Serie A | Verona 2-1 Juventus: Simeone dooms Allegri

Juventus suffered another embarrassing defeat, as Giovanni Simeone’s early brace proved too much for Weston McKennie to turn around and Verona leapfrog the Old Lady in the table.

Watch the highlights here.

Serie A Highlights: Verona 2-1 Juventus

The Bianconeri were 13 points off top spot after a shock 2-1 home defeat to Sassuolo, then lost Federico Chiesa and Mattia De Sciglio to injury, joining Moise Kean and Aaron Ramsey on the sidelines. Daniele Rugani had been tipped to start, but pulled out hours beforehand with gastroenteritis, while Matthijs de Ligt had a slight muscular issue. Hellas took some big scalps at the Bentegodi, beating Roma and Lazio, while Igor Tudor was assistant manager to Andrea Pirlo at Juve last season.

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The lack of confidence was evident in the opening minutes, when Danilo panicked and put the ball out for a corner with Wojciech Szczesny ready to gather.

Darko Lazovic tested Szczesny at the near post, as did Alvaro Morata with a cheeky back-heel flick saved by Lorenzo Montipò.

Verona took the lead when Szczesny got his gloves to an Antonin Barak effort, but could do nothing to prevent Simeone scoring on the rebound.

Cholito Simeone scored four goals against Lazio last weekend and picked up right where he left off, netting another moments later. He cut inside from the left and placed a magnificent right-foot curler into the far top corner from outside the box. It was simply unstoppable.

Simeone had the ball in the top corner again after 28 minutes, but the whistle had already gone for Gianluca Caprari’s foul on Arthur.

Paulo Dybala blasted over and Alex Sandro hit the side-netting, then on the stroke of half-time Dybala failed to make the most of a Miguel Veloso error, his curler bouncing off the crossbar.

Dybala aimed another just wide after the restart, then Weston McKennie almost scored with his first touch, at full stretch to meet a free kick at the back post, forcing a one-handed Montipò save.

Verona began to defend deeper and deeper, eventually conceding with 10 minutes to go when McKennie was left in far too much space on the edge of the box to control Danilo’s pass and smash into the roof of the net.

Morata should’ve passed on the counter, but went for goal from an improbable angle, then Nikola Kalinic was inches wide after springing the offside trap on Caprari’s assist to face Szczesny one-on-one.

Verona had taken a 2-0 lead in five of their previous six games, but only won two of them, so the tension was rising at the Bentegodi in the final minutes.

Montipò made a sensational fingertip save to push Dybala’s strike round the near top corner, while Antonin Barak also blasted just over the bar at the other end.

Verona 2-1 Juventus

Simeone 11, 14 (V), McKennie 80 (J)

25 Comments on “Serie A | Verona 2-1 Juventus: Simeone dooms Allegri”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Arise Lord Allegri Master Of The Seven Seas and Patron Saint of Zombie Ball, a delightful ancient Italian past time where the ball is moved slowly, backwards, sideways and only a 1-0 result will suffice. Punishment will be swift, brutal and without hesitation if the ball is moved forward and above 1 mph. All hail Sir Pirlo, on behalf of all deluded PubClubVentus fans, apologies for those who chanted “Pirlo out”. They now have a 4 star general who can only lead you with back to back defeats and circus like performances.

  2. No soul, no spirit, no creativity.

    To be expected when your starting midfielders are Arthur, Rabiot and Bentancur.
    One of those 3 is enough, you are not playing against PSG.

    People blame Allegri, but the players share the blame as well.

  3. seems like allegri has come in and taken a page out of pirlo handbook. pirlo had mckennie playing as a right winger and this season allegri has rabiot playing as a left winger.if he wants to play a real 433 he is going to have to leave dybala out because he cant play as a winger or a false 9. allegri has this team set up in a mess.

  4. Allegri is a freaking genius. I said 2 days ago that placing bets on Juventus is a given. This man is making me very happy with my bets. I would have won more as I predicted a Simeone hat-trick. The ref made a soft call. That should be 3 defeats in a row as they got lucky against Inter. But all in all a very happy day. They will lose or draw there next game. Fiorentina are in decent form and Dusan will bang a few goals in against the Newcastle Bianconeri.

  5. So if Allegri is sack tomorrow, who comes in worth their salt? Does Zidane want this job?
    All of you seem so certain that some other manager can and will want this job at Juventus, but they had a chance 6 months ago to get Zidane and for some reason, Agnelli and Nedved did not seal the deal. Do you experts know why that is?

  6. @Eric

    Because Zidane isn’t a rookie coach; remember, he won everything under the sun as a player, and has then guided Madrid to a hattrick of UCL titles.

    You really think he would’ve said yes to a bunch of nobodies? Take out Giorgio and maybe Bonucci, who in this squad would seriously be worthy of even 3m a year salary?

  7. lol LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SMALL BALL, cracked me right up mate. I cannot wait to hear EL CID defend the inexcusable or go straight into hiding within in a cave.

