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21:47 That is all for the Liveblog


21:44 FT: Milan 1-1 Atalanta

Rafael Leao magic cancelled out by the Koopmeiners penalty

21:43 MAIGNAN!

He did not know the referee had given a free kick for a foul and made a stunning one-handed save on the Lookman scorcher.

21:41 Ederson booked

For stopping a trademark Theo Hernandez counter-attack.

21:38 Atalanta chance

De Roon intercepts a dangerous pass and sparks the counter, but Scamacca is so sluggish and Gabbia robs him. Gasp is going to be livid…

21:36 Scalvini off

Scalvini cannot continue, he might’ve dislocated that. Toloi on.

21:35 Scalvini is down hurt

Scalvini fell awkwardly and hurt his shoulder, referee waved play on, but Milan eventually put it out of play with Leao.

Okafor replaces Pulisic.

21:32 Milan pushing

It is Milan who look more likely to score, but they must be getting tired after playing on Thursday.

21:27 Double Milan chance!!

Leao flies down the left, another stunning Carnesecchi save at the near post, then Giroud follow-up cleared off the line! Offside flag was up for Leao, it was very tight.

21:27 Subs

Hien on, Ruggeri off

Musah replaces Bennacer for Milan.

21:24 Save on Loftus-Cheek

Loftus-Cheek scorcher from distance stings the gloves of Carnesecchi.

21:22 Pulisic again

Pulisic shot deflected into the arms of Carnesecchi.

21:21 That Pulisic chance


21:20 Leao is in a great mood

When he plays like this, he really is extraordinary. But that’s increasingly rare, so enjoy it while you can. He again turns the defenders inside out with some cheeky footwork until he is tripped for a free kick.

21:19 Atalanta admin


21:17 Pulisic chance!!!

Oh San Siro held its breath there! Leao finds Pulisic down the left, angled drive flashes across the face of goal, across Carnesecchi and inches wide of the far post!

21:16 Ederson blocks Pulisic

Leao floats a ball over the top for Pulisic, Ederson gives him a little nudge in the back, but not enough for a penalty.

21:15 Oh what a chance!

Milan moved that all so beautifully, Adli through to Leao, pull back from the by-line for Loftus-Cheek, who relatively unmarked scuffs it horribly wide from 12 yards!

21:14 Gabbia attempt

Milan with a long spell of possession, Leao causing more problems, but then Gabbia balloons high and wide from distance.

21:10 Atalanta sub

Scamacca replaces Miranchuk.

21:08 What a save!

Carnesecchi, stunning reaction save! Milan move it left to right, Calabria strike from 10 yards, Carnesecchi was going the wrong way, but his trailing hand got it at the near bottom corner!

21:06 Milan chance

Loftus-Cheek cuts inside, but the shot is straight at Carnesecchi.

21:05 Poor Kolasinac

He is STILL bleeding and needs more patching up.

21:04 Milan change

Calabria on, Florenzi off.

21:03 Lookman booked

How many times does Orsato have to tell you – do not argue with him. Lookman is the latest to complain about a decision and gets a yellow card.

21:01 Strong Atalanta start

Atalanta looking a lot more comfortable in this half.

20:56 Leao is not happy

He clearly is still steaming after the yellow card for dissent and is continuing to be snappy with the officials.

20:54 The penalty


20:53 2nd half kicks off: Milan 1-1 Atalanta

20:52 Atalanta subs

Lookman and Zappacosta on, De Ketelaere and Holm off.

20:51 Koopmeiners


20:45 The penalty

That is what Jose Mourinho called ‘A VAR Penalty’ – only spotted by cameras, looks worse in slow motion.



20:35 Half-Time: Atalanta 1-1 Milan

On the free kick, Adli volley charged down accidentally by Thiaw. Everyone is trying to calm Leao down so he doesn’t talk himself into trouble.

