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21:40 Match report


21:39 FT: Inter 4-0 Atalanta

Darmian 26 (I), Lautaro Martinez 45 (I), Dimarco 54 (I), Frattesi 71 (I)

Saved penalty: Lautaro Martinez 54 (I)

21:38 Lookman booked

Lookman late on Barella and had completely lost his balance.

21:36 Close

Carlos Augusto whips a cross-shot across the face of goal, not far off at all. Then at the other end Bakker fires wide of the far post from close range.

21:34 Stoppages

Into 5 minutes of added time. Carlos Augusto strike deflected over for a corner.

21:33 Toure booked

Alexis Sanchez goes on a storming run from midfield, rides two tackles, but the third from Toure is a foul.

21:30 Frattesi update

It’s an adductor twinge.

21:27 Atalanta chance

Cross from the right, but just over the head of Lookman.

21:25 Frattesi goal


21:20 Another Inter record

It means Inter scored at least four goals in four consecutive Serie A matches, something this club had only achieved once before in 1929-30.

21:19 Atalanta change

De Ketelaere makes way for Toure.

21:19 Yellow card

Bastoni booked and he will be suspended for the next match.

21:16 Frattesi hurt

Oh dear. Frattesi seemed to injure himself, either during the goal or the celebration, and is replaced by Klaassen.

21:14 Inter 4-0 Atalanta: Davide Frattesi!

That is a goal right off the training ground. Alexis Sanchez makes a little signal, free kick floated in for the Frattesi header at the near post!

21:14 Bakker booked

Dumfries got away from two players, so Bakker rugby tackled him.

21:11 Inter subs

Lautaro Martinez and Dimarco off, Alexis Sanchez and Carlos Augusto on

21:10 Ederson attempt

Ederson attempt charged down in the box. He’s been poor tonight.

21:09 Dimarco chance

Dimarco rolls a ball across the face of goal, Frattesi didn’t make the run to the back post.

21:08 Still a battle

Atalanta corner comes to nothing, then Hien foul on Lautaro, ref gives the advantage, Dumfries effort charged down and Hien booked.

21:05 Inter change

Frattesi on, some rare rest for Mkhitaryan.

21:04 Dimarco goal


21:00 Atalanta subs

Lookman, Adopo, Bakker and Hien on, Koopmeiners, Miranchuk, Kolasinac and Scalvini off

20:58 Inter 3-0 Atalanta: Federico Dimarco!

Lautaro Martinez penalty was parried by Carnesecchi, but Dimarco was quickest to react on the rebound! VAR confirms no encroachment from Dimarco.

20:56 Another Inter penalty!

Hmm…. That is… desperately trying to find a penalty. The linesman had flagged it out. Hateboer from point-blank range. Hand barely raised. Lots of harshness there.

20:55 VAR

On-field review, and you can already see the flag is up. This is all kinds of harsh.

20:54 The linesman flagged goal kick

So in order to over-rule, the VAR needs CLEAR footage to show the ball did NOT entirely cross the line.

20:53 It’s Hateboer

This is a tricky one. The ball took a very odd bounce on the byline and turned back inwards, then Dumfries cross hit Hateboer on the arm. But it’s by no means clear if the ball went out and awfully harsh anyway as it was straight at Hateboer.

20:52 VAR is checking something

Evaluating a possible handball. Not entirely sure where…

20:51 Save on Dimarco!

That is a splendid Lautaro Martinez cross-field pass to send Dimarco running down the left, low drive parried by Carnesecchi’s foot at the near post.

20:50 Tense start

Inter give it away cheaply playing out from the back, but Asllani comes to the rescue. Then Dumfries probably offside and then goes over under minimal pressure.

20:49 2nd half kicks off: Inter 2-0 Atalanta

20:48 Inter change

Darmian booked, so of course he’s replaced by Dumfries. Classic Inzaghi.

20:41 Lautaro goal


20:39 The Thuram reaction


20:34 65 now


20:33 Half-Time: Inter 2-0 Atalanta

20:31 Inter 2-0 Atalanta: Lautaro Martinez!

Carnesecchi came rushing to the edge of the area again and once more that was not a brilliant idea, Dimarco pulled it back for Pavard, roll across to find Lautaro on the edge of the area, first touch is poor, but the second, can’t argue with that, it bends around Hateboer into the far bottom corner!

20:29 Booking

Ederson booked for a high boot on Asllani.

20:28 Atalanta threaten too

But the volley was well, well wide…

20:24 Inter thump the crossbar!

Poor clearance, Dimarco perhaps with a foul on Pasalic, perhaps not, both went for it, then Lautaro smashed onto the crossbar from the edge of the box.

20:22 Atalanta still pushing

This is a very good game, both teams going for it.

20:18 Save on Dimarco

Dimarco tried to curl in directly from the corner flag – the Luis Alberto Special, as we like to call it – but Carnesecchi was alert.

20:15 Darmian goal


20:13 Double Inter chance!

That was easier than the goal, Darmian was one-on-one, but Carnesecchi this time stayed on his feet and parried with his legs, then Dimarco follow-up charged down for a corner.