  8. @Pinturicchio Exactly my point, he would seem the natural choice, but why would Zizou want to go back to an ownership who tried to sabotage the current European league structure, and has successfully damaged the unrivaled foundations built by Conte and Allegri from 2011 to 2019? Why would any elite manager want to go to a club that has shown an ungrateful attitude and encourages the likes LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SMALL BALL to insult the 6 time scudetto winner and 2 time runner up of the Champion’ League over the past 6 years?
    I hope Allegri finds another job in the Premier League that will prove to these self entitled supporters and owners of Juventus that its your club that is rotten from top down.

  9. The only rotten thing is Allegris ego in thinking he doesnt need to change a thing. He is turning out to look like a real fool. His arrogance is sickening. Too many nights spent staring at his previous trophies patting himself on the back.

  10. @Eric that is why you and the likes of EL CID are a complete joke and deluded Juventus fans. Are you kidding me 2 time runners up of Champions League is not an honour. They did not win and nobody remembers 1st loser period. By the way that is 7/9 European Cup defeats more than anyone in Europe and the polar opposite of Real Madrid.

    Relax stop talking about Zidane and other coaches whether they would come or not. This man is going nowhere. He is on a 4 year deal and a big contract. Nedved never wanted him back and his barking and growling in the stands is a reminder of the misery to come. A More slow, dark and depressing next 4 years.

    It does not matter what players you give Allegri as he has a clear mind set not to be adventurous even against the smaller clubs. He likes the 1-0 results and if that is his style so be it, but the game has changed and he does not realise it. Even Verona do not play for a 1-0, they were going for 3 until Simeone’s goal was ruled out for a foul.

    If you knew anything about football which you do not, never play Rabiot on the left as if he is a winger. This coach has done it for two games on the bounce.

    There was no Chiesa yet again and Locatelli was on the bench. Forget about Zenit as you are not winning the CL nor is that game make or break. Getting back into the CL is their only objective and it is not happening.

    If you mess with the formation esp the middle of the park results consistency will never come. To my recollection Inzaghi knows what works best and other clubs around Europe know it as well regardless of the players they have. Settle on the best of the worst.

    Its must be very easy to be a coach now as all you have to do is identify Rabiot. He is left footed so he must play as a winger on the left. The days of Sacchi, Capello and Lippi are long gone. What you have now is Allegri.

    FYI Allegri turned down offers in both Spain and England as he pretty much guessed that they would not accept that style of play and he would be out of his depth.

    PL is a fast, physical and hardest league in the world. Could you imagine Allegri say managing Tottenham. What is he going to do, park the bus and make them totally slow. Even the Spuds fans would revolt despite not being accustomed to winning anything.

  11. Blaming Allegri is a bit short sighted, there is simply too much deadwood in this squad, Arthur, Ramsey, Bentancur for starters must be sold. Go all out for Torriera & Pessina to team up with Locatelli in the middle. Defense we need to find a quality CB to replace Bonucci, Chiellini etc….as do many clubs, where have all the WC CBs gone? Maybe give Candela another go? He was promising at Juve. The squad is the problem more than Allegri, these players have had many chances!!

  12. Even Ole managed to get a reaction from his team today. Stop going on about Zidane and great names who will never ruin their reputations taking on a poisoned chalice.

    Chris Hughton is available and Steve Bruce will be soon. Brucie even knows the club well as he coaches a team in jail bird colours as well.

  13. Oh how the tifosi faithful have turned on their beloved team. Years of success has jaded their outlook and insight. What can Allegri do with an aging squad that lacks grit when the going gets tough.
    Tactics change but nothing replaces hard work and confidence. Did Juve show either in the first half?
    Rebuilds on teams that require financial liquidity are so difficult but Juve needs to get younger and better in the back and midfield or nothing will change. Does management have the will : Doubtful

  14. Some comments on here about the age of the CB’s, which mean Chiellini and Bonucci.

    Such a thing would suggest to somebody who didn’t see both of Verona‘s goals as their fault.

    First goal: horrible backpass by Arthur to what should have been Rabiot. Rabiot becomes off-balanced, can’t or won’t trackback
    and Cholito Simeone scores.

    Second goal: a thunder shot from distance to the right of the Juve goal. If you are Juve’s defence you don’t mind a player shooting from that distance and angle. But it was a one-in-a-million shot as power and placement were perfect.

    Juve were a little unlucky with Dybala’s shot hitting the crossbar and then another chance near then end.

    Kudos to ex-Juventino Igor Tudor who has done a good job since taking over from Di Francesco.

  15. Funny lol.

    1. Sarri did not know the culture of the club yet still won the league at his first go. He asked for specific
    players and I remember the same expert class scoffed at Jorginho. This is a player who knows how to
    control the ball, rhythm and tempo of the midfield. The same fans asked for him to be axed and they
    got their way. Sarri also had the same group of players.

    2. Pirlo had know experience but suffered only 6 losses all season. He got the best out of Chiesa and still
    managed to win 2 trophies despite being less significant. The same expert class asked for his head and
    the wish was granted. All would be well if only Max would return. Wish granted.

    3. Allegri knows the club inside out and is so called more experienced with a deep understanding of the
    mechanisms of football. The results are the worst goal scoring, defence and results in 60 years.
    Already 4 defeats and should be 5 having played Inter. Come the end of season they will be in double
    digits in the loss column. The same expert class are now calling for patience and making out that the
    players are different. They are useless but 1,2 had the same issues and we saw better results and

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