20:35 Odd one

Leao had turned Holm inside out, was brought down. Leao is furious, referee books them both. Not sure Leao said that much…

20:33 That Giroud penalty foul


20:32 Atalanta counter

Florenzi furious, thinks he was fouled, meanwhile CDK reaches the by-line and Adli is there to shepherd the ball out of play.

20:31 Milan chance

Florenzi cross comes in and Giroud diving header over.

20:30 De Roon booked

Speaking of inevitable, that yellow card for De Roon taking out Theo Hernandez on the counter-attack.

20:28 Milan 1-1 Atalanta: Teun Koopmeiners penalty!

It’s rarely in doubt when the Dutchman steps up. It was powerful, central and above Maignan.

20:27 Penalty for Atalanta!

Koopmeiners to take.

20:27 Pioli booked

Stefano Pioli booked for dissent.

20:26 Holm booted now

On the resulting corner, Giroud goes to clear, misses the ball and accidentally boots Holm in the arm/chest. VAR is looking at it. VAR!

20:25 Theo Hernandez brave defending

Koopmeiners sends Holm into the box, Theo Hernandez sliding tackle is a good one, but he also then accidentally gets a boot in the face on the way through.

20:23 Milan on the attack

Triple chance, but Leao had penalty appeals for handball, Holm’s arm was flush to the body and relaxed, so absolutely not.

20:22 Holm offside

Promising Atalanta attack falls apart.

20:21 Leao images


20:17 Kolasinac needs a new shirt

He managed to bleed all over that too. Is back on with a bigger bandage.

20:14 Kolasinac is back on

No he’s not, because the referee points out he is still definitely bleeding from the forehead. That’s going to need more bandages.

20:13 Oh dear!

Kolasinac accidentally clashed heads with a Milan player and his own teammate Ruggeri, coming off considerably worse, as he is bleeding all over the place. Now getting patched up, so Atalanta down to 10.

20:09 Corner for Milan

Scalvini block on Theo Hernandez. Milan then take the corner short and… go nowhere.

20:06 Loftus-Cheek chance

Florenzi cross finds Loftus-Cheek for a header wide.

20:04 Atalanta chance

De Ketelaere robs Pulisic, who slips, pulls it back for Koopmeiners and crucial block from Adli.

On the resulting corner, Djimsiti with a cheeky back-heel flick that was inches wide of the near post!

20:02 For the Americans


19:59 Atalanta chance!

Bit of general chaos, Maignan only parries the Holm effort into the path of De Keterelaere, who cannot make the most of it!

19:57 Milan threaten

Inspired Adli through ball for Bennacer, Carnesecchi just about gets there first.

19:55 Milan corner

Florenzi corner cleared to the edge of the area, where Theo Hernandez blasts well over.

19:54 Rafael Leao goal


19:53 Leao

Rafael Leao had not scored in Serie A since September 23 against Verona. Safe to say he broke that drought in some style.

19:49 Milan 1-0 Atalanta: Rafael Leao!

That is a fantastic goal! He nutmegs Holm, skips over Scalvini and then whips the right-foot finish into the far top corner from the tightest of angles!

19:48 Milan chance

Opening 58 seconds, Theo Hernandez cross for Giroud, shot charged down from point-blank range by Scalvini!

19:47 We have kick-off in Milan vs. Atalanta!

19:44 Out come the teams

Milan: Maignan; Florenzi, Thiaw, Gabbia, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Adli; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; Scalvini, Djimsiti, Kolasinac; Holm, De Roon, Ederson, Ruggeri; Koopmeiners; Miranchuk, De Ketelaere

19:37 Stefano Pioli


19:29 San Siro scenes


19:28 Atalanta comments


19:18 Giorgio Scalvini (Atalanta)

“We are in a good period of form and recovered most of the players who were injured or at the Africa Cup of Nations. We will have to take it one game at a time.”

19:18 Pierre Kalulu (Milan)

“It’s true that we are scoring a lot of goals, so that is a positive and is good for the fans to watch, but when you attack that much, we must also work to be as good as possible in defence.”

