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21:43 That’s all for the Liveblog

Atalanta 63*

Roma 60

Lazio 59

*game in hand

21:43 Congratulations Juve and Bologna


21:41 Match Report


21:38 FT: Atalanta 2-1 Roma

Atalanta go 5th, Juventus and Bologna are in the Champions League!

21:37 Koopmeiners, HOW?!?

Noooo! Incredible. Pellegrini and El Shaarawy down hurt, Atalanta play on, Lookman sets up Koopmeiners, who fires over an open goal! Ridiculous!

21:36 Angelino crucial

Atalanta on the counter, Angelino cuts across to stop Toure.

21:34 Atalanta wide again

The finishing has been so bad, Miranchuk saw Lookman on the counter, instead drilled wide! Into 4 minutes of stoppages.

21:33 Koopmeiners wide

Koopmeiners low angled drive skims the woodwork from the edge of the box!

21:32 Atalanta sub

Miranchuk replaces Ederson. Lots of plans changing here. Lukaku was meant to come off, then switched to Kristensen, Toloi was ready, then Miranchuk chosen instead.

21:31 Save on Ederson

Ederson breaks down the right, stings Svilar’s gloves at the near post, the move continues and Lookman fires over!

21:30 Roma subs

Azmoun and Joao Costa on, Kristensen and Cristante off. Roma all-attack now.

21:28 Atalanta counter

Zappacosta on the counter, tries to pull back from the by-line, but Kristensen with the crucial block.

21:26 Save on Lukaku

Great work from El Shaarawy, who battles his way through two tackles, finds Abraham, roll across for Lukaku and angled drive well smothered by Carnesecchi.

21:25 Roma push

Lukaku turns Hien down the left, rolls across for Bove, who flicks it on, but only as far as Carnesecchi.

21:25 Atalanta a bit imprecise now

Some passes a little overhit, moves not quite coming off as smoothly as they did in the first hour.

21:21 Carnesecchi save!

Big chance for Roma to equalise! Angelino down the left, roll across for Pellegrini, sweeps from the edge of the box and Carnesecchi flies to palm it away!

21:19 Atalanta sub

Scalvini on, Pasalic off, so De Roon returns to midfield.

21:17 Cheeky Pellegrini

Pellegrini hooks it back over his head and Carnesecchi plucks out from under the bar.

21:17 Roma threaten

Bove slide-rule pass to Abraham, pulls it back across, intercepted by Hien.

21:16 Atalanta appeals

Gasperini, who was booked over the Roma penalty, is fuming that Toure goes down under pressure from Mancini and is not awarded a spot-kick either.

21:13 Roma revitalised

Suddenly, Roma starting to believe. We’ve seen this before from Atalanta, when they are so dominant and don’t make it count, they can be vulnerable.

21:09 Atalanta 2-1 Roma: Lorenzo Pellegrini penalty!

Carnesecchi got the right angle, but couldn’t reach it.

21:08 Penalty for Roma!

Hmm. Abraham and Lukaku combine, Abraham gets the shot away and De Roon sliding in crashes into the Englishman at the end of the move. Arguably, the contact came after it was possible to affect the play…

21:06 Svilar save

Atalanta are swarming like a hive of angry bees. After a long, LONG, passing move, Djimsiti sets up Pasalic, Svilar has to palm it over the bar.

21:04 Atalanta again

Lukaku misplaced pass to Pellegrini intercepted, De Roon repeats the Lookman shot, also inches wide!

21:03 Lookman so close!

Oooh! Lookman from the edge of the box, drills INCHES wide with Svilar only able to watch it go by!

21:02 Koopmeiners booked

He will be suspended against Lecce. Not sure he minds that too much.

21:01 Atalanta subs

Lookman, Zappacosta and Toure on, De Ketelaere, Ruggeri and Scamacca off

20:58 Roma shot on target

That might be the first… Bove snapshot from distance, straight at Carnesecchi.

20:56 Ederson chance

Another Scamacca back-heel flick sets up Ederson, scuffed finish into the arms of Svilar. Then Scamacca controls and blasts wide from the edge of the box, because Atalanta won it back that quickly…

20:54 Scamacca over

Koopmeiners frustrated he overhit the pass for Pasalic, the move continues, Scamacca nods over at the back post, then gets into an argument with Hateboer, who wanted the header instead.

