Serie A | Milan 1-2 Spezia: Rossoneri upset following late winner

by | Jan 17, 2022 19:40

Rafael Leao shined for Milan but he could only watch on in horror as the Rossoneri lost 2-1 to Spezia following a last second counter attack.

The Rossoneri came into this game needing a win following Inter’s 0-0 draw with Atalanta last night. Stefano Pioli’s side needed to keep up the pressure on the Nerazzurri if they want to stay involved in the title race.

Spezia were also hoping for something from this match, sitting only a handful points ahead of the relegation zone.

The Rossoneri were clearly in the driving seat in the first half of the match but they struggled to find an opener in front of their home fans.

Milan were gifted a penalty in the 43rd minute following a foul on Leao, but Theo Hernandez’s effort was dragged wide, leaving things goalless. This was changed by the Portuguese forward only a couple of minutes later, with the player breaking the deadlock just before the half time whistle.

Refereeing chaos in Milan’s defeat to Spezia: what happened

Things were a little tense when the second half kicked off and neither time could make incisive movements in the final third.

Spezia’s efforts were finally rewarded in the 64th minute, when Kevin Agodelo poked him an equaliser from a few yards out to make it 1-1.

Both teams pushed for the advantage throughout the second half but good saves by both Mike Maignan and Ivan Provedel kept things level.

Junior Messias scored in the 92nd minute of the match but the referee had already blown his whistle following a foul on Rebic, and so the goal did not stand.

Provedel was Spezia’s hero at the Meazza, making a number of key and decisive saves throughout the game to keep the Ligurian side in it.

In the dying seconds of the match Emmanuel Gyasi finished a fast counter attack to secure all three points for Spezia, making it 2-1 just before the final whistle.


  1. Milan Fan


    So many years I’ve been watching football, I’ve never seen such a thing. Three points turned to zero by the referee.

    All game the ref was letting fouls by both teams go, whistling late even when he did. The ONE time he whistled immediately, he stole Milan’s goal for 2-1 and changed it to 1-2 for Spezia.

  2. Toni

    If Milan will lose such game to such team then they can’t and will never win the scudetto this season.that coach lacks ideas.

  3. Beneamata

    Not gonna lie… Milan were robbed there for sure…

  4. Viktor

    Toni.. I’m willing to bet a lot of whatever that you didn’t see the game: Milan missed a pent, hit the crossbar had 15 corners, and I don’t know how many times shot at goal. They got COMPLETELY robbed today, I have never seen a red nor giving advantage of play in a scenario like that. This could be crucial for the long run. Unbelievable. Total madness and an unforgivable decision by the ref

  5. Seria A

    Totally agree with Toni.
    Milan Fan seems you are looking for excuses for your team.
    You were not good enough just accept it.

  6. Viktor


    What “ideas” would you suggest considering half of Milan starters are out. Lol.. “ideas”

  7. Cypher


    Milan prefer to lose to Spezia and give Juve hell this weekend than go top of Serie A.

    The level of pettiness in Italian football is unrivalled.

  8. Roland B

    1) All those misses shows how average this Milan team is counter attacks leads to no chances.
    2) Pioli lack idea he is an average coach who gets lucky from time to time
    3) the ref been waiving play on the entire game until the very last moment when he should have waived play on for an advantage then he blow his whistle .

  9. Gamal

    Lol, thank you Spezia!

  10. setansiluman

    Does Pioli have a choice? when he put Krunic dan Baka in the middle, we know something to happen.
    We need reinforcement attack. When Calha left, we replace by no-one.
    Now, with Gabbia-Kalulu-Romag versus Inter and Juve, i bet we play for a draw

  11. Marco Milan

    Pioli taking Saelemaekers off at the 55 minute mark when 1) he was arguably their 2nd best player on the pitch at the time and had just missed scoring a goal when taken off, and, 2) he was their only option to leave on the pitch and move into MF, leaving the flexibility of taking a MF off at some point…….changed the game…… I actually really like Pioli, but this move took all the Milan momentum away and changed the game…..The Ref and Pioli lost this game for us. Heartbreaking.

  12. Toni

    @viktor go listen to your coach post match press interview and come back.

  13. RL9

    @milan fan lol. How the ref did turn the match from 2-1 to 1-2?? Did he score specia’s winner?? What about their first goal?? Did he miss milan’s pen?? A ref can do a mistake from time to time but if you are a top team playing against relegation battle teams you should win the matches comfortable. PS: where is rosario??

  14. Geedup

    Truth be told, if Milan have to rely on the referee to be able to beat Spezia at home then they shouldn’t be winning the title. It wasn’t the ref’s fault that Theo completely fluffed the penalty or the players couldn’t finish their numerous chances.

  15. Toni

    RL9 and Geedup you guys are good to go and have said the truth a Milan fan for like 2 decades now and it’s hurst to see such kindergarten excuses for god sake.if you know the importance of 3 point you will never play like this…goodnight

  16. Jay

    Is the referee not at liberty to wave play on or stop the game for a free kick, he clearly blew the whistle before messias shot. In as much as he could have waved play on but he had already blown for a foul. You can’t peg the whole game to that single event

  17. Milan Fan

    You guys talk like you have started watching football just this year. Every “champion” wins some matches against smaller sides like this in every season. It’s called winning ugly. Ref stole that chance from Milan. Milan’s performance wasn’t even that bad tonight though.

    @RL2 You mean Spezia would’ve scored the goal after Milan had taken the lead? Maybe, but very unlikely. You’d be crying foul for weeks if this had happened to Inter.

  18. Uncle Z

    This clown Cypher adding nothing to the debate as usual but calls out others thinking they are stupid. Yeah Milan lost to Spezia on purpose despite the referee being a complete joke. Not taking away complacency thinking it would be a routine evening. These are the types of matches that defines champions. Inter got away with a valuable draw in Bergamo and that is the difference mental toughness. Of course Milan will put more effort into Juve as they know it is a big match despite the issues plaguing Juve. The same goes for Juventus who raise their game against bigger teams and show the same fragility against opponents they think will be a push over.

  19. Vieri

    @Viktor Was it also the referee’s fault that Theo missed his penalty? did the referee also force Milan defenders to let Agudelo free unmarked for the equalizer? the referee made a mistake but he hardly robbed Milan of important points. How about holding your own player responsible first before pointing fingers at others? your players wasted a penalty and made a comical defending unbefitting of a top team, not to mention questionable subs by Pioli. You have a lot of problems to address before going after the referee.

  20. trippa

    Not enough credit given to Spezia. A team in a relegation battle who were brave enough to have three players ready for a counter attack in the 96th minute and then executed it perfectly. Provedel and Agudelo in particular were magnificent. I’m not saying the keeper would have saved the Messias shot but he had heard the whistle and made no attempt. As for the ref, where did he get five minutes added time from? Ironic and beautifully dramatic that the winner was scored so late.

  21. Mal DiTesta

    @unclez, would these Serie A articles without @cypher be called cypherless?

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