19:14 One for the ‘Inzaghi Out’ crowd


19:09 POLL


19:02 Milan vs. Atalanta line-ups

Milan: Maignan; Florenzi, Thiaw, Gabbia, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Adli; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; Scalvini, Djimsiti, Kolasinac; Holm, De Roon, Ederson, Ruggeri; Koopmeiners; Miranchuk, De Ketelaere

18:57 FT: Lecce 0-4 Inter


18:55 Dumfries!

How was that not 5-0?! Barella whizzed a cross in from the right and Dumfries turns a free header wide!

18:53 Milan arrive


18:52 Lecce chance

Piccoli header straight at Audero.

18:51 Buchanan


18:45 Save on Arnautovic

Arnautovic shot took a deflection, Falcone had to stick out a trailing boot to push that away.

18:42 Inter subs

Buchanan and Akinsanmiro on, Dimarco and Frattesi off.

Oudin replaces Almqvist for Lecce.

18:42 Inter chance

Frattesi bursts down the right on an Arnautovic flicked pass, pulls it back and Falcone gets there first.

18:41 POLL


18:40 Milan-Atalanta


18:38 Milan vs. Atalanta line-ups

Milan: Maignan; Florenzi, Thiaw, Gabbia, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Adli; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; Scalvini, Djimsiti, Kolasinac; Holm, De Roon, Ederson, Ruggeri; Koopmeiners; Miranchuk, De Ketelaere

18:37 Save on Piccoli

It’s a very harsh scoreline on Lecce, pull-back from the by-line for Piccoli, who flicks it up with his first touch and the second is straight at Audero.

18:34 Lecce 0-4 Inter: Stefan de Vrij!

Dimarco corner whipped onto the head of De Vrij for a glancing header from seven yards.

18:32 Lecce chance!

Now that was CLOSE. Banda bursts down the left, angled drive SKIMS the far post!

18:30 Inter subs

Piccoli long-range curler flashes wide.

Then Klaassen and Arnautovic on, Mkhitaryan and Lautaro Martinez off.

18:30 Lautaro Martinez goal


18:29 Mkhitaryan booked

Mkhitaryan runs into the box, goes down very easily, gets back up and immediately trips Gendrey out of sheer frustration.

18:28 Frattesi goal


18:25 Lecce triple sub

Kaba, Gonzalez and Banda on, Sansone, Rafia and Touba off.

18:23 Not offside

Blin was keeping everyone in play.

18:22 Lecce 0-3 Inter: Lautaro Martinez!

Frattesi surges forward from midfield, roll across for Lautaro Martinez to come sliding in. That will need checking, some suspicions of offside…

18:21 Inter change

Barella replaces Asllani.

18:20 Lecce 0-2 Inter: Davide Frattesi!

It had started with a very risky Inter play out from the back with Audero, but it paid off, because Lautaro’s through ball sent Alexis Sanchez to the by-line down the right, he pulled it back and Frattesi got the tap-in at the near post!

18:18 Odd weekend


18:15 Save on Dimarco!

That was a rocket from Federico Dimarco and it stung Falcone’s gloves under the crossbar!

18:13 Lecce chance!

Bit of general chaos straight after the restart, Sansone slips, Gallo cross comes in and Blin diving header SKIMS the crossbar!

18:12 2nd half kicks off: Lecce 0-1 Inter

18:11 That’s not very nice!

Lecce fans, who were not happy with the officiating in the first half, let out a big cheer and applause when it was announced Doveri was no longer the referee.

18:10 Change of referee

Niccolò Baroni takes on the role of referee and Daniele Doveri becomes the fourth official for the second half.


OK, that’s rare. The referee Daniele Doveri picked up an injury and will be replaced by the fourth official for the second half. Interesting!

