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Inter legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge ‘couldn’t believe what Juventus have done’ and admits he laughed at the Barcelona scandal: ‘I had a strange feeling when we played in Spain.’



The former Germany international spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport about the current affairs in Italian and European football.

“English clubs spend crazy money in an irrational way, while other clubs in Europe go ahead between scandals and financial crises, but are still able to bring trophies at home,” he said.

“This means Premier League clubs make incredible errors, the market is out of control over there.”

“Chelsea wasted hundreds of millions of euros just to find themselves tenth in the table, it’s absurd. The globalisation of the market has created an incredible disparity. Once upon a time, there was an internal market and money circulated within a system. Wealth must be distributed in a better way.”

Bayern Munich were among the clubs who refused to be involved in the Super League almost two years ago and Kalle is not surprised it was organised by Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“It’s not a coincidence that it was an idea of three clubs with enormous liquidity problems,” he said.

“Now the Super League proposal is to include 80 clubs and not 20 but football can’t afford such a radical change. What needs to be changed quickly is the Financial Fair Play, which must be stricter. Clubs are constantly under pressure from fans and media who demand to spend a lot of money, but football is the only industry that causes losses.”

Juventus have been docked 15 points for financial irregularities this season and could face another point deduction in the coming months as the FIGC Prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè is investigating the so-called ‘salary manoeuvre.’

“I couldn’t believe what Juventus have done, I’ve never heard something similar in my life,” said Rummenigge.

“Juventus are a top club in Italy and Europe but they have scored an incredible own goal. I am sure they’ll be able to rebuild again at the right time.”

Juventus have appealed against FIGC’s points deduction after being cleared of accusations in a first sporting trial which took place a year ago.

Barcelona, on the other hand, are involved in a referee scandal in Spain being accused of paying the Former Vice President of the Technical Committee of Referees Enriquez Negreira, €1.4m.

“I laughed when I read the news, but I am not surprised,” admitted the former Inter star.

“Every time we played in Spain I had a strange feeling. These are unacceptable things that do not only concern the domestic competition and even the refereeing issue must be faced with seriousness and respect.”

What does he make of Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli?

“I like Napoli, I like Victor Osimhen and also the coach. I met him during my daughter’s wedding at the Castello di Giffoni, Spalletti lives close by so we casually met,” revealed the 67-year-old.

“We had an espresso and talked about football. You can see his hand on this Napoli side. He doesn’t have famous players and this adds even more to his work.”

Rummenigge also commented on the state of Italian football, saying that new stadiums would help Serie A clubs.

“Until city councils own the stadiums it will be impossible to change,” he said.

“We had the same issue in Germany, but the 2006 World Cup helped us overcome this problem. We built amazing stadiums for families. Euro 2032 could help Italy follow our example and I hope the competition will be played there.”

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