Scaroni: ‘Milan have no title target, we can’t compete with Liverpool’

by | Sep 20, 2021 18:57

Milan President Paolo Scaroni insists the Rossoneri aim for a top-four finish and stresses that they need a new stadium to compete against clubs like Liverpool.

The Rossoneri and Inter are the Serie A table leaders with 10 points in four games. However, Scaroni insists the Diavoli’s target is not to win the title this season.

“I’m a businessman, so I don’t get any hopes or illusions,” he told Quarta Repubblica on Rete 4 as quoted by

“I take care of the budget and with our budget, we expect Milan to qualify for the Champions League. Then, of course, if we can get something more, we’d be happy.”

Milan returned to the Champions League for the first time in eight years but lost their opening Champions League game of the season against Liverpool last week.

Scaroni wants 100 per cent capacity in stadiums from this season as, right now, Italian stadiums are only open at half capacity.

“We need 100 per cent or at least 75,” Scaroni insisted.

“We are suffering significant economic damage, and we need more people in the stadiums. In England, they are all full, the same as Austria, France and Spain, so why can’t we?

“Milan need a new stadium at San Siro,” Scaroni continued.

“Italian football needs modern stadiums that can welcome families. Clubs like Liverpool, which we faced last week, earn €100m from stadium revenues, we get €35m, how can we compete?”

The Rossoneri hold Juventus to a 1-1 stalemate at the Allianz Stadium on Sunday despite many absentees, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud and Davide Calabria.

They take to the pitch again on Wednesday as they face newly-promoted side Venezia at San Siro.

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  1. House Party

    You can compete by not being so myopic, by owning or co-owning the San Siro with Inter, or better yet, by selling to a more serious business which can compete!
    Both Milan clubs average around 60,000 for League + UCL matches when they’re competing well. Which is more than Liverpool. They do deserve praise for focusing on youth but these business types are so unimaginative! They see everything through a greed lens of minimum investment with maximum gains! The San Siro is one of the most famous, historic stadium attractions there is! The potential is huge. Yet they wish to downgrade it with another copycat shiny, new Nissan Cube!
    It’s easier + cheaper to knock em down + to start from scratch but such a place deserves refurbishment respect. The money they put in, they’d easily make back! That “it’s too old + rigid of a design to be done up” is such a lame excuse too. Why can they do Real Madrid’s up but not that? The Bernabue is almost a carbon copy of the San Siro’s design! Even the new stadium arguments is used so often now that it’s almost starting to sound like an excuse for failure. Out of all the horrible, crappy dangerous so-called stadium’s in Italy, they have to pull down the one which is the best + most well known in the country. Shame on them. If they can’t compete + can’t find a solution with the council then why don’t they just get lost. Isn’t Milan Italy’s economic capital? Yet both clubs are owned by penny-pinching corporate entities who perhaps should join forces to purchase Aldis or Maxicuts or something? At least with Inter they did invest very heavily + it’s only due to unforseen circumstances with Covid + their national government why they’re broke. Whereas Milan let a tinpot crank take charge + are now owned by a Vulture fund because of it!

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