Italy are on top of the UEFA Association club coefficients ranking after the group phase of European competitions and will have five clubs in the 2024-25 Champions League if they finish the season in the top two.

All Serie A clubs are still involved in European competitions after the end of the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League group phase. Milan have been eliminated from the Champions League but have been dropped to the Europa League knockout round play-off, having finished third in their group.

This means Italy have the highest coefficient in the UEFA UEFA Association club coefficients ranking as of December 15, 2023. Italy are ahead of Germany, England, Spain and France. The Premier League saw two representatives, Newcastle and Manchester United, eliminated from the Champions League and all European competitions. La Liga lost Osasuna in the Conference League playoffs and Sevilla in the Champions League group stage, while Germany saw Union Berlin finish at the bottom of the Champions League Group C.

The UEFA coefficient for 2023-24 is particularly meaningful as the top two countries in the ranking at the end of the season will get an extra spot in the 2024-25 Champions League, which will have a new format, involving 36 clubs rather than 32.

Association club coefficient as of December 15, 2023

Italy 14,000 – Clubs 7/7

Germany – 13,642 – Clubs 6/7

England – 13,625 – Clubs 6/8

Spain – 12,687- Clubs 6/8

France – 11,583 – Clubs 6/6

2 thought on “Serie A clubs receive 2024-25 Champions League boost as Italy top UEFA coefficients ranking”
  1. that’ great for now – but there is the nagging feeling that all of the Serie A teams will be out at the next stage of the CL. Having come second in each group, the prospects are not good; it will be Bayern, Man City, Real, Barcelona, Arsenal etc. Lazio certainly can’t manage any of those. Napoli will put up a good fight and it will be a spectacular 5-3 or something. Inter? Perhaps.

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