20:53 Reminder

If Roma do not win tonight, then Bologna and Juventus will automatically be qualified for the Champions League.

20:49 Ndicka booked

Ndicka into the book for scything into De Ketelaere.

20:49 2nd half kicks off: Atalanta 2-0 Roma

20:47 Roma subs

Abraham and Bove on, Baldanzi and Paredes off.

20:44 Dominant Atalanta


20:33 Half-Time: Atalanta 2-0 Roma

And Roma can count themselves lucky it’s only 2-0, because CDK brace, then CDK and Koopmeiners hit the woodwork.

20:32 Pasalic wide!

Another moment of CDK magic, gathered with his back to goal, turned a defender as if he wasn’t even there and sent Pasalic through, curler wide of the target!

20:29 Koopmeiners off the upright!

Roma hanging on here, Koopmeiners free kick over the wall, thumps the same upright that De Ketelaere hit!

20:28 Atalanta free kick

Such great moves, Scamacca flicked header in midfield to Koopmeiners, he returns it, back-heel flick and De Ketelaere brought down by Cristante just outside the D.

20:27 Whoops

Referee gets in the way of a Koopmeiners cross.

20:24 Big save on Hateboer

Atalanta cross from the left, Hateboer header deflected and great Svilar save on the line!

20:23 De Ketelaere again

Did that hit the upright or Svilar? Either way, he nearly scored from the tightest of angles! Replay shows it hit the post!

20:22 Almost 3-0!

De Ketelaere AGAIN, Scamacca wins it back in midfield, leaves it to CDK, who drills just wide!

20:19 Atalanta swarming

Lovely CDK pass off the outside of the boot to roll across from the right, then series of shots charged down, the best from Koopmeiners.

20:18 Baldanzi tries

Baldanzi tries to surge forward, finds himself immediately surrounded by Atalanta bodies.

20:16 Problem in the stands

Play halted for a moment, as fireworks thrown land on the pitch and need to be cleared.

20:12 All Atalanta

De Ketelaere looks like he’s playing in a different dimension, Roma are nowhere near him. Waltzes into the defence, rolls across for Pasalic, intercepted by Ndicka.

20:10 Roma on the ropes

CDK looking for his hat-trick, blocked off, cross cleared with difficulty.

20:08 First goal


20:08 Roma respond

Angelino cross, El Shaarawy tries to volley it, but should’ve taken a touch instead.

20:06 Atalanta 2-0 Roma: Charles De Ketelaere!

Incredible! Hien robs Lukaku in midfield, Koopmeiners down the left, give and go with Scamacca, pull back for CDK to sweep home relatively undisturbed from 12 yards!

20:03 Atalanta 1-0 Roma: Charles De Ketelaere!

That’s a fine solo goal. CDK runs onto the through ball down the left, cuts inside Mancini and bends a right-foot finish into the far bottom corner!

20:03 Hien intercepts

Kristensen rolls across from the right for Lukaku, but Hien intercepts.

20:01 Roma have got a foothold

Atalanta were pouring forward, but Roma have got a foothold in the game now and trying to slow the tempo.

19:55 It’s wide open

As expected, really. Both teams going for it.

19:51 Roma chance

Lukaku lays it off for Angelino, shot charged down by Hateboer for a corner.

19:49 Svilar save!

Atalanta corner kick, deflection off Lukaku, Svilar makes the save! Then another corner and Djimsiti diving header goes wide!

19:45 We have kick-off in Atalanta vs. Roma!

What a game. What a game!

19:44 A minute’s silence

For the 5 victims of an industrial accident near Palermo.

19:42 The teams are out

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; De Roon, Hien, Djimsiti; Hateboer, Koopmeiners, Ederson, Ruggeri; Pasalic; De Ketelaere, Scamacca

Roma: Svilar; Kristensen, Mancini, Ndicka, Angelino; Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini; Baldanzi, Lukaku, El Shaarawy

19:41 Daniele De Rossi


19:36 Luca Percassi


19:23 Atmosphere in Bergamo


19:22 Matteo Ruggeri (Atalanta)

“Playing every three days is oddly better for our fitness levels, as we train on the pitch. Now we are focused on this match and concentrated on our objective.

