Former sporting director Walter Sabatini has claimed Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti ‘is the greatest of all’ and said the big game against Roma coach Jose Mourinho is ‘a titanic clash’.

The former transfer market man of Bologna, Sampdoria, Inter, Roma and Lazio spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport and was quick to praise former Roma and Inter coach Spalletti.

Napoli have won all eight games in Serie A so far and Sabatini pointed out the ‘powerful feeling’ created between the coach and the fans.

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“He’s the greatest of all,” Sabatini told Il Corriere dello Sport about Spalletti. “The madness helps him.

“He has the anthem of the Napoli fans in his head and sings it, he’s trying to build a powerful feeling that allows him to overcome the difficult moments that will still exist. He will win.”

Sabatini believes the big game against Roma on Sunday provides a ‘titanic clash’ in the dugout between Spalletti and Mourinho.

He stressed the coach will ‘not allow’ the Partenopei to take anything for granted after Roma’s heavy defeat in the Conference League to Bodo/Glimt.

“The meeting with Mourinho is a titanic clash, even if the two respect each other a lot,” he said. “I consider that of Roma an accident, the risk is that the Napoli players believe they can tear them to pieces.

“But Luciano will not allow it. If Roma were to take the lead, they are masters in defending and counterattacking.”

Roma are fourth in Serie A ahead of the game, while Napoli are fighting to keep the lead, with Milan unbeaten in second place.

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