Marcelo Brozovic and Milan Skriniar were Inter‘s best players against Juventus last night, while Italian sports papers saw Adrien Rabiot as the Old Lady’s MVP.

Gazzetta dello Sport, Tuttosport and Il Corriere dello Sport crowned the France international as Juventus’ best player on the pitch at the Allianz Stadium last night.

The former PSG midfielder ‘was aggressive and played a lot vertically,’ wrote La Gazzetta dello Sport, which rated him 7/10 like Corsport.

On the other hand, Alvaro Morata was Juventus’ worst performer in Turin. Not only he wasn’t dangerous in the final third, but he also caused the decisive penalty kick for a foul on Denzel Dumfries in the first half. He was rated 5 by Gazzetta and Tuttosport and 5.5 by Il Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus probably played a better brand of football than Inter, but didn’t have many clear-cut chances also thanks to a super performance by Milan Skriniar. Gazzetta and Corsport saw the Slovakia international as the Nerazzurri’s MVP.

La Gazzetta dello Sport said that the former Samp man had ‘triumphed against Dusan Vlahovic’, who only had one chance to score. ‘He fears nothing and nobody,’ added Il Corriere dello Sport.

Skriniar was rated 7 by Gazzetta and Corsport and 7.5 by Tuttosport, the same as Marcelo Brozovic, who described the Croatia international as the ‘soul of Inter.’ The Nerazzurri haven’t won any of the three Serie A games played without Brozovic this term.

Lautaro Martinez was rated 5 by all three Italian sports papers. He was never dangerous and risked a second yellow card for a foul on Giorgio Chiellini in the first half.

13 thought on “Skriniar, Morata, Rabiot, Brozovic: verdicts on Juventus vs. Inter”
  1. Poor game. A draw would’ve been the right result. Neither side looked like scoring, despite handanovic doing his best to aid Juventus with his constant unsure flapping at even the most tame of shots.

  2. Juventus were by far the better team from first kick. Inter played in their defensive half for most of game. Juventus were unlucky not to score while hitting post twice. Referee’s poor performance helped inter.

  3. Juve’s best performance of the season by far – perhaps their best performance in years. Rabiot’s best game for Juve by far – that is the player I guess we thought we were getting – he was an absolute monster, using all of his attributes to dominate on and off the ball. Potentially does show just how bad his attitude is though that he hasn’t come close to playing like that ever before. Will his old self show up next week? Probably.

    This is the juve that fans have wanted to see – one that attacks and presses high up the pitch.

    Why can Allegri not set them up like this every week?

    Vlahovic was the only disappointment – I don’t care how young he is, for 80m you expect him to adapt to Skriniar, to step up and to put the ball in the back of the net. Instead he got worse as the game progressed.

  4. For en så farlig og grovt brudd på reglene – et slag med en utstrakt fot i ansiktet på en motstander som forårsaket skade, måtte Martinez motta rødt kort, uavhengig av hvilket minutt av kampen han gjorde det.

  5. how Morata gets this many chances is beyond me, if he was italian he would have benched ages ago. a league that needs to sort sort its priorities out. #IGiovaniItalianiSonoPronti

  6. How morata gets this many chances is beyond me, if he was italian he would have been benched ages ago, Serie A needs to stop this its pathetic now

  7. The referee did an OK job. Juve need to stop crying about this, in that case inter should be equally furious they had to score their goal twice. No red card, like the studs on the chin of Giroud. It has to do with the speed and danger of the challenge, not the result. Unfortunately it seems Locatelli injured himself with his tackle.. hope he gets well soon

  8. referee was ok, it is not his fault that Morata made a silly foul. And then De Ligt foul for invading the box before the penalty. One thing is that some stuff did not get called and another it is to say it is unfair. I agree a draw would be the logic result, because this Inter team did not deserve to win. They were abysmal and Juventus were better without a single doubt

  9. @Mario Neta, why? Giroud ha a gaping hole in his leg after a tackle with studs first, it was deemed a yellow card. At least you read the important introduction to my comment though 😉

  10. Morata missed yet another sitter and gave away the penalty. Yes, it was a soft one but doing your job badly at either end of the pitch is too much. Time to go.

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