LOL.

  20. ilyas

    The minute he wouldn’t sign an extension he wanted only Juve . Not sure if he’s worth it. I knew Chiesa was worth it the minute he signed

  21. solo inter

    I wrote Inter nut-rides Juve. Re-read.

    Also, re-read the the first part of your message. You are all over the place.

  22. Nerazuri101

    Man i love how juve fans are so touched from inter winning the league – we winning the league at least for the next 3 seasons eapecially if we sign kosic gossen and bremer

  23. Dra

    Well I guess this means De Ligt is out in the summer

  24. Forza Juve

    Ramsey Rabiot and Moratta out and we’re good to go. Any new decent CM are welcome. But that can wait till the summer.

  25. NarazurI101

    And bewAre scamacaaa jube fans

  26. Asian Fans

    @Franke I’ll added your stars to 4 because you won something that Inter could never won.. the “B”

  27. ACm1899

    Well, at least he’s staying in Italy. Let’s hope he keeps his form at Juve – of late, there hasn’t been much decent service to strikers at Juve.


    @I MISS MARCO BRANCA AT INTER… When some teams need a striker they pay 75m for Vlahovic! When Inter needs a striker they take Dybala for free! A life long Inter fan – I LOVE IT !!

    By the way, it’s 2022! John Carew? You sound very desperate – I LOVE IT !!

  29. Vieri

    @Zambrotta lmao why would anyone complain about getting Kostic? the guy has been one of the best wing backs for years. In any case it’s really Gosens who’s coming, you know the guy who has been the best lefft wing back in Serie A for the past two seasons. It’s a pretty damning indictment of Juve fans intelligence for using Kostic as a slight considering you have the great joker Alex Sandro and Pellegrini who breaks at the slightest touch. Shouldn’t you be looking for a new left back?

    Don’t worry about Caicedo, unlike Juve Inter actually have strikers who can score goals. We’re the most attacking team in the league with the most goals scored. You should be worrying about whether Vlahovic can keep his form with Allegriball and that midfield of yours. Vincenzo Italiano is a far more modern tactician with more progressive football than Allegri

  30. Stam

    Maldinis hair, how do you think Nesta ended up at San Siro?

    You hate modern football? I hate modern clueless fans with goldfish memory

    Berlusconi broke several transfer records.

    GOOD ON JUVE! Other clubs need to step up now.

    Things are getting interesting in serie a and this season already was great!

  31. soloInter

    Inter even in difficult times are never out of options when it comes to goal scorers. Do Juve fans actually think this will somehow turn their sinking ship around.

  32. That Man Inter Fan Danger Boy

    Vlahovic won’t make any difference as the midfield is non existent. Rube had the greatest goal scorer in the game, called Ronaldo and they still had the same issues. The pub team of Europe should try doing some research on what a midfield is comprised of.

  33. Jacob

    News about Juve signing one of the best strikers in the world, and the page is full of comments from Inter fans telling how bad Juve is, and how great Inter is. Talk about having low self-esteem.

  34. Noxzy

    The future looks bright with Rovella & Fagioli coming back next season. Only a new left back needed in the summer.

  35. Monty

    Poor young bloke. Allegri will destroy his career.

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