Former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi compares Inter to a ‘squeezed lemon’ but insists Milan do not have the best team in Italy.

The Rossoneri are the Serie A table leaders with a three-point lead over Napoli and four points more than Inter who have a game in hand.

Sacchi, a former Italy and Milan coach offered his view on the title race, which also involves Juventus.

“Football is a team sport. Inter look like a squeezed lemon, they arrived in Torino against a great team and it’s not easy to face them now, the same is true of Verona,” Sacchi told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“They are aggressive teams that play with intensity. Atalanta paid a high price for the game against Leverkusen and the same goes for Inter’s win in Liverpool. Surely, teams play too many games in modern football.”

How about Milan? Can they really win the Scudetto this season?

“There are teams that put the single player at the core of their project. Other teams put the playing style, which is used to help the single footballer. Milan are among those and that’s why unknown players emerge.

“However, Milan must always play well because they don’t have the experience or technical knowledge of expensive players. Milan players are not expensive. If they win the title, it’s a masterpiece because they’ve built a team without spending much. I like how they play. They are not the best team, but they play the best football. Against Empoli, they were not up to the task, but for once, it’s ok.”

Napoli beat Hellas Verona 2-1 thanks to a brace of Victor Osimhen.

“He has everything, it all depends on his mentality,” Sacchi said.

“Osimhen must remain humble. Values like humility, enthusiasm, generosity, and passion allow every player to give their best. If the team is dominating, it’s even better because the striker can get more service. Even the most famous actors need help from others.

“Juventus have a great club, a coach who is a great tactician. He knows how to manage his teams. His sides don’t make you dream but are made of top players and he knows how to work with them, so hat off. Could he win the title? The fixture list is not that complicated except for the last two games. But as I said, it’s not easy to face small teams this season.”

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