Russia have responded to their exclusion from sport by announcing their attempt to host EURO 2028 or 2032, challenging the British Isles and Italy.

It seems practically certain that the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland will get the hosting rights to the 2028 European Championship, as they are essentially unopposed.

Italy had originally said it would go for either of the two tournaments, but eventually settled only on EURO 2032.

Turkey have also made a bid for the EURO 2028 tournament, but again they are very unlikely to get the nod.

Russia hosted the 2018 World Cup, a decision that caused some controversy even at the time, and have now been excluded from most sporting events as part of sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine.

Undeterred, Russia announced today they would file a bid for hosting the 2028 or 2032 European Championships.

It is doomed to failure and an entirely public gesture to hit back at their exclusion from UEFA and FIFA competitions.

It was not just the national team that was removed from the 2022 World Cup qualification process, but also their clubs were thrown out of the Europa League and Conference League.

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