Serie A 2022-23 based on a three-day weekend

The average Serie A round will have eight different kick-off times ranging from Saturday afternoon to Monday evening in the 2022-23 campaign.

The precise dates and times for the matches have not yet been revealed, but the opening five rounds will be confirmed from June 30.

The Lega Serie A did explain that the average weekend will run for three days with eight different kick-off times, in order to suit pay-per-view television rights.

Serie A 2022-23 full fixture list

On Saturday, there will be a match kicking off at 14.00 UK time, 17.00 UK time and 19.45 UK time.

Sundays begin at 11.30 UK time, then three games usually at the traditional 14.00 UK time.

Another fixture is on Sunday at 17.00 UK, then at 19.45 UK.

A Monday night match is scheduled for 19.45 UK time.

There are going to be some exceptions, for example in the opening few rounds there will be no early afternoon kick-offs because playing at that time in August would be a risk to health and safety.

Ahead of midweek rounds, there could also be a Friday night match instead, which will be the case for Week 3.

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