Maurizio Sarri was not pleased with his Lazio squad after today’s 1-1 friendly draw with Serie C side Padova.

It was Padova who took the lead in the first half with Della Latta’s strike beating Pepe Reina.

Elseid Hysaj was brought down for a penalty, converted by Luis Alberto, but the Spanish midfielder was also visibly irritable and would’ve been sent off in a regular game for his ill-tempered shove on a player who had fouled him in midfield.

Sarri on the touchline was not too happy either, telling off Raul Moro in particular.

“I told you since the start to stay wide, yet the more I tell you, the more you seem to go towards the centre.”

The coach also vented his frustration at the team for being “chaotic,” not keeping their positions and moving the ball too slowly for his liking.

Gonzalo Escalante confessed as much when speaking to Sportitalia after the game.

“The coach asks us to move the ball at 2,000 km/h, to be compact. We’re still trying to fully get to grips with that.”

Not a great deal happened in the second half, also because a heavy rainstorm erupted over their Auronzo di Cadore training ground.

Another phrase heard clearly from the touchline was Sarri complaining: “We’re always second to the loose ball. Always! We’re just walking around in the middle of the pitch. We can’t defend like this, we’re just standing there and watching them.”

This was the final day of their pre-season camp, before returning to Rome and preparing a summer tour.

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