Rummenigge: ‘Roma reborn with Mourinho, Lukaku did well to return to Inter’

Former Inter forward Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke highly of Juventus target Filip Kostic and praised Jose Mourinho for his work with Roma.

It’s been an interesting summer transfer window in Serie A as all of the top teams work to try and improve their squads ahead of the upcoming campaign. Roma have picked up Paulo Dybala, Juventus brought back Paul Pogba and Inter rediscovered Romelu Lukaku, setting up an exciting battle at the top.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Rummenigge first discussed the qualities of Kostic, who has been heavily linked with a move to Juventus recently.

“For Eintracht he was very important, he pushes on the left, he is fast, technically very good. They played him in the cup, they would like to put him on today against Bayern, they’ll do everything to keep him. He doesn’t seem to cost that much though, he’s not that expensive.” 

He did not believe the suggestion that Serie A was a league for older players, like Angel Di Maria, to end their careers at.

“No. In Germany they always try to buy young people also to let them grow, sell them and make money. 

“I always believe in ‘mixed,’ experience more youth. With Bayern we won that way. I don’t call them old, I call them experienced. Di Maria can still give something, he is valid.” 

The former Inter striker gave his thoughts about the return of Lukaku, only 12 months after he left Chelsea in an €115m move.

“The marriage between him, Chelsea and maybe even the coach was not happy. He did well to return where he had great success. My friend Marotta then made a great deal, sold him a year ago at an exceptional price and got him back for little. 

“On the favourites, Juve’s bad start a year ago opened the door for the Milanese clubs, not by chance then first and second. If Juve gets off to a good start they could return to being the team that won so many league titles in a row.”

Rummenigge suggested that he was a little surprised by Milan’s Scudetto success last season.

“A little, Inter could’ve confirmed it, unfortunately they lost precious points in some difficult weeks and thanks to that Milan won. Even last year Inter had the strongest team.”

He had high praise for Mourinho after his strong debut year with Roma.

“Roma have been reborn as an important club. For quite a long time they did not win anything, then thanks to him they succeeded, not the Champions League but the less important cup, however they won. 

“Mourinho has done well in the past, he is a man of great image, and it seems to me also ready for the future, given the important signings. In Rome they dream of something more, but I don’t think they can win the Scudetto, in my opinion Inter start as big favourites.”

Finally, Rummenigge discussed if Matthijs de Ligt was worth the price paid by Bayern Munich this summer.

“It remains to be seen. Juve had also paid a lot for him, they probably sold him because he did not convince them, as well as for economic reasons. Bayern lacked the ‘boss’ of the defence after Alaba’s departure.”

4 Comments on “Rummenigge: ‘Roma reborn with Mourinho, Lukaku did well to return to Inter’”

  1. >rummenigge is wrong. Inter maybe had the best players (and even that is arguable) last season, but the best team was Milan and by far the best manager was Pioli. Best team always win, not the best players. Then, you can review the best players of the season and Milan has Maignan, Theo, Tomori, Tonali and Leao. The only players I think from Inter that would be improvements for Milan are Skriniar, Brozovic and that’s it. The rest are good but not better level to those at Milan. Get real

  2. Rumenigge is ex-inter. He may be a bit biased. But the fact that Milan won despite not having the best players is impressive. Most people are surprised. Inter got weaker after selling Lukaku & Hakimi, but even then many people thought if not Inter then it would be Juve.

    Let see who will win this season. Almost all top teams have strengthened. Of course I believe Inter will return to the top, as long as Skriniar stays.

  3. The difference between Milan and Inter last season were a Giroud foul on Sanchez and the idiocy of Radu in Bologna. Nothing to do with Milan being a better team and we saw that in 20-21 when Milan with pioli and most of the current Milan squad finished Miles behind Inter.

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