Inter may well have thrown the Scudetto away with this shock defeat in Bologna, gifted by a howler from goalkeeper Ionut Radu that sends Milan two points clear at the top.

Watch the highlights here.

Serie A Highlights: Bologna 2-1 Inter

This was a rescheduled Week 20 fixture from January 6 due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the Rossoblu squad. Robin Gosens, Arturo Vidal and Felipe Caicedo didn’t make the trip, while Samir Handanovic and Alessandro Bastoni were late additions to the injury list, so Ionut Radu got his second appearance of the season, the other being a Coppa Italia 3-2 extra time win over Empoli in January. Marko Arnautovic, Adama Soumaoro and Gary Medel returned from suspension, the Chilean winning his appeal to get the two-match ban halved.

A win here would put Inter top of the table and they had the ideal start, as within four minutes Ivan Perisic nutmegged Musa Barrow and hit an unstoppable screamer into the near top corner from the edge of the box.

Serie A Liveblog: Bologna-Inter, Fiorentina-Udinese and Atalanta-Torino

Federico Dimarco stung Lukasz Skorupski’s gloves, but Bologna got back on level terms when Arnautovic out-leaped everyone to nod a Barrow cross into the far bottom corner.

Denzel Dumfries turned a header over the bar from Perisic’s cross, while after the restart Skorupski made a decisive save on Joaquin Correa’s header from the corner.

Inter needed to win in order to recapture top spot, so moved to a 3-4-3 formation on the hour mark. This left them open at the back, Milan Skriniar making a last-ditch tackle on Arnautovic as he had already beaten Marcelo Brozovic.

Lautaro Martinez’s header from a corner was over the bar, but just as Inter were pushing for the winner, their emergency goalkeeper gifted Bologna a goal instead.

It was a throw-in, Radu went to control with his feet and essentially kicked it back towards his goal, at least denied the own goal on his record by Nicola Sansone getting the tap-in from a yard.

Inter fought back with desperation, Danilo D’Ambrosio’s attempt cleared off the line from close range, but their heads visibly dropped.

Bologna 2-1 Inter

Perisic 4 (I), Arnautovic 29 (B), Sansone 81 (B)

73 thought on “Serie A | Bologna 2-1 Inter: Radu howler is a Scudetto gift for Milan”
  1. lol

    What happened?! I thought Inter was too strong and would steamroll all the “small” teams in the remaining fixtures… Huh, maybe not! Just goes to show how delusional most of the Inter fan base is.

    I guess “lucky Milan” might win the Scudetto after all! Imagine a team being lucky for two whole seasons LMAO

  2. the typical Inter fan now will blame the referee, and Serie A for rescheduling the game and not giving inter a walkover. These are fans that accept paper scudetti when they didn’t even finish second on the pitch.
    Inter fans: I give the stage to you. Justin Timberlake song on repeat “Cry me a river”

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  4. First Meret now Radu, somebody should investigate these late-match incidents, smells like big betting scheme

  5. I blame it on Radu for the most part and also Lautaro for wasting our chances,However Milan will 1000% drop points and if inter win all of their remaining games they will win the scudetto

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  7. I tried to post the lyrics to Happy by Pharrell, but apparently that moderator did not allow it through. Just here to say I’m very happy =)

  8. Gz to Milan winning this year scudetto. Deserved I think, and I say that as an inter fan.

    Hopefully inzaghi gets sacked soon, he has no clue. Awful coach, my grandmother could do better

  9. Easy @Milan Fan, we cannot get carried away with their business as we still have the tougher run in and we have not been finding the net on a regular basis. + we have lost a lot of the rhythm we had at the beginning of the season. I am praying for the unthinkable but remember we have often gifted them the way back as well. Next season imagine what we can do with petrodollars and boy do we deserve it after suffering for more than a decade and seeing Krunic wear our famous colors.

