Second woman to referee Serie B match

by | Oct 13, 2021 18:13

Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi will this weekend become the second woman referee to officiate a Serie B match.

She has been assigned to the big game between Cittadella and SPAL on Sunday evening.

It’s not entirely an historic occasion, seeing as Maria Marotta already officiated a Serie B fixture between Reggina and Frosinone in May 2021.

Scientific researcher Ferrieri Caputi spent five years in the amateur divisions and was promoted to the Serie C level last season.

She is already an international referee at women’s level.

Italy are lagging behind other nations in the progress of women in the world of refereeing, as Stephanie Frappart became the first woman to officiate the European Super Cup between Chelsea and Liverpool in August 2019.

In that match, she was assisted by an all-female team, including Italian Manuela Nicolosi.

In December 2020, Frappart became the first woman to referee a Champions League match with Juventus vs. Dynamo Kiev, then in March 2021 the first woman to officiate a World Cup qualifier between the Netherlands and Latvia.


  1. dan

    if it is to become a normal and regular thing, then stop making such a big deal everytime it happnes. Like so and so is the first black this or that or the first woman. Who cares abut that? If they’re qualified, they’re qualified leave it at that.

  2. Blop

    Again with these woke nonsensical posts. Nobody cares about these things. As long as they are the best person for the job . There’s better things to be post. This site is becoming crap

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