17:56 In other news


17:49 Tonight


17:48 Half-Time: Lecce 0-1 Inter

17:47 Lecce threaten

Fairly frenetic corner, Inter struggled to get it clear, but then Sansone fired well over.

17:45 Falcone tested

Low cross from the right, Falcone gets down and palms it away. Then Lecce almost create a goal on the counter with Almqvist, Audero has to come flying outside his box to clear.

17:45 Asllani strike

Curler from distance, but straight at Falcone.

17:43 Series of Inter corners

Crosses from the right, first Frattesi and then Dumfries, put out for corners.

17:40 Inter corner

Whipped in for the head of Bisseck, but Falcone intercepts.

17:39 Inter are cross

Inter wanted a free kick for Rafia barging into Asllani, referee didn’t give anything. Lautaro Martinez says “that’s not right.”

17:38 Yellow card

Asllani booked, but Lecce wanted the advantage given as they were off on the counter-attack.

17:35 Lecce corner

Lecce are getting joy down the Inter right, so Dumfries’ side, win a corner, but Gallo and Carlos Augusto come together at the back post.

17:32 Lecce still in this

Some fairly chaotic defending on a counter, then Gallo blasts over on the half-volley, much to the frustration of his teammates.

17:29 Oof

It’s quite a frantic match, Carlos Augusto barges Almqvist into the advertising boards. Don’t think that was necessary.

17:25 Inter goal


17:21 Mkhitaryan just wide

Frattesi gets down the right, Alexis Sanchez manages to pull back for Mkhitaryan, Blin gets the interception wrong, but the angled drive SKIMS the upright.

17:20 Lecce counter

Lecce have a promising counter-attack, Almqvist to Sansone, first attempt charged down, then the roll across takes a double ricochet off Carlos Augusto and into the arms of Audero.

17:19 Inter threaten

Long ball for Alexis Sanchez, Touba is struggling to get there and eventually does enough.

17:15 Lecce 0-1 Inter: Lautaro Martinez!

That is his 100th Serie A goal! Smart through ball off the outside of the boot from Asllani, Lautaro takes a touch, runs forward and sliding manages to prod it past the on-rushing Falcone!

17:13 Piccoli gets it all wrong

He is both offside and then turns the header over the bar.

17:12 Lecce are aggressive

It’s a good start from the hosts, they are certainly not just sitting back.

17:09 Asllani shot

On the corner, Asllani shot from outside the box charged down.

17:08 Inter win a corner

Frattesi on the counter, cross into the box, Gendrey puts it out for a corner.

17:07 Chances at both ends

Both on free kick routines. Lautaro probably offside anyway when header was off target, then Lecce fired over with Almqvist at the back post.

17:02 Sansone booked

Sansone booked for dragging back Bisseck on the counter.

17:00 We have kick-off in Lecce vs. Inter!

16:58 The teams are out

Lecce: Falcone; Gendrey, Baschirotto, Touba, Gallo; Blin, Ramadani, Rafia; Almqvist, Piccoli, Sansone

Inter: Audero; Bisseck, De Vrij, Carlos Augusto; Dumfries, Frattesi, Asllani, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Sanchez, Lautaro Martinez

16:58 Inzaghi comments


16:57 Calzona comments


16:42 Inter issues

In case you missed it, Yann Sommer has flu and did not make the trip.

16:37 We were not kidding about the rain


16:33 Warm-up


16:30 RAIN

Absolutely chucking it down in Lecce.

16:18 Zito Luvumbo

Asked by DAZN if Claudio Ranieri appreciated his new hairstyle: “No…”

16:12 Cagliari comeback kings


16:04 Inter arrive


16:03 Luvumbo goal


15:59 Cagliari 1-1 Napoli


15:56 FT: Cagliari 1-1 Napoli

15:54 Cagliari 1-1 Napoli: Zito Luvumbo!

Another last-gasp goal today! Ball floated over the top, Juan Jesus lets it bounce, which proves to be a bad idea for Napoli, because Luvumbo tracks it all the way and fires into the roof of the net on the half-volley!