“Scoring against Marseille was fantastic, as playing in a Europa League semi-final in front of your home fans is the dream of every player. However, tonight is like a Final for us.”

19:20 Bryan Cristante (Roma)

“It’s a tough fixture list, but this is football now, we go into another decisive match. It is a head-to-head and our Champions League qualification is realistically decided today.”

19:14 This means…

Milan are mathematically 2nd. If Roma don’t win tonight, then Juventus AND Bologna have qualified for the Champions League.

19:11 Atalanta vs. Roma line-ups

Atalanta: Carnesecchi; De Roon, Hien, Djimsiti; Hateboer, Koopmeiners, Ederson, Ruggeri; Pasalic; De Ketelaere, Scamacca

Roma: Svilar; Kristensen, Mancini, Ndicka, Angelino; Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini; Baldanzi, Lukaku, El Shaarawy

19:07 Match report


19:03 FT: Juventus 1-1 Salernitana

Incredible finale!


HOW?! Salernitana counter in waves, Basic has to score, he sweeps the left-foot curler over the bar!

19:00 Miretti wide

Juve want to win it now, Miretti fires wide from the edge of the area!

18:56 Juventus 1-1 Salernitana: Adrien Rabiot!

We are into 6 minutes of stoppages! Iling Junior corner flicked on by Locatelli and it is Rabiot who comes sliding in at the back post!

18:55 Salernitana subs

Pasalidis and Pellegrino on, Sambia and Zanoli off.

18:53 Miretti off the bar!

Juventus are unlucky too, because that was a screamer from Miretti that thumped the underside of the bar, bounced off the ground and back out!

18:51 Just pointing out

It is the 87th minute. Juventus 0-1 Salernitana.

18:49 Atalanta vs. Roma team news


18:48 Salernitana counter

Tchaouna sprints on the counter, goes down under a Gatti shove, but not enough for a penalty.

18:44 Save on Milik!

Milik with a very odd header leaning backwards, Fiorillo fingertips it away for a corner!

18:41 Juve subs

Milik and Yildiz on, Vlahovic and Rugani off.

18:37 Salernitana sub

Kastanos on, Ikwuemesi off. A former Juve youth team player.

18:37 Juve chance

Cambiaso cross floated across the face of goal, Vlahovic and Bremer flying in can’t connect.

18:35 Oh dear

A well-worked Juve passing move, until Gatti literally falls over trying to roll across.

18:30 Gatti over

Juve free kick to the back post, Gatti nods over the bar!

18:30 Salernitana sub

Legowski on, Vignato off

18:29 Coming up


18:27 Juve siege

Fazio charges down Chiesa strike, then Locatelli effort deflected, on the resulting corner Chiesa curler through a sea of bodies flashes inches wide!

18:26 Huge Juve chance!

Chiesa cross-shot is low, Pierozzi comes flying in to clear, it hits Rugani and goes wide! Could’ve gone anywhere.

18:24 Vlahovic so close!

End to end! Tchaouna counters from a Juve corner, Coulibaly gets into a tangle, loses it, Chiesa then sparks the counter-counter, sends Vlahovic through and angled drive SKIMS the far post!

18:22 Juve push

Chiesa weak finish charged down, then Locatelli and Vignato both go with high foot for the loose ball and referee is right there, waves play on.

18:20 Fazio over

Salernitana free kick, Fazio header loops up and onto the roof of the net.

18:17 Oh….

VAR had a check for a possible penalty, Rabiot handball on the corner. Looks like it was decided that his arm was in a natural enough position to avoid a spot-kick.

18:15 Salernitana corner

Sambia for Pierozzi header, just like the goal, but this time blocked.

18:11 Juve effort

Iling Junior snapshot from distance, but easy for Fiorillo.

18:10 2nd half kicks off: Juventus 0-1 Salernitana

Allegri confirms they remain 3-5-2. Big cheer for Chiesa.

18:06 Juve subs

Chiesa, Iling and Miretti on, Kostic, McKennie and Kean off.

17:52 Half-Time: Juventus 0-1 Salernitana

Loud jeers from the home fans, which is the most noise they’ve made so far today.

17:51 Kostic wide

Juve corner taken short, Kostic drills wide of the near post.

