Scaroni on potential Leao exit: Milan always replace well

Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni suggested the Rossoneri wouldn’t panic if they were to lose Rafael Leao this summer.

The Portugal winger was named Serie A’s MVP last season after a campaign in which he spearheaded the Rossoneri’s title triumph.

However, he has been linked with a potential summer exit as reports in Spain suggest Leao is a target for Real Madrid.

And while Scaroni would not give assurances Leao would stay, he urged Milan fans not to worry. Asked on the Gr Parlamento podcast ‘La Politica Nel Pallone’ whether Leao was indispensable, he said: “I don’t work with transfers, I don’t want to get involved.

“Leao is without doubt a precious gem but Milan has shown itself able to replace the seemingly irreplaceable.

“I remember [Simon] Kjaer’s injury and the introduction of [Pierre] Kalulu, in retrospect we are all happy to have discovered a new talent.”

Leao joined Milan from Lille in 2019 for a reported €23 million fee. 

But it was last season where he really burst onto scene as he netted 14 times in the league so help Milan end their 11-year Serie A-title drought. 

Recent reports suggested Leao had changed agents and that would complicate matters for any potential suitors. 

18 Comments on “Scaroni on potential Leao exit: Milan always replace well”

  1. Not sure who he thinks will replace Leao, that Milan can afford. Also this is not a comment he should be making as imo he is indirectly saying, if the price is right we can sell this summer.

  2. Yeah totally agree this stupid crap takeover reportedly only giving 35-45mil lolll! What are you gonna do with that when you beee at least 4 players??? They are acting like some cheap division 1 team! I’m done with this team I loved for so long get the Arabs in they were going to give us 300mil, this is just a mistake with redbird

  3. I support milan in whatever they decide to do. We agreed to build. We can’t have our first season that went well and everyone wants their salaries tripled.

  4. Moronic figure placed at the cradle of such a historic brand. He has never lived up to that role and has always opened his mouth wrongly.

    Cardinale is still in America doing appeal fund raising after buying a football club with his last cent and borrowing money from the seller to complete the deal. Elliott found the right puppet for his club, another guy he can systematically wrestle the club from later.

    This looks pretty bad for us and we can only hope Maldini make life difficult for those bums. It’s either they do it his way or we frustrate them to sell.

  5. What a bunch of hysterical freaks we got around here, for cryin’ out loud! You’re reading obscenely too much on the man words, come on… He only said something plain obvious: that a club of Milan‘s stature and history will always be bigger than any player, however important he may be.

  6. Replacing is fine but when No Bird can only take the reigns as of September, the season is well underway and the market will be closed. He was Milan‘s best player last term and sometimes players cannot be replaced in an instant. He has developed well under Pioli and if they go with an unknown name, are the fans willing to be patient again. This club needs to build on what they achieved and reach the targets they should be accustomed to. After all this is one the greatest clubs in the world and far more prestigious than PhD Max’s 7/9 CL finals losers.

  7. What are people complaining about?

    We have won the title. Stop with all the fretting about money and transfers. We have a team. If people want to play for that team, great. If they don’t, they can move on. In the same way I don’t write off players as “average”, I also don’t get carried away with all this talk of players being irreplaceable. For all we know Leah could’ve peaked and this is our opportunity to do a Kaka or Shevchenko. Or Leao could continue relatively injury free and with the right amount of luck. The key is having a team that works for each other. Scaroni is right, Milan have replaced other irreplaceables.

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