Sarri: ‘Lazio and Roma too provincial in their thinking’

by | May 7, 2022 22:25

Maurizio Sarri wants Lazio and Roma to ‘stop thinking in such a provincial manner’ about their Serie A and European ambitions. ‘This is a city that deserves two strong teams.’

The Aquile brushed Sampdoria aside 2-0 this evening and Luis Alberto took centre stage, as his free kick was the assist for a Patric header before he scored the second with great individual skill.

“We played well and were pretty consistent throughout the match,” Sarri told Sky Sport Italia.

Serie A | Lazio 2-0 Sampdoria: Aquile put pressure on Roma

“It is better now we have more of the squad available and don’t have to play every three days, since the Europa League elimination we have averaged two points per game.”

The win puts more pressure on Roma in the fight for fifth place, although if the Giallorossi win the Conference League, then they will automatically qualify for the Europa League regardless.

When Sarri was asked if the important thing for Lazio fans was still finishing the campaign ahead of their city rivals, the former Napoli, Juventus and Chelsea coach was irritated.

“The time has come to stop thinking in such a provincial manner. This is a city that deserves two strong teams. Clearly, the derby will always be the match of the year, but we should all start to think about the big picture in a different way.”

Lazio face Juventus in the next round and Sarri was asked what reception he expects from the Bianconeri supporters, but refused to take the bait.

“I don’t expect anything. We are going there seeking points to qualify for Europe. I personally want to get into Europe too, so that’s all I am thinking about as well.”


  1. Yar

    He want to get back to Europe and then when playing there he would like to be eliminated so he could focus on serie a..

  2. I giardini di marzo

    He wants to play in Europe but with a squad who can afford playing mid week games. This summer Lazio goes for total rebuild, 7-8 players are coming. Let’s hope we have the squad depth to be competitive in all fronts next season.

  3. Stephw

    @Yar – lollllolllll

  4. Bury

    With lotito at the helm seems difficult, man. In any case, good luck.

  5. Zambrotta

    Well if even their own coach calls them a provincial side… Lazio fans are so deluded, like Tottenham fans thinking their team is a top team, but they never win anything.

  6. forzaroma

    Hold on, hold on. This comparison is absurd, the provincial ones are only 1, I’ve yet to find another fan base that gathers more pride from the loss of their “rivals” than their own victories. A fan base who if given the choice of relegation or getting a result that could benefit their “rivals” would always choose Serie B. Lazio is not a real team/ fan base, their main obsession is not glory but Romas failures. Roma have ambitions to win trophies and eventually the league, Lazio have ambitions of Roma losing. This is why most Roma fans detested the Pallotta era, he sunk us down to their level where the only “glory” to be had was winning a derby. Come the conference league final, this little sad sacks will be the only ones in Italy actively supporting Feyenord. We don’t hate them its just pity…

  7. I giardini di marzo

    @forzaroma Yeah you are right, Lazio haven’t ampitions to win trophies, only they have won 4 trophies in the last 10 years and your little team have won 0 (!) trophies in 14 years. Even in Totti era Lazio won more trophies than your little team. Stop being hypocrite, Sarri says Rome deserves two strong teams, that’s all and you keep being salty talking offensive against your rivals. Your attitude just shows how correct are Sarris words.

  8. forzaroma

    @I giadrdini di marzo, Your tiny provincal team celebrates our losses more than your own victories, its pathetic. The club should just change their name to NONLAROMA, because a real team and a real fanbase should care about their own results more than their “rivals”..

    Actually if you read it again, it seems to me that he is talking directly about Lazio‘s fans having this provincial attitude, our ambitions are to finish in champions league spot, above whoever it may be but thats the goal. As I stated, a lack of ambition.

  9. Ibrahim Rabah

    Lazio will always be bigger than roma

  10. Gordon

    Lol Sarri is such a hypocrite, then why did after you beat roma you go play that flappy flappy bird huh?

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