Serie A will aim to use extra time more accurately next season, accounting for everything from celebrations to substitutions.

The topic of Effective Playing Time came to the forefront last season during the World Cup in Qatar, where officials were seen giving up to 10 minutes of extra time during matches.

Initially divisive, the move began to grow in popularity as the competition developed, and in the months since many fans have begun to wish for similar mentalities from leagues around Europe.

La Gazzetta dello Sport via TMW details how UEFA and the FIGC will now look to increase the amount of Effective Playing Time in matches by paying greater attention to various aspects of the match.

Things that’ll contribute to the length of extra time include celebrations, goal kicks, substitutions and preparing set pieces.

Since the 2018-19 season, Serie A has averaged an Effective Playing Time of 61.35 minutes per match, the highest of the top five leagues in Europe. In comparison, the Premier League has only averaged 60.59 minutes per match in the same time span.

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