17:46 Juve chance

Cambiaso left-foot curler flashes just wide from the edge of the area. In fact, that might’ve just clipped the upright!

17:43 Sambia lively

Sambia down the left, shrugs off McKennie, shot blocked by Gatti.

17:41 Kean goes down

Too weak with Pierozzi behind him, went down as soon as he felt a hand. Ref not falling for it.

17:39 Huge Salernitana chance!

Penalty appeals rejected, Szczesny ran a huge risk going one on one to push the ball off the feet of Ikwuemesi after great work from Tchaouna!

17:37 Bremer!

The crowd wonder where Bremer is going surging forward, then why he just hit it from 25 metres out, then hold their breath as it flashes just wide!

17:34 Szczesny save!

Almost 2-0 for Salernitana, Sambia free kick dips and Szczesny flies to palm it out of the near top corner!

17:33 Juve frayed

Gatti shove on Ikwuemesi, then the defender reacts angrily to the referee awarding a free kick.

17:29 Juventus 0-1 Salernitana: Niccolo’ Pierozzi!

That is some bad defending! Pierozzi totally unmarked for a powerful free header from six yards on the Sambia corner, it squirms past Szczesny at the near post!

17:28 Rabiot booked

Another Juventus player carded, again for a foul on Coulibaly, this one much clearer as he was considerably late.

17:25 Vlahovic booked

Vlahovic is stunned he has gone into the book for being late on Coulibaly. It was more of a collision than anything else.

17:23 Offside flag up

Not terribly convinced McKennie was offside…

17:19 Juve attempt

Juventus corner, Rabiot tries an acrobatic volley, but slips. Bremer then prevents a Salernitana counter.

17:13 Few problems

Allegri furious with his defenders after a Salernitana attack, meanwhile the referee needs the audio equipment changed to communicate with the VAR. Might just be drenched by the ridiculous rain. Even the Juve subs are hiding.

17:11 Vlahovic off the crossbar!

Scorcher from distance and Fiorillo has to fingertip that onto the crossbar!

17:09 Salernitana again

Pierozzi snapshot, but straight at Szczesny.

17:05 Oh dear

That’s not just heavy rain, that’s thunder over Turin…

17:04 Bremer decisive

Good chance for Salernitana, Vignato surged off on the counter, Bremer had to cut across and steal it.

17:03 We have kick-off in Juventus vs. Salernitana!

17:01 A minute’s silence

For the 5 victims of a work-related accident near Palermo.

16:59 The teams are out

Juventus: Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Kean

Salernitana: Fiorillo; Pierozzi, Fazio, Pirola; Zanoli, Coulibaly, Basic, Sambia; Vignato, Tchaouna; Ikwuemesi

16:54 Max Allegri


16:42 Ew

Vlahovic tries to juggle with his chewing gum, fails, so stamps it into the turf. Gross.

16:40 Juventus ultras protesting

Juve ultras released a very long and long-winded statement on a flyer saying their season ‘ends here’ and they’ll sit in silence for the final home game. Again, they are protesting against the club hierarchy.

16:26 Nirvana in the stadium

A song with “here we are now, entertain us” feels pointed ahead of an Allegri game.

16:13 Warm-ups

Watch the Juventus vs. Salernitana warm-ups live on the Lega Serie A YouTube Channel.

16:06 Match report


16:03 Match report


16:01 FT: Genoa 2-1 Sassuolo

The Neroverdi are in serious, serious trouble.

15:56 FT: Verona 1-2 Torino

That was unexpected!

15:55 Juventus vs. Salernitana line-ups

Juventus: Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Vlahovic, Kean

Salernitana: Fiorillo; Pierozzi, Fazio, Pirola; Zanoli, Coulibaly, Basic, Sambia; Vignato, Tchaouna; Ikwuemesi

15:50 Verona goal disallowed

Ball in the net, but foul given for Henry push on Della Valle.

15:48 Ooh!

Such a big chance for Verona to equalise, corner taken short, VMS punches the cross onto the face of Swiderski, it ricochets off him and goes inches wide!

15:43 Verona 1-2 Torino: Pietro Pellegri!

How did that go in? Hard to get a tighter angle than that from Pellegrini down the right, his finish went through the legs of Montipo’, bounced off the inside of the far post and back into the net!

