According to Milan&Finanza, Serie A have received a €138m offer from Saudi Arabia to hold the Supercup in Riyad for the next six years and with a new format.

The upcoming Supercoppa clash between Serie A champions Milan and Coppa Italia winners Inter will take place in Saudi Arabia in January. It’s the first time in the post-pandemic era that the match is played abroad.

According to Milano&Finanza, there could be more editions played in the country as Serie A have received a €138m bid to hold the Supercoppa’s Final Four in Riyad in the next six years. That would mean €23m net per season, plus travel and accommodations paid by the host country.

It’s three times more than what Serie A get with the current agreement worth €8m for one match.

The format would change, involging the Serie A champions and runners-up from the previous campaign and the Coppa Italia Finalists which would meet in one-legged semis and Final.

According to the report, the Supercoppa winners would then face the Saudi Super Cup champions.

6 thought on “Serie A receive big-money offer to hold Supercoppa Finals in Saudi Arabia with new format”
  1. You 100% know they will do this, but why ruin the super coppa. If they want a mini tournament then hold a mini tournament, no need to spoil what the supercoppa is all about

  2. This is precisely what will happen if Serie A is reduced to 18 clubs. Instead of rest and preparation, lucrative friendlies will replace the 4 competitive league games.

  3. Saying that Supercoppa is useless or stupid is daft and ignorant. It’s a trophy that counts. Anyhow the Saudis did the same with changing the format of the Spanish Super Cup.

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