Serie C chaos, Foggia fans attack Iemmello and make death threats

There were violent scenes in a Serie C match this evening between Foggia and Catanzaro, as there were several pitch invasions, one managing to strike Pietro Iemmello and make death threats.

The 30-year-old forward had played for Foggia in 2018-19 and had disagreements with the ultras at the time.

So when Catanzaro were leading 4-1 and received a penalty that Iemmello was set to take, a hooligan rushed out from the home crowd and tried to physically attack him.

It seems as if he might’ve made contact with a slap to the face, then made a throat-slitting gesture as a death threat.

Another fan then rushed onto the pitch and was also stopped by stewards.

Iemmello left the penalty to a teammate, then was substituted soon after, but there was another Foggia fan who tried a pitch invasion.

According to reports, after Iemmello was wisely substituted, the Foggia staff then urged him to leave the bench and hide in the locker room to avoid further inflaming the crowd.

Catanzaro won 6-2 after a game that lasted 100 minutes due to all the stoppages.

4 Comments on “Serie C chaos, Foggia fans attack Iemmello and make death threats”

  1. Always amazes me how the ultras are the first to make monkey chants at black players, but are the true animals in the stadium. Italy will never move forward, in sport, in politics, in society, until this attitude is done away with.

  2. juventus ultras is the most crooked ultras . they selling tix to mafia with andrea agnelli help and racist chant . juventus truly represent how bad italian ultras. police need investigate andrea agnelli connection into mafiaoso

  3. They really disgust me and are a black mark on the sport. I’m sure all countries have them, as seen in Mexico last month, but these uncivilized animals need to be abolished.
    I don’t watch the mod here in the States but I’m interested to know if these ultrasi exist here, I would think not.

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