15:41 Torino again

Pellegri can’t get the header on target from a Linetty cross.

15:40 Save on Ricci

Toro have woken up, Ricci gets down the right and forces a save at the near post.

15:38 Verona 1-1 Torino: Zanos Savva!

Goal out of nowhere, name out of nowhere, Zanos Savva scores on his Serie A debut! Cross from the right went over Pellegri’s head, but found Savva right behind him.

15:35 Save on Suslov!

Verona counter, Suslov strike brilliantly parried by one strong hand at the near post by VMS!

15:34 Verona chance!

Oh dear! VMS flapped at the cross, nowhere near it and Coppola header wide at the back post!

15:29 Genoa 2-1 Sassuolo: Marash Kumbulla og!

Turnaround! Counter-attack from Genoa’s own penalty area, Gudmundsson surged forward, spread to Ekuban, roll across goes beyond Retegui, but bounces in off Kumbulla!

15:27 Verona 1-0 Torino: Karol Swiderski!

Oh Tameze… It was a Torino throw-in, Tameze for some reason threw it straight at a Verona player and it was pulled back from the by-line by Serdar for Swiderski to tap in!

15:27 Badelj goal


15:25 Verona chance

A good quick passing move, Noslin pulls back for Suslov, who scuffs the finish horribly wide from 12 yards!

15:21 Genoa 1-1 Sassuolo: Milan Badelj!

Martin corner flicked on by Thorsby and nobody was marking Badelj for the free header at the back post!

15:18 OOF!

Lauriente nudged in the back, goes flying face-first into the cover over the bench. He’s ok, fortunately.

15:13 Bonazzoli apologises

Bonazzoli cross over-hit for Lazovic, he waves an apology.

15:10 2nd half kicks off: Genoa 0-1 Sassuolo

Spence and Ekuban on, Sabelli and Vogliacco off.

15:07 Save on Noslin!

A big Verona chance, Noslin shakes off a defender, cuts inside and the low shot is palmed out of the far bottom corner!

15:06 2nd half kicks off: Verona 0-0 Torino

No changes

14:52 Half-Time: Genoa 0-1 Sassuolo

Thorsby goal disallowed for handball, then Pinamonti penalty for De Winter clipping Lauriente’s heels.

14:49 Half-Time: Verona 0-0 Torino

14:47 Verona threaten

Noslin down the left, cuts inside and gets the shot away, crucial block from Vojvoda.

14:45 Sassuolo chance

Pull-back from the by-line, Vasquez slips, but Lauriente first touch is heavy and allows the defender to get back at him.

14:39 Genoa appeals

Gudmundsson goes down after crossing paths with Obiang, but no penalty.

14:37 Sassuolo chance

Martinez gets across to palm a Lauriente free kick round the near post. On the resulting corner, Thorstvedt header again at the goalkeeper.

14:36 Verona risk own goal

Coppola header goes just wide anticipating Sanabria on the Tameze cross, that was risky.

14:33 Genoa 0-1 Sassuolo: Andrea Pinamonti penalty!

Sent Martinez the wrong way to sweep into the near bottom corner.

14:31 Penalty for Sassuolo!

Turns out it wasn’t just the turf, De Winter trod on the back of Lauriente’s boot!

14:30 Oh dear

Lauriente’ on the counter for Sassuolo, goes down in the box, but it’s because he kicked the turf.

14:26 Verona chance

Phew! Noslin free header, but very central and plucked out of the air by VMS.

14:26 Sigh

Liveblog isn’t broken, there’s just nothing happening. In two games.

14:19 Lazovic attempt

Verona, Lazovic curler charged down.

14:17 Toro errors

Torino give away two rather avoidable corners in a row.

14:11 Genoa goal disallowed!

There was a handball in there somewhere…

14:08 Genoa 1-0 Sassuolo: Morten Thorsby

Bit of a chaotic goal, to be kind to Sassuolo… Let’s just call that a total disaster. Martin cross flapped at horribly by the goalkeeper, then Matheus Henrique for reasons known only to himself deflects it back towards the goal, turning into an assist for the Thorsby header.

14:02 We have kick-off!

14:00 Minute’s silence

A minute’s silence before kick-off for the 5 victims of the work-related accident in Palermo.

