Sacchi: ‘Pirlo made a mistake going to Juventus’

Andrea Pirlo

Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi said Andrea Pirlo’s decision to take the job at Juventus was a ‘mistake’ that might have ‘cost him dearly’.

The former midfielder replaced Maurizio Sarri at the helm of Juventus ahead of 2020-21 and lasted only one season at the Bianconeri.

Sacchi: ‘The prophet is never welcome in his own country’

Pirlo won the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana during his time in charge, when Juventus secured a place in the Champions League on the last day of the championship.

The inexperienced coach was then sacked after his first season as a coach and replaced by the returning Max Allegri.

Sacchi believes Pirlo’s decision to join the Old Lady might have been a ‘mistake that could cost him dearly’, as the former Juventus player is still without a job.

“I think he can re-enter the world of football,” Sacchi said as a guest of Tiki Taka. “You also need a little luck, he went to a Juve where it was almost impossible to do well.

“Pirlo accepted out of ambition and made a mistake that could cost him dearly.”

In recent weeks, the tactician has been linked with the jobs at both Barcelona and Genoa, but Xavi has replaced Ronald Koeman at the Blaugrana and Andriy Shevchenko was brought in to succeed Davide Ballardini at Genoa.

Pirlo is still without a job and Sacchi believes the one year at Juventus could be the reason.

5 Comments on “Sacchi: ‘Pirlo made a mistake going to Juventus’”

  1. I don’t think he made a mistake. He made some good decisions, some bad decisions, he showed some flashes of genius and moments of madness but it’s all part of a steep learning curve. He stepped into the hot seat for Juventus when other more experienced managers didn’t have the balls so I respect him for that even if it didn’t go as well as he would’ve hoped. I think Pirlo would be suited more to Spanish football.

  2. he will return when the time is right.he is a good coach.its actually juve which is going to regret.they keep on playing old type of football

  3. Pirlo had alot of great ideas on attacking! When we conceded a goal we weren’t too worried because we could score …. he had some really bad ideas like starting bentancur-rabiot vs Conte’s Inter……..5 players pressing up field….but what I liked the most was that he had the courage to give so many kids their debut in Coppa Italia and at the end of games…….I really wish he would have stayed with the youth team and took the youth players with him to the starting team. We will see him again soon i’m sure of it !

  4. Sacchi needs to shut up. His only successful seasons were at Milan with Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard, as well as formidable defenders. You could put a sock puppet as manager and clean up with that team. He got to the WC final with Italy that was dragged there by Robert Baggio despite Sacchi’s best efforts at decimating the midfield with players like Nicola Berti. Just check his record outside of that great Milan team… He’d be on par with Zeman.
    Pirlo came to Juve too soon but he stood up when others didn’t. The management already screwed Juve up by signing Sarri and then a bunch of broken and lacklustre midfielders. CR7 papered over cracks. The blame rests with Agnelli and Paratici, not Pirlo.

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