Gigio Donnarumma was not at his best during Italy’s last two games, mirroring a difficult debut season at PSG.

The 23-year-old left Milan at the end of his contract in June, signing a new four-year deal with the Ligue 1 giants but things are not going as the Italy international expected less than a year ago.

Gigio hasn’t been a regular starter at the Parc des Princes collecting 19 appearances across all competitions. He has conceded 17 goals so far, keeping eight clean sheets. He hit rock bottom in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 against Real Madrid two weeks ago, by giving away the ball inside the box, leading to Karim Benzema’s equaliser.

Mauricio Pochettino defended him, saying that the France striker had fouled the goalkeeper, but Gigio continued to receive criticism in Italy and France.

From Donnarumma to Raspadori: verdicts on Turkey vs. Italy

It hasn’t been an easy season for the 23-year-old, who appeared to be at fault for Turkey’s two goals against Italy last night. Many also debated over North Macedonia’s winner on Thursday saying that the 23-year-old moved too slowly trying to catch the ball on his right.

“We wanted to participate in the World Cup, to experience the extraordinary emotions that these competitions can give, to give smiles to the Italians who accompanied us a few months ago to the conquest of the European Championship,” he wrote on his social media a few days ago.

“Unfortunately it will not be like that, we are very disappointed and we know how much all Italians are, just like us.

“But we also know that in football, as in life, you have to look ahead and get back in the game. Our task is to bring the national team back to where it deserves to be and to build, step by step, a winning future. Forza Azzurri.”

Donnarumma had been booed on his first match at San Siro in November when the Azzurri hosted Spain in the Nations League semi-finals. The goalkeeper reportedly broke to tears inside the dressing room and is probably facing the most challenging moment in his career right now. As La Gazzetta dello Sport noted today, ‘Gigio must react’ being one of Italy’s most valuable assets and a key player in the future of La Nazionale.

14 thought on “San Siro, Benzema, Italy’s World Cup fiasco: Donnarumma’s nightmare continues”
  1. It’s so sad that he had to continue his education in one of the most testing circumstances! I’m not his fan but I can relate. Life is all about learning and he will come out the better in character and personality.

  2. For more money he screwed up this season of his career. Not to mention playing a role in screwing up Italy in the qualifying the past two games. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes. Also hopefully he goes to another team to start fresh again, PSG is a zoo.

  3. Karma, I’m afraid. He’s not even getting much more money at PSG than Milan were offering. He will rue his stupid, greedy behaviour for the rest of his career.

  4. Terrible goalkeeper possible will never play in any world cup, as we know in 2026 he will be 28 old veteran and if ity will not qualify again than he will can debut in world cup just 32 yo, its shameful carreer

  5. @Forza Juve, at 28 he’ll be barely at the midway point of his career. He has a lot of problems – many of which are self-inflicted – but time isn’t one of them.

  6. Jealousy at its finest here. European champion and 23, he’ll be 27 next World Cup. Name a major keeper that hasn’t made a mistake at all ages not just young. Milan fans are bitter, typical Italians only support a winning team, and hate on those who don’t stick around at club level. There’s a reason he’s playing at the level he is at 23. On another day the Benzema scenario was a foul hardly a karius champions league final blunder.

    Italy aren’t going to win every major tournament no nation does, 3 finals since 2006 from 8 tournaments and 2 wins isn’t a bad stat.

    Get over it, move on and support your nation.

  7. Gigio should get back to Italy, no matter the team. He still has a lot to show to Italy.

    Mancini is to blame aswell, he should analyse if Gigio was mentally goog to play.

  8. @Forza Juve, and yet when Juventus take advantage of this situation to sign him in 2023 you’ll be over the moon at having finally gotten “Buffon’s heir”.

  9. Donnarumma made some nice saves vs Turkey. He will learn from going through this tough time. At PSG, he is splitting the duties with Navas. Donnarumma needs to play more. More good things to come (for Donnarumma, Italy and even Milan).

  10. @vero rosonero

    Its too late he could already move to juve when there was time to start legend destiny, but we know what chosen this experienced old men and he felt he already reached everything with italy and its time to move to higher level, now he is peace of shiet for me, 1 year ago was big fan, but now I see what kind of person is this scosseyed keeper

  11. Like the English, Italian fans who trash their own national team players get exactly what they deserve: the emptiness of being losers.

  12. It’s sad that he left Milan, but a t least he moved to another league not being Milan direct rival.. That’s not the case about that ugly kebab guy who will watch his ex-teammates winning the Serie-A

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