  10. @ Milanista

    I’m easy, but you should’ve read the things some Inter fans wrote the past couple of weeks. It’s like they don’t know nothing about Serie A. Well maybe they don’t. They lack respect for their rivals. This serves them right.

    Milan have done way more than expected already, It’d hurt to miss this chance to do something miraculous but I certainly wouldn’t lose much sleep if we don’t win the Scudetto with a squad that costs less than Inter’s bench, but IF mighty Inter don’t win it … boy oh boy 😂

  11. For once I agree with MOratti. Inter are obliged to win the Scudetti but imagine what could have been if Juventus also had a GK who did not perform circus acts from the start and a coach not rooted to the philosophy of back, back, down, down. No doubt that the Pole has redeemed himself big time, but still those errors added up. Worth remembering Juventus have the highest wage bill and are even more obliged to win it more so than both Milanese.

  12. Just FYI – Milan doesn’t even need to win all 4 games – they can tie one and will still win the Scudetto due to better head to hear record. Not saying they should play for a tie but they have that little cushion.

  13. A terrible shame for Radu,if he had been granted more game time over the course of the season this may have been avoided. The scudetto will go right down to the wire.

  14. @Milanista, lay off Krunic. He leaves it all on the pitch for the shirt. And he’s not even the worst player Milan has had. This season is reminding me of 98-99. Doubtless many of you weren’t even alive yet. We won that title with players like Bruno N’Gotty, Federico Giunti and Andres Guglielminpietro. The best thing Guly did for us was be a plusvalenza for Pirlo. LOL.

  15. @Lord – whatever, this season Inter were retaining champions and they just slipped on a banana skin of their own making. And you, who celebrate such fast, attacking football should appreciate that Juve bagged one more point v Bologna than Inter were able to tonight. Maybe you can explain that, professor. Respect to Bologna, by the way, who battled continuously.

  16. Lots still to play for. Pressure is the key. I feel Milan play better when chasing inter in the points table. As leaders, can we see it through, hoping the game against lazio was an injection in the arm. A win against Fio will go a long way! Key game is v Verona

  17. Inter should play the remaining fixtures only for the sake of pride like Bologna did, no need to feel pressured as we are now out from scudetto race and I must congrats milan as they are the side who looks like really want it.. Forza Inter forever

  18. MOratti, the fact that you mentioned in an earlier post that at least Lippi won the WC and not a CL sums you up in a nutshell. That very comment gave it away. You are no Juventino and know nothing about the history of the club. Don Lippi was the last coach who actually did win the CL in 1996. I guess you did not know that very obvious fact as you are a Millennial. Try catching up son as I have been watching the game since the 80’s. MOratti it was 9 man Bologna genius and only 2G Max was still shouting the CALMA. He even told us that he was aiming for a draw last night. I am no flip flopper and PhD Max is 4th and you take glee in thinking that is some sort of achievement. A novice coach achieved that with more points and goals scored. Let me guess it was Ronaldo. Well The Ten Rings has a an £80M striker who is slowly losing his prolific streak and I wonder why. Now CALMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  19. I think the only positive will be Milan won’t complain about the refs favouring Inter in this match he gave only a single yellow card to Bologna attacking player I believe. Gifts can happen but despite that I don’t think Milan can win all of their remaining matches and if Milan think those teams will just let them score and win those matches then they’ll be in for a big surprise. Bologna won because of a gift and nothing else it’s up to Inzaghi to set up his team to win the remaining matches…. unless there are more gifts coming

  20. Do Milan think they have won the league already just like that late goal against Lazio. Matches didn’t change and they still got a much difficult consecutive run of matches. Milan fans seem to think they got a guaranteed win in those match when it’s actually the opposite. Inter gave a gift nothing more nothing less but no doubt this will decided on the very last match of the season

  21. Dusan Vlahovic would have 30 league goals by now had he stayed in Florence. I agree with @Lord, Vlahovic does not have the support to do what he does best which is score goals. He’s isolated up front all alone. He must have a slight regret joining Juve in January and playing under this bus driver…

  22. @Norata

    I didn’t know juve and Milan were the same club lol? So that is what juventini are reduced to now? From winning to celebrating others winning/losing? Lol.