15:54 Lobotka close!

Strong Lobotka run and curler from distance that just flashes past the far top corner!

15:53 Save on Simeone

Simeone bursts into the box and Lindstrom is unmarked, but Cholito goes for goal and stings Scuffet’s gloves at the near post.

15:50 Into stoppages

Six minutes of added time. Olivera booked for time-wasting and then Ostigard blasts a shot into the sky.

15:48 Politano chance!

Simeone down the left, finds Cajuste, he spreads it to the right for Politano, who should roll back across for Simeone at the back post, instead prods it wide. Simeone is LIVID.

15:47 Lecce vs. Inter line-ups

Lecce: Falcone; Gendrey, Baschirotto, Touba, Gallo; Blin, Ramadani, Rafia; Almqvist, Piccoli, Sansone

Inter: Audero; Bisseck, De Vrij, Carlos Augusto; Dumfries, Frattesi, Asllani, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Sanchez, Lautaro Martinez


15:44 Deiola booked

Late challenge catches Anguissa.

15:43 Napoli changes

Simeone and Ostigard on, Osimhen and Mazzocchi off.

15:43 Osimhen goal


15:38 Napoli changes

Lindstrom and Cajuste on, Zielinski and Raspadori off.

15:34 Cagliari changes

Petagna and Oristanio on, Pavoletti and Augello off.

15:33 Shot on target

Deiola snapshot straight at Meret. Cagliari are down to 10 men, Pavoletti limped off the pitch.

15:31 Napoli change

Politano on, Kvaratskhelia off

15:31 Osimhen goal


15:29 Pavoletti is down

Augello cross cleared, Pavoletti and Juan Jesus were wrestling as they entered the penalty area.

15:26 Osimhen hit the woodwork twice!

He was offside anyway, fortunately for him, because that was a bad miss! Osimhen dinked it over the onrushing goalkeeper and hit the upright, but incredibly then turned the rebound onto the same post from point-blank range too.

Nandez booked for dissent.

15:24 Cagliari 0-1 Napoli: Victor Osimhen!

So much of the credit for that goal must go to Giacomo Raspadori! He robs Augello down the Napoli right, rushes forward and whips the cross to the back post for a diving Osimhen header!

15:24 Osimhen chance

Promising, but the header into the ground is straight at Scuffet.

15:19 Cagliari subs

Pavoletti, Viola and Zappa on, Gaetano, Jankto and Lapadula off

15:17 Napoli free kick

Kvara free kick for Osimhen intercepted by Dossena, then at the other end Lapadula is offside. Jakub Jankto has a knee problem.

15:16 Coming up


15:13 Napoli trying

Not achieving much, but trying. Cagliari still look the more comfortable.

15:08 Cagliari again

Yet another Luvumbo cross down the left, they really are running riot there, Lapadula prods it wide of the near post.

15:07 Luvumbo is booked

Pushed Raspadori away from the ball, unnecessary.

15:04 2nd half kicks off: Cagliari 0-0 Napoli

14:49 Half-Time: Cagliari 0-0 Napoli

Meret again had to be alert on a Luvumbo cross from the left.

14:48 Cagliari chance

Cagliari corner, but Dossena nods over.

14:45 Into added time

4 minutes for the VAR and a couple of injuries.

14:44 Meret is ok

Meret ok to continue, but if Luvumbo had aimed that rebound on target, it would’ve been a goal. Can’t really stop play for Meret crashing into his own teammate, it’s not a foul.

14:42 Ouch

Bit of a mess from the Napoli defence, Meret came rushing out to palm a cross away from Lapadula, ends up crashing into teammate Juan Jesus and landing very badly indeed. Fell on his head. Luvumbo then nodded the rebound wide.

14:39 Mazzocchi fires over

Anguissa and Osimhen back-heel flicks, but Mazzocchi’s finish is rushed and wild.

