Serie A Highlights: Juventus 0-1 Empoli

Juventus Empoli

Empoli caused the shock of the season so far with their historic victory at the Allianz Juventus Stadium, as Leonardo Mancuso won it with his first Serie A goal.

The 29-year-old striker was ready to turn in after great work from Filippo Bandinelli down the left flank.

Although Guglielmo Vicario made tough saves on Federico Chiesa, he was relatively untested in the second half, Empoli more than earning this surprise success in Turin.

Juve and coach Max Allegri were jeered off the pitch by their fans in the first match since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure.

6 Comments on “Serie A Highlights: Juventus 0-1 Empoli”

  1. And Antonio Conte Coming Arsenal We Be Welcome development not only the club but also to the players. The team needed a different approach to the game different philosophy. Is going to be a good buy for them

  2. Their blind fans will always have Ronaldo to blame even when he is no longer around. They’ve got the whole package: mediocre and overrated players like Dybala and Bentancur, and Allegri.

    I am looking at the 7th position.

  3. Having not played any of the friendlies … Locatelli should have been given atleast 15-20 mins run last week so that today he could have played most of the 2nd half if not start. Allegri is treating these matches like trials .. what’s this tactic with Danilo ❓❓🙄 Feel bad for Chiesa ☹️ Congrats Empoli .. Well Played 👏👏

  4. After CR7 Departure, looks like there is only Chiesa is in the attack with whom CR7 was playing with. Now, you see he became alone and rest of the team is there in their own half with defensive position….That shows you how attacking minded this team is.

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