  23. @Francesco Inter was low in the last decade but not that low Lol. Juve wants Milan to win just so they can keep their record of winning consecutive league titles. It will even be much more sweet to win the league and coppa when it was so close to both Juve and Milan. Inter remaining a better team compared to both Milan and Juve

  24. @Vero Rossonero
    Remember that season well, Maldini’s strike against a great Parma side setting us on our way. Some average players but all Champions and no one can take that away from them. See some similarities with this squad

  25. @ Ahmed Hossam & Francesco

    The Supercoppa Italiana is a one-off friendly match not a tournament but I’m not surprised since a Juventus-imposed decade-long trophy drought can cause you to accept any scrap metal as a trophy.

  26. @Vero Rossonero OMG I love Guly… Inter got him for Brocchi though at least on the books. Guly scored against Perugia on the final matchday. Now I understand why Inter were too scared to play this game and wanted the 3 points on paper. Guess what. no more paper points and scudetti

  27. Get dimarco out of that defence. He is a winger that’s it. It’s basic decision making choice

    Didn’t even jump for the equalizer

    Very dangerous,
    Very uncomfortable
    Hes Not a centreback

  28. @Lord – I actually didn’t say that about Lippi. He won the CL and then lost some finals but then won the WC, that was my point. But the real point is that you’re an old dude arguing with kids on a Football forum, so that makes you a very sad man. Guess you make of life what you want and you made yourself into an old keyboard warrior going through a midlife crisis. Allegri (who’s probably your age) is getting on with trying to win stuff and is at least qualified to do so. You are just here dissing him. He know nothing about you and really doesn’t even care to. Never mind, you can take comfort in knowing Juve won’t win the league this year.

  29. Look, Francesco and his second personality Antonio are back 😆

    It’s hilarious how he only uses his second personality when the going gets tough LMAO

  30. Inzaghi is a coward and that’s what really hurt Inter this season, not going for the 2-0 or playing Handanovic in Coppa games. guess what it’s come back to bite you really hard where it hurt

  31. MOratti better education can help you with your incorrect username which you have admitted was a mistake. FI will not give you a new one as to be honest you probably own at least 12 and maybe 7 just on this section. It is okay as you’re still in school or unemployed. I guess you can relate to that as the dinosaur was also on the doll for 2 straight years. I am not arguing with you as to be clear you first called me out and I avoid people such as you and Simy Ibrahim, both of whom know nothing about football. I will agree that PhD Max is qualified as has coaching license. Maybe he stole it who knows. That does not mean that everyone is good. You get good and bad people in all walks of life. Mid life crisis yeah good one. Slowly but surely you are losing your temperament and love responding to me. Even Del Piero agreed with me and many Juve fans who have now seen 1Mbps for who he is. Nobody ever agrees with you as you do not like to be told what is staring in front of you. Mediocrity for another 3 straight years.

  32. @NOrata, Spot on! I sincerely pity that clown who wasting his time on FI to mock Allegri. I imagine how stupid this clown can be when he forces himself to watch football game that he dislikes. 🤣🤣🤣 What a sad lonely clown.

  33. lol the Juve fan girls like @Debu and Cypher have come here to comment and gloat but fail to realise their team are still 4th. Total losers and still living on their mom’s couch.

  34. For Milan Fan, laugh at us when you win Scudetto. Everyone, who knows football, know that Milan is nowhere near Inter by quality of play. We still have 4 more rounds. We shall see!