14:35 Lapadula booked

Rude! Went elbow first into Juan Jesus.


Cagliari goal disallowed, as Lapadula was offside and interfering with play.

14:33 VAR!

Lapadula did not touch the ball, so only the referee can say if he is interfering with play.

14:32 Cagliari 1-0 Napoli: Amir Rrahmani og

Gaetano – on loan from Napoli – whips a free kick into the box for Lapadula, but Rrahmani gets his head to it first and ends up nodding into the net. HOWEVER, Lapadula was offside and tussling with Rrahmani, so VAR is checking that.

14:29 Yerry Mina on Victor Osimhen



14:28 Save on Raspadori!

Better from Napoli, sudden Raspadori strike from a long way out, it bounces just in front of Scuffet, who has to parry.

14:25 Raspadori down

Zielinski back-heel flick, Raspadori is going clear, but Yerry Mina does just enough to get in the way. Not a foul.

14:23 Meret save

Another cross from the left to the back post for Lapadula, he knocks it back into the six yard box and Meret has to intercept.

14:22 It’s all Cagliari

Again a cross from the left with Luvumbo on the Gaetano assist, cross for Lapadula at the back post deflected for a corner.

14:19 Cagliari pushing

Series of free kicks and corners, Napoli getting pinned back.

14:16 Cagliari chance

Luvumbo breaks the offside trap on a quickly-taken free kick, cross for Jankto, whose header is wide!

14:14 Cagliari threaten

Cross into the box, Lapadula does not touch it, but Mazzocchi does. Ref and linesman don’t spot it, that should’ve been a corner for Cagliari.

14:11 Juventus injury updates

Ouch. Rabiot dislocated a toe, McKennie dislocated his shoulder.

14:08 Napoli attack

Kvara down the left, finds Olivera, but the effort is blocked in the box.

14:03 Tense start

Yerry Mina and Victor Osimhen get into a tussle. Replays suggest Mina pinched Osimhen’s nipple – which is not new for him, it has to be said…

14:00 We have kick-off in Cagliari vs. Napoli!

13:56 Out come the teams

Cagliari: Scuffet; Nandez, Dossena, Mina, Augello; Deiola, Makoumbou; Jankto, Gaetano, Luvumbo; Lapadula

Napoli: Meret; Mazzocchi, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski; Raspadori, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia

13:52 Napoli comments


13:51 Allegri milestone


13:37 Rugani goal for UK


13:37 Rugani goal


13:30 Cagliari vs. Napoli line-ups

Cagliari: Scuffet; Nandez, Dossena, Mina, Augello; Deiola, Makoumbou; Jankto, Gaetano, Luvumbo; Lapadula

Napoli: Meret; Mazzocchi, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski; Raspadori, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia

13:29 What a game that was!


13:25 FT: Juventus 3-2 Frosinone

13:23 Juventus 3-2 Frosinone: Daniele Rugani!

Talk about last-gasp winner! Iling-Junior corner, Vlahovic header flicks it on to the back post, where Rugani manages to score from the tightest of angles through Cerofolini’s legs!

13:22 Juve corners

Series of Juve corners, Milik header deflected over.

13:19 Into added time

5 minutes of stoppages awarded.

13:18 Juve chance!

Valeri error sends Weah clear, rolls to Vlahovic, tries to set up Milik, who gives it back again, but Vlahovic fires over!

13:15 That McKennie injury

He seemed to hurt his shoulder during the desperate sliding tackle.

13:14 Juve changes

McKennie and Gatti off, Milik and Iling-Junior on.

Frosinone introduce Seck and Gelli for Soule’ and Mazzitelli.

13:13 Gatti chance

Gatti runs into the box on a Weah through ball, fires across the face of goal under pressure from Okoli!

13:12 Juve down to 10

McKennie is still getting treatment, Frosinone on the counter, fortunate for Juve that Soule’s cross wasn’t great. Allegri has thrown his coat to the ground. Never a good sign.