20:12 Almost another!

Bizarre Ederson pass intercepted by Arnautovic, Kolasinac has to come across and rescue his teammate.

20:10 Inter 1-0 Atalanta: Matteo Darmian!

Lautaro Martinez through ball for Mkhitaryan, Carnesecchi comes flying out to parry at his feet, but the ball then goes outside the area and he can’t do anything when Darmian pounces to fire into the empty net!

20:10 Lautaro miss!

Bastoni cross from the left, Lautaro Martinez is leaning back and volleys over the bar!

20:08 The disallowed CDK goal


20:08 The Miranchuk handball


20:07 Yellow card

Darmian booked for the foul on Djimsiti. He went into a lunge to win back the ball.

20:03 Inter goal disallowed

Barella really rather visibly offside on a long ball over the top.

20:01 Asllani wide

Asllani has power, but no accuracy from distance.

20:01 Atalanta chance!

Cross is just over the head of Koopmeiners, then Miranchuk fires the rebound over from the edge of the area!


It was borderline, but yeah, that was his arm. It was a tight one, they probably got the drawing out from IFAB.

19:57 VAR!

On-field review.

19:56 VAR is checking this

Not for a Miranchuk foul, but potential Miranchuk handball. It’s right between shoulder and arm, absolutely borderline.

19:55 Inter 0-1 Atalanta: Charles De Ketelaere!

A very strange goal! Error in defence, Pasalic pounces on the misplaces pass, Miranchuk and Bastoni collide heavily, they are both down while De Ketelaere fires in the loose ball.

19:53 Long periods of possession

These are very similar teams. They are taking turns to have long periods of possession while the other waits to counter with speed.

19:48 Some tactical notes

Atalanta seem to be in a 3-4-3. High press, Inter pass it around slowly for a very long time, then suddenly go vertical and Dimarco shot charged down.

19:45 Marotta on Inzaghi


19:45 We have kick-off in Inter vs. Atalanta!

Inter: Sommer; Pavard, De Vrij, Bastoni; Darmian, Barella, Asllani, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Arnautovic, Lautaro Martinez

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; Scalvini, Djimsiti, Kolasinac; Hateboer, Ederson, Pasalic, Zappacosta; Miranchuk, Koopmeiners; De Ketelaere

19:41 Out come the teams

19:33 Lauti milestone


19:32 Koop


19:18 Injured Inter stars


19:08 Benches too


19:03 POLL


18:59 POLL


18:56 Table

Napoli have caught Lazio on 40 points in joint eighth place, which is still a long way off the Champions League spots, but not entirely impossible.

18:51 Sassuolo 1-6 Napoli

Napoli are back?


18:50 FT: Sassuolo 1-6 Napoli

Racic 17 (S), Rrahmani 29 (N), Osimhen 31, 41, 47 (N), Kvaratskhelia 51, 75 (N)

18:45 Inter vs. Atalanta


18:42 Inter vs. Atalanta line-ups

Inter: Sommer; Pavard, De Vrij, Bastoni; Darmian, Barella, Asllani, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Arnautovic, Lautaro Martinez

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; Scalvini, Djimsiti, Kolasinac; Hateboer, Ederson, Pasalic, Zappacosta; Miranchuk, Koopmeiners; De Ketelaere

18:41 Inter XI


18:39 Simeone chance

Simeone scorcher stings Consigli’s gloves.

Dendoncker then replaces Lobotka.

18:38 Kvara goal


18:36 Subs

Osimhen and Traore off, Simeone and Zielinski on

Defrel and Kumbulla on, Bajrami and Tressoldi off

18:35 Sassuolo 1-6 Napoli: Kvicha Kvaratskhelia!

Corner flicked on for Kvara volley, charged down, he tries again and blasts into the roof of the net!

18:33 Napoli keeping the ball

Sassuolo are trying, but ultimately just don’t want to concede any more goals.

18:27 Inter team bus arrives

Simone Inzaghi getting a lot of love from the fans. As well he should.


18:26 Raspadori chance!

Mario Rui and Kvara combine down the left, pulled back from the by-line for a Raspadori cushioned volley, but straight at Consigli.

18:24 Coming up


18:24 Kvaratskhelia goal


18:22 Napoli changes

Raspadori and Natan on, Politano and Rrahmani off

18:17 Ruan masterclass


18:16 Sassuolo subs

Volpato and Missori on, Racic and Doig off. Very confusing scenes on the touchline there, bit of a debate with the fourth official and the Sassuolo bench.

18:11 Sassuolo 1-5 Napoli: Kvicha Kvaratskhelia!

Hadn’t seen one of those for a while from the Georgian. Racic error in midfield sparks the counter, Kvaratskhelia cuts inside from the left and curls right-footed into the far corner from just inside the area!

18:07 Sassuolo 1-4 Napoli: Victor Osimhen hat-trick!

Well that was some suicidal defending from Sassuolo. Ruan Tressoldi – don’t say we never warned you – literally passes the ball to Kvaratskhelia inside his penalty area when trying to play out from the back and it is naturally rolled across for the Osimhen tap-in.

