Sassuolo idea for Casadei, Inter seek Akanji or Acerbi

Inter could sell Cesare Casadei to Sassuolo rather than Chelsea or Nice, as they’d guarantee a buy-back option, while Francesco Acerbi is the low-cost alternative to Manuel Akanji in defence.

The Nerazzurri have struggled in pre-season and Simone Inzaghi warned the squad was not yet complete as they head into the opening weekend of Serie A.

Casadei is the 19-year-old star of their Primavera youth team who has never played for the senior squad, yet is at the centre of a €15m bidding war between Chelsea and OGC Nice.

Now Sky Sport Italia claim that Sassuolo are new contenders for his signature and, unlike those clubs, would be prepared to give Inter a buy-back clause.

That and the promise of regular playing time in Serie A to aid his development could prove crucial for both player and club.

Meanwhile, the search for a defender also goes on and there are seemingly two main targets.

The favoured option for Inzaghi would be Switzerland international Akanji, whose contract with Borussia Dortmund only runs to the end of this season.

However, a low-cost alternative is Lazio veteran Acerbi, as it’s claimed agent Federico Pastorello would bring him to Inter free of charge as long as the San Siro side pay the full outstanding salary.

Acerbi has been left out of Lazio pre-season games, as his rapport with the fanbase is rock bottom.

The centre-back already knows Inzaghi well and has also been linked with Monza, Milan and Salernitana.

4 Comments on “Sassuolo idea for Casadei, Inter seek Akanji or Acerbi”

  1. If Inzaghi signed Caisedo last season to just sit on the bench so he’ll definitely sign Acerbi alongside any other Lazio deadwood as soon as they become available. Despite Sanchez being a diva he’s far more effective than Inzaghi preference Correa who for some reasons Inter are still waiting for him to start scoring goals. Grandpa Dzeko is way better in scoring goals than Correa who was never a goal scorer but Inzaghi wanted him just because he coached him at Lazio. Casadei is clearly better than Gaglia so why not use him during substitutions instead wasting that spot with Gaglia who deserves to be playing for a mid table team. The only good thing about Inzaghi is that his attacking style will help get the most out of inter creative players and Lukaku and Lautaro wil certainly benefit this season but Inzaghi obsession with Lazio players must stop or he can just return to Lazio as he’s clearly not showing signs of a top coach: favouring mediocrity over quality creative players like Klop and Pep or like Conte who prefers hard word over anything else which always brings in results. I’m beginning to think the sooner Inter move on from Inzaghi the better because average will never work in the long run NEVER.

  2. @Solointer @Recoba, understandable comment; but will you guys chip in for those players?
    Totally agree grinta is essential for a structural winning environment, but those players don’t come by the dozen. You can’t compare to the budget City or Liverpool put in their manager’s pockets. Inzaghi is continuing to forge a group that can tackle that together and believes players he knows and trusts will help close the gaps. Also Lukaku’s return is key for that spirit, like it or not.
    The Conte bootcamp days are over, so give Inzaghi some credit figuring it out as well; a manager is entitled to evolve and develop as well – even being that at Inter, where he’s done quite well already? You probably forgot the miserable years after de treble era..

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