14:00 Mother’s Day shirts

Genoa and Torino are among the teams who are wearing their maternal surnames on the back of the jersey in honour of Mother’s Day.

13:50 Genoa vs. Sassuolo line-ups

Genoa: Martinez; Vogliacco, De Winter, Vasquez; Sabelli, Frendrup, Badelj, Thorsby, Martin; Gudmundsson, Retegui

Sassuolo: Consigli; Erlic, Kumbulla, Ferrari; Toljan, Obiang, Matheus Henrique, Thorstvedt, Doig; Laurienté, Pinamonti

13:49 Verona vs. Torino line-ups

Verona: Montipò; Centonze, Magnani, Dawidowicz, Coppola, Cabal; Serdar, Duda, Lazovic; Noslin, Bonazzoli

Torino: Milinkovic-Savic; Masina, Lovato, Rodriguez; Bellanova, Tameze, Ricci, Ilic, Vojvoda; Zapata, Sanabria

13:45 Serie A Table

Verona 34*

Cagliari 33

Frosinone 32

Empoli 32

Empoli 30*

Sassuolo 29*

Salernitana 15*

*game in hand

13:36 Vecino goal


13:35 Lazio 2-0 Empoli


13:30 FT: Lazio 2-0 Empoli

Last kick of the game, wonderful Fazzini free kick was going into the near top corner, but Mandas flew to palm it away!

13:23 Lazio 2-0 Empoli: Matias Vecino!

Good passing move left to right, Pedro rolls across for Vecino, who runs forward through the centre, takes a touch and beats Caprile.

13:22 Lazio sub

Cataldi replaces Kamada

13:20 Mandas save!

Genuine Empoli chance there, corner finds Shpendi for the header at the back post, crucial Mandas save to parry!

13:15 Empoli waste

Free kick from the edge of the area, charged down by Kamada. Another free kick, Shpendi header easy for Mandas.

13:10 Subs

Pedro replaces Zaccagni.

Fazzini and Shpendi on for Maleh and Luperto. Empoli go 4 at the back.

13:04 Kamada strike

Power behind it, but was also straight at the goalkeeper.

13:03 Empoli push

Cambiaghi flashes a ball across the six-yard box, but nobody is ready to tap in.

13:01 Vecino wide

Lazio counter with Vecino running from his own half, but he drills wide from the D.

13:00 Empoli subs

Destro and Cacace on, Pezzella and Caputo off. Still no Niang?

13:00 Verona vs. Torino line-ups

Verona: Montipò; Centonze, Magnani, Dawidowicz, Coppola, Cabal; Serdar, Duda, Lazovic; Noslin, Bonazzoli

Torino: Milinkovic-Savic; Masina, Lovato, Rodriguez; Bellanova, Tameze, Ricci, Ilic, Vojvoda; Zapata, Sanabria

12:58 Lazio subs

Rovella, Castellanos and Vecino on, Felipe Anderson, Immobile and Guendouzi off.

12:54 Felipe Anderson over

Felipe Anderson attempt from outside the box deflected over, first of a series of corners for Lazio.

12:51 Bad idea, Caputo

Caputo gathers with his back to goal, really should lay it off rather than fire high and wide from an improbable position.

12:50 Genoa vs. Sassuolo line-ups

Genoa: Martinez; Vogliacco, De Winter, Vasquez; Sabelli, Frendrup, Badelj, Thorsby, Martin; Gudmundsson, Retegui

Sassuolo: Consigli; Erlic, Kumbulla, Ferrari; Toljan, Obiang, Matheus Henrique, Thorstvedt, Doig; Laurienté, Pinamonti

12:49 Empoli sub

Cambiaghi on for Bastoni.

12:47 Immobile slip

Lazio counter after Maleh free kick appeal rejected, but Immobile then slips at the crucial moment.

12:41 Lazio chance

An odd bobble on the pitch surprises Zaccagni, who can’t finish it off.

12:39 2nd half kicks off: Lazio 1-0 Empoli

12:30 Patric goal


12:22 Half-Time: Lazio 1-0 Empoli

Lazio lead, realistically somewhat against the run of play.

12:20 Lazio 1-0 Empoli: Patric!

