Sarri considers his Lazio future after surprising January signing

by | Feb 2, 2022 14:04

Maurizio Sarri was surprised by the signing of Jovane Cabral and is disappointed by Lazio‘ transfer activity in January so, according, to Il Messaggero, he has given an ultimatum to Claudio Lotito.

Cabral was the only new face brought by Igli Tare at the Stadio Olimpico during the January transfer window.

According to Rai Sport, Sarri and his staff had no idea about who he was and rushed to watch some of his videos while Tare was finalising the deal.

Multiple reports claim Sarri is furious with the club and expect them to change their decision process for transfers.

As per Il Messaggero newspaper, Sarri has even told Claudio Lotito that he will only stay at the club if Tare leaves.

Il Corriere dello Sport confirms the coach wants to be more involved in the club’s choices and, for now, his contract extension has been put on hold.

Lotito was ready to offer him a new two-year deal until 2025, but Sarri is now considering his options.

Cabral is a versatile striker who has mostly played as a winger, but the former Chelsea and Juventus coach expected a new striker to replace Vedat Muriqi as well as a new centre-back and a full-back.

Sarri and Tare shortly met at Formello yesterday, but according to the report, there was no strong argument as a few other reports suggest.


  1. Zambrotta

    That’s what you get when you join a provincial club…

  2. Rosario


    ‘Provincial club’ hahahaha. Lazio are bigger than your local club that’s for sure.


    would you rather have a player that’s been injured for 4 months and an over-the-hill striker instead ???

  4. Bunga2

    Wow, if it really did pan out like reported, I am wondering if there’s some sort of communication at all within the Lazio‘s hierarchy or is this the norm?

  5. afp1961

    Want to act globally but truly execute locally. Lotito was good during the financial crisis at the club. Give him credit there, but now the game has moved to an even higher international stage and he must accept that the scope of Club ownership is beyond him.

    Time to move on just like Berlusconi and Moratti did….make way for a group ready to embark with a new global blueprint

  6. scudetto

    @afp:AGREE 100% mate!!!

  7. Ibrahim Rabah

    Enough with lotito
    Lazio deserve a new owner

  8. Gman

    The man needs a cigarette not a face mask

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