Simeone: ‘I had other offers but I only wanted to join Napoli’

Giovanni Simeone underlined his excitement at the move to Napoli and his desire to impress following his arrival from Hellas Verona.

The 27-year-old Argentinian joined the Partenopei last week on a loan deal with a conditional obligation to buy clause attached, adding a strong forward to Luciano Spalletti’s squad in the Campania capital. Simeone scored 17 goals in 35 games for Verona, proving his quality in Veneto.

Speaking in a press conference, Simeone first detailed his happiness at the transfer to Napoli.

“I’m very happy to be here, I’ve always wanted a team like this, even more knowing that there are so many Argentines who have done well here. For me it’s a great responsibility, every day I want to prove everything.”

He commented on if he’s finally reached the right maturity to shine at the top level.

“I think so. I’ve always picked myself up after hard times. I have had a lot of experience in Italy, I’ve grown a lot. 

“For me it’s important to convey what I feel inside on the pitch and every day I will always try to improve.”

He reflected on his hattrick in a recent memorable clash between Fiorentina and Napoli.

“I’m a person who has always given everything. I’ve always fought for the teams I played for and for my teammates. I’m ready to do that here as well and I want to prove it in every moment I get.”

Simeone commented on the possibility that Napoli could draw Atletico Madrid, the team coached by his father Diego, in the Champions League.

“It’s not important to think about who we can cross, let’s wait for the draw, it will be important to think about Fiorentina.”

He underlined his desire to join Napoli above other clubs this summer.

“Yes I had many possibilities but I had only one thing in mind, to come here. The offers from other teams were also important but they weren’t interesting, I wanted Napoli. I know I will do well, I’m convinced, and I can improve.”

The Argentinian forward commented on the strengths of this Partenopei team.

“They’re very good, I told my family when they asked me about Napoli, when I try to press them they never lose the ball, I still have to understand the dynamics of training and teammates but also the system. 

“Napoli are a quality team. When I arrived I just wanted to train, the right atmosphere is being created, we won the first two games and this also helps the people who have passion and support us.”

The 27-year-old spoke about his physical condition following the move.

“Yes I’d stopped in Verona and wasn’t playing, but I have been training a lot, I feel very good physically. 

“Already yesterday I felt good and had good signs. Slowly I will get into the team dynamic, that’s what counts. I will try to get to know my teammates and be ready.”

Finally, Simeone commented on his father’s reaction to the transfer.

“He was very happy, he wrote me a nice message, all Argentinians watched Maradona’s Napoli when they were growing up. 

“He tells me that every young player in Argentina had the dream of making it to Napoli, so for me this is a beautiful thing.”

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