Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to proceed with legal action against Juventus over unpaid wages, La Gazzetta dello Sport details.

The report on page 20 highlights how the Portuguese star – who spent three years in Turin – is demanding to be repaid the €19.9m net that he was promised by the club when he agreed to defer his wages during the early months of the COVID pandemic.

These deferred wages are part of Juventus’ now-infamous ‘salary manoeuvres’, which are the subject of the ongoing Prisma legal case.

After requesting the relevant documents from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ronaldo has now decided to take legal action against Juventus, causing another headache for the Old Lady.

Leonardo Bonucci also recently launched legal action against the club, requesting damages after he was unceremoniously frozen out of Massimiliano Allegri’s squad.

Paulo Dybala, on the other hand, has reached an agreement with Juventus regarding the circa €3m he was owed. He has now dropped his lawsuit regarding compensation for the failure to extend his contract following their initial verbal agreement.

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  1. Give Ronaldo what belongs to Ronaldo…he is not asking for a handout…you work you get paid…Simple👌🏾

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