13:11 Big Frosinone chance!

McKennie misplaced pass sparks the Frosinone counter, but he makes up for it with a desperate tackle! And hurt himself in the process.

13:09 Cagliari vs. Napoli line-ups

Cagliari: Scuffet; Nandez, Dossena, Mina, Augello; Deiola, Makoumbou; Jankto, Gaetano, Luvumbo; Lapadula

Napoli: Meret; Mazzocchi, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski; Raspadori, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia

13:08 Locatelli strike

From a huge distance, an easy take from the goalkeeper.

13:06 Cagliari XI


13:05 Juve again

Once more, probably wouldn’t have counted for Vlahovic handball, but he rolled across and Gatti scuffed the finish anyway.

13:02 Offside anyway

Vlahovic was offside anyway, but that was still a fine volley inches wide!

13:00 Frosinone changes

Juve-owned Kaio Jorge and Barrenechea on, Cheddira and Harroui off.

12:59 Locatelli booked

Locatelli carded for wiping out Mazzitelli.

12:58 Frosinone keeper carded

Cerofolini gets a yellow card for time-wasting. At the 69th minute.

12:57 Alcaraz over

Yildiz to Vlahovic, back-heel flick for McKennie intercepted, then Alcaraz balloons over the bar.

12:55 Juve chance!

Oh dear. Pull-back from the by-line, Yildiz looks like he has to fire in from nine yards, scuffs the ball horribly.

12:52 Yellow

Valeri booked for a body-check on Weah. Is McKennie playing as a forward? That would be… very Allegri, let’s be honest.

12:49 Juve changes

Yildiz and Weah on, Chiesa and Kostic off.

12:46 Chiesa

Chiesa goes down clutching his face. The Frosinone player’s hand absolutely did not touch his face.

12:45 Juve chance

It nearly works, too. Vlahovic wins it back with a tackle in midfield, Chiesa strike deflected for a corner.

12:44 Crowd grumbling

Long period of Frosinone possession, Juve seem to be playing on the counter now.

12:41 Oops

Corner comes to Rugani for a volley, that is going into the bottom corner, until it is deflected over by… Alcaraz.

12:40 Cambiaso shot charged down

Cambiaso curler from outside the area is deflected for a corner.

12:39 Juve chance!

Corner deflected by Mazzitelli, it hits Vlahovic on the forehead from six yards, but he has no time to redirect that, it just bounces off him.

12:36 Rabiot updates


12:33 2nd half kicks off: Juventus 2-2 Frosinone

No changes.

12:17 Half-Time: Juventus 2-2 Frosinone

That was unexpectedly entertaining!

12:16 Juve attack

Chiesa was shaping up for the volley on a cross from the right, but Zortea just nodded it away.

12:14 Locatelli crucial

Mazzitelli was going on another dangerous counter-attack, blocked off by Locatelli.

12:12 Vlahovic goal


12:10 Yildiz warming up

Allegri trying to send a signal to Chiesa, who continues to play too wide and too deep for the coach’s liking.

12:09 Alcaraz over

Throw-in flicked on, Alcaraz fires over the bar.

12:07 Allegri screaming at Chiesa

Allegri wants Chiesa to play as a striker. He wants to play as a winger. Never the twain shall meet.

12:06 Frosinone chance!

Brescianini cuts inside from the right, left-foot strike just over the bar! Again, Juve defenders were all there, but just watching…

12:03 Juventus 2-2 Frosinone: Dusan Vlahovic!

McKennie with another assist as the move continued, prodded through for Vlahovic, who took one touch and then spun it into the far bottom corner with the inside of the left boot from 10 yards.

12:02 Save on Vlahovic

Chiesa flick for Vlahovic, Cerofolini makes the save. But…

12:01 Juve corner

Gatti effort deflected, Cerofolini plucks the corner out of the air and immediately sparks the counter. Cambiaso foul, he’s looking very frustrated and on the verge of a yellow card.