  35. feel sad for Radu because he will be the scapegoat. But Inter is a clown team, even with a better squad, they can screw it up time and time againa

  36. @Cypher

    If it is just a friendly why did juve celebrate winning Supercups previously? You celebrate friendlies? Nonsense. I guess if juve win Coppa it will count but if they lose it will be another friendly, right? Heh

  37. @Milan Fan

    Who is Antonio? Did you not take your hallucination meds today? Just because there are other Inter fans who defend their club against idiots like you that doesn’t mean we are all 1 person in your imaginary world

  38. @Ali G

    Earlier this season Inter beat Bologna 6-1. Last season Inter won in Bologna 0-1. In 19-20 Inter won in Bologna 1-2. In 18-19 Inter won in Bologna 0-3. They fluked a win today, happens, didn’t juve lose to mighty Empoli and Milan draw with mighty Salernitana? As for paper Scudetto, Inter won on the pitch last season with 4 rounds left. I guess you were watching water polo last season. Go educate yourself about football.

  39. @Kieran, your heart must be so rotten to think i came here to gloat. Read my post again, i didn’t mention Inter. 🤣🤣🤣

  40. @Milan Ric, lol that scudetto was all Bierhoff and Leonardo. I still remember the anxiety throughout that last game in Perugia. Galliani losing his mind in the stands.

  41. inter had their chance now Milan have it in their hands hope Milan win scudetto they deserve it Milan in the right track for Grande Milan again

  42. @Lord Boomer the Armchair Warrior
    The name is actually a protest to not wanting Morata at Juve and I started using it when it seemed we were about to sell him in Jan. Sorry that’s lost on you and your 3 attempts at sarcasm. Every Juve post has a comment from you knocking Max and you literally have no room to talk. You talk about Max and then admit he doesn’t have the right team especially in midfield. Your solution is get a new midfield which has nothing to do with Max. Then it’s about the style of play but he still wins. When he plays attacking football and loses then it’s all about the win. So you’re the one who sounds confused. But it’s OK, you’re probably cranky because the nursing home staff didn’t bring enough salt for your soup. You can chomp on those sour grapes as usual, instead.

  43. I see people saying inter are out of the title race, Big LOL, Milan will drop points I can put it to you that Milan will fold against one of verona or fiorentina. We should know Milan by now

  44. lol MOratti that is a horrible opening name but I guess that is the best you can do with your lack of creativity. Funny how you also respond to your new name as well. It is always a pleasure luring in a chimp. A boomer is from the 40’s – 60’s a bit before my time son but glad to know that my experience is certainly better then someone who does not know who won Juve the CL in 96. Also happy that I am the first thing on your mind when you wake up. Now keep defending 1Mpbs Max. I guess you enjoy the slow pace as it fits right in with the speed in which your mind operates at. I bet if you watch Liverpool you need to wash your eyes seeing something quicker then expected. Now go and use one of your other usernames like your original (Danger Boy).

  45. Debu CALMAAAAA, you formed more than one sentence and you had better not get too excited as you might wet your bed tonight. Thanks for coming just to seek me out.👍

  46. @Hossam: then why did Inter want a walkthrough and continued to appeal the decision and wanted to escape from this game like the cowards they are?
    Admit it, Inzaghi is a coward for not attacking when it’s 1-0 ( like in the derby when Giroud killed it ) and always played Handanovic even in Coppa games. Why are you telling me previous results against Bologna and last season? How is that relevant? Paper scudetti are still a fact even if Inter won with 4 rounds to go last season. Proper clown

  47. @Frankie

    Your mediocre rubentus team is not even involved in a Scudetto battle. As for gifts that keep on giving, juve in CL fits that saying nicely. Every season you choke against a new team and we all laugh.

  48. There is no bigger clown than you, Om Ali G string. Inter appealed because Bologna broke rules, read up about it you clueless idiot. Atalanta also appealed for something similar. Inter attacked after the 0-1, and had chances for Lautaro. You obviously have no clue about football whatsoever. Giroud yeah, the derby Milan stole. Great example.

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