Zaccagni free kick charged down by Gyasi’s face, but on the resulting Zaccagni corner, nobody is marking Patric, who is allowed totally unmarked to flick in off the outside of the boot from a couple of yards! Bereszynski lost his man.

12:18 Empoli again

Caputo robs Lazzari on the edge of the area, but Maleh fires over. The crowd jeers in irritation.

12:15 Calm down, Patric

A well-worked Empoli passing move, roll across from the right intercepted by Patric, who then does a full-on multiple fist-pump celebration like he just scored. Move continues, shot over the bar.

12:10 Caprile save

Immobile springs the offside trap, sees nobody in support, so has to go for goal at the near post, Caprile palms it round the upright!

12:08 What a save, Mandas!

Huuuuuuge chance for Empoli! Guendouzi error gives it away, Cancellieri nutmegs Romagnoli and rolls across for Caputo, stunning save from Mandas!

12:06 Empoli threaten

Bastoni with not quite a cross, not quite a shot, goes past everyone and the far top corner.

12:00 Empoli chance

Oh they should’ve done better there! Empoli corner, Ismajli fairly free diving header over the bar!

11:57 Immobile chance

That was odd. Immobile give and go, bursts into the box, goes around Caprile and then goes down a long time afterwards, seemed to just put his foot down badly. Didn’t appear to be any contact.

11:56 Lazio chance

Kamada through ball for Immobile, Ismajli crucial block to force him wide for the corner.

11:53 Empoli once more

Kamada gives it away horribly in midfield, Bastoni curler from distance has Mandas stranded, but skims the crossbar!

11:51 Empoli again

Bastoni attempt charged down in the box.

11:50 Empoli goal disallowed

Ciccio Caputo scores at the second attempt one-on-one with Mandas, but was visibly offside.

11:47 Pezzella risky

Pezzella clotheslines Felipe Anderson, somehow not a yellow card.

11:43 Felipe Anderson effort

Nice dribble down the left from Kamada, pull back for Felipe Anderson, but the finish is charged down.

11:40 Ismajli alert

Felipe Anderson cross for Immobile, crucial Ismajli header to intercept. Crowd already annoyed with Caprile for taking ages over his goal kicks.

11:39 Whoops

Referee a bit too close to the action, got bumped by the ball twice already, much to the irritation of Guendouzi.

11:33 We have kick-off in Lazio vs. Empoli!

The first of five Serie A games today.

11:31 A minute’s silence

Before all games this weekend, a minute’s silence for the 5 victims of the work accident in Palermo.

11:28 Out come the teams

Lazio: Mandas; Patric, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Lazzari, Guendouzi, Kamada, Marusic; Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni; Immobile

Empoli: Caprile; Bereszynski, Ismajli, Luperto; Gyasi, Bastoni, Marin, Maleh, Pezzella; Cancellieri, Caputo

11:21 Scudetto-winning heroes



11:06 Celebrating Scudetto anniversary


10:53 Special shirt

Lazio wearing a special edition jersey to mark the 50th anniversary of their first Scudetto in 1973-74.


10:45 Igor Tudor

Lazio coach Igor Tudor confirms to Sky Sport Italia before kick-off that Luis Alberto has been left out of the squad. He is not injured.

10:24 Lazio vs. Empoli line-ups

Lazio: Mandas; Patric, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Lazzari, Guendouzi, Kamada, Marusic; Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni; Immobile

Empoli: Caprile; Bereszynski, Ismajli, Luperto; Gyasi, Bastoni, Marin, Maleh, Pezzella; Cancellieri, Caputo

Serie A Super Sunday

All the build-up and action as it happens from today’s five Serie A games, Lazio-Empoli, Genoa-Sassuolo, Verona-Torino, Juventus-Salernitana and a massive Atalanta-Roma for fifth place.

We begin at 11.30 UK time (10.30 GMT) with Lazio fighting for Europe against an Empoli side battling against relegation.

At 14.00 UK time (13.00 GMT), there’s Genoa-Sassuolo and Verona-Torino.

Juventus host already-relegated Salernitana at 17.00 UK time (16.00 GMT), where the Bianconeri can guarantee Champions League qualification.

All eyes on Bergamo at 19.45 UK time (18.45 GMT), as Atalanta and Roma go head-to-head for fifth place after the Europa League semi-finals.

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