11:59 Juventus sub

Rabiot limps off, Carlos Alcaraz on.

11:58 Juventus 1-2 Frosinone: Marco Brescianini!

Inspired Harroui slide-rule pass sends Brescianini running, he holds off two defenders and fires into the roof of the net at the far top corner!

11:57 Rabiot is definitely limping

Alcaraz and Miretti warming up.

11:57 Rabiot has a problem

Rabiot is not moving very well. He had a knock to the ankle earlier.

11:52 Corner for Juventus

Chiesa cross charged down, first corner of the game for them.

11:47 Audacious Dusan

Vlahovic spots the goalkeeper off his line and attempts a lob from midfield. Worth a go.

11:47 Soule curler over

Soule fires over from the edge of the box, but it was another Vlahovic error to spark the counter.

11:44 Juventus 1-1 Frosinone: Walid Cheddira!

A well-worked move, Brescianini pulls back from the by-line at the right, Cheddira is alone surrounded by five Juve players, somehow still allowed a free header. Caught NAPPING.

11:43 There is a pattern here

Juve pass the ball around relatively slowly, Frosinone wait for an error to counter.

11:39 Soule

Soule free kick into the wall.

11:38 Bremer booked

Vlahovic misplaces a pass, sparking the Cheddira counter and Bremer trips him. Yellow card, dangerous spot for a free kick, especially with Soule.

11:33 Juventus 1-0 Frosinone: Dusan Vlahovic!

Good work from McKennie, who sprung the offside trap on a Gatti ball over the top, controlled well with the first touch, the second rolled across and Vlahovic anticipated his defender at the near post! Slight deflection off the shin there.

11:31 OK then

Pol Lirola, a wing-back, is in the back three. We knew it wasn’t Valeri, but Lirola at least makes more sense.

11:30 We have kick-off in Juventus vs. Frosinone!

Juventus: Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Chiesa

Frosinone: Cerofolini; Lirola, Romagnoli, Okoli, Zortea; Brescianini, Mazzitelli, Harroui; Valeri, Soulè, Cheddira

11:28 Out come the teams

We’ll see what tactics Frosinone have, because it’s not entirely clear…

11:25 Cristiano Giuntoli


11:09 Warming up


11:04 Last night


11:00 Vlahovic comments


10:44 Frosinone

OK, this makes more sense.

Juventus: Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Chiesa

Frosinone (4-3-3): Cerofoloni; Lirola, Romagnoli, Okoli, Zortea; Brescianini, Mazzitelli, Harroui; Valeri, Soulè, Cheddira

10:42 Allegri

Allegri tests 4-3-3 with Alcaraz during the week, then sticks with the tried, tested and recently failed approach. Of course he does. The Frosinone XI is… bemusing. Is it 3-5-2? Is that Lirola or Valeri in the back three?

10:36 Interesting choices


10:33 Juventus vs. Frosinone line-ups

Juventus: Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Chiesa

Frosinone: Cerofoloni; Romagnoli, Okoli, Valeri; Lirola, Mazzitelli, Brescianini, Harroui, Zortea; Soulè, Cheddira

10:29 Juve arrive


10:23 Juventus XI


Join us for all the build-up and action as it happens from today’s Serie A games, as Juventus try to stop the rot with Frosinone, Napoli visit Cagliari, leaders Inter make changes in Lecce and there’s a fascinating Milan-Atalanta.

We begin at 11.30 GMT in Turin where Juventus scraped two points from the last four rounds and host a Frosinone side including three of their youth players.

At 14.00 GMT, Napoli make their Serie A debut under new coach Francesco Calzona with a trip to Cagliari.

Leaders Inter try to keep their amazing 2024 going against Lecce at 17.00 GMT, but are missing several key players.

Finally, Milan and Atalanta go head-to-head with the top four at stake, after La Dea already knocked them out of the Coppa Italia.

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