18:05 2nd half kicks off: Sassuolo 1-3 Napoli

17:57 Tonight


17:57 Osimhen helps out


17:51 Net fixing


17:50 Osimhen’s second goal


17:48 Half-Time: Sassuolo 1-3 Napoli

Neroverdi frustrated, they took a corner, had earned another one and the referee blew for half-time.

17:45 Save on Kvaratskhelia!

Kvara sent down the left by Traore, Consigli makes a desperate save with his legs at the near post!

17:40 Sassuolo 1-3 Napoli: Victor Osimhen!

Matheus Henrique gets it wrong playing out from the back. Politano slide-rule pass allows Osimhen to spring the offside trap and beat the on-rushing Consigli from seven yards!

17:39 Play resumes

And immediately Napoli almost score again with Osimhen turning just wide, but it wouldn’t have counted, as Mario Rui was offside.

17:39 Osimhen goal


17:38 Rrahmani goal


17:36 Oops

In his desperate bid to get back there and prevent the lob, Consigli ended up accidentally pulling the net off the crossbar. Osimhen and Consigli are now helping the staff to tape it back up again. That’s honestly quite sweet.

17:35 Kvara!

Kvaratskhelia spots Consigli off his line and from literally on the central line attempts a lob that is INCHES over the bar.

17:31 Sassuolo 1-2 Napoli: Victor Osimhen!

That escalated quickly! Again Napoli move it down the right with Di Lorenzo, this time he sends Politano running, who pulls it back for Osimhen to turn in first time from seven yards!

17:29 Sassuolo 1-1 Napoli: Amir Rrahmani!

A splendid team goal! Di Lorenzo sends Anguissa down the right, the midfielder with a cheeky back-heel flick to set up Rrahmani, who completed the run to sweep in from 10 yards!

17:27 Sassuolo goal


17:26 Osimhen chance!

Osimhen flies down the right on the counter past Ferrari, tries to shoot from a tight angle and it flashes over the bar!

17:23 Chaotic Napoli

Kvaratskhelia down the left, pulls it back, Anguissa and Osimhen both go for the ball and get in each others’ way.

17:21 The bend on that finish


17:16 Sassuolo 1-0 Napoli: Uros Racic!

Totally against the run of play, but Sassuolo have the lead. Throw-in, Racic floats a ball to the back post where it is volleyed back into the centre for an acrobatic Pinamonti attempt, cleared as far as Racic on the edge of the box and that is a remarkable finish, a real snooker shot that is slow, but bends around Meret into the far bottom corner!

17:14 What a block!

Huge Napoli opportunity, rolled across from the left by Mario Rui for Osimhen’s tap-in, but Ferrari makes a crucial block at the back post! On the resulting corner, Ostigard header off target.

17:12 Traore chance

Again a ball over the top, this time for Di Lorenzo to pull it back, cleared as far as Traore, who drills just wide!

17:10 Consigli alert

Ball over the top for Osimhen, who runs onto it, but Consigli is off his line to smother.

17:07 Kvara runs into trouble

Tries to squirm between two, there simply isn’t a gap there.

17:05 Pitch is horrible

Somewhat inevitable with days of rain. Pinamonti tried to turn between two defenders, but is blocked off by Rrahmani.

17:02 Aggressive Napoli start

Very aggressive, Kvaratskhelia shot charged down already.

17:00 We have kick-off in Sassuolo vs. Napoli!

16:58 Here are the teams

Sassuolo: Consigli; Pedersen, Ruan Tressoldi, Ferrari, Doig; Racic, Matheus Henrique; Bajrami, Thorstvedt, Laurienté; Pinamonti

Napoli: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Rrahmani, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Lobotka, Traore; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia

16:56 Raaaaaaaaain

It has been raining heavily in northern Italy for over 48 hours now and shows no signs of slowing down.

16:43 Back on familiar turf


16:27 Berardi on the bench


16:18 Napoli in white


16:09 Sassuolo vs. Napoli


16:07 Sassuolo vs. Napoli line-ups

Sassuolo: Consigli; Pedersen, Ruan Tressoldi, Ferrari, Doig; Racic, Matheus Henrique; Bajrami, Thorstvedt, Laurienté; Pinamonti

Napoli: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Rrahmani, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Lobotka, Traore; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia

Join us for all the build-up and action as it happens from the rescheduled Serie A Week 21 games, as Napoli visit Sassuolo under new management and Inter host Atalanta eager to recapture fourth place.

We begin at 17.00 GMT at the Mapei Stadium, where Sassuolo sacked Alessio Dionisi and temporarily gave the job to youth team coach Emiliano Bigica, as Napoli’s third coach of the campaign Francesco Calzona oversaw draws with Barcelona and Cagliari.

At 19.45 GMT, Inter can extend their lead at the top of the table to 12 points, but on-form Atalanta are unbeaten in eight and want to recapture fourth place from Bologna.

These Week 21 ties were postponed from January for the Supercoppa Italiana.

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