Ronaldo and Cuadrado row shown in Juventus: All or Nothing

Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Bonucci

All or Nothing Juventus was released today by Amazon Prime and among the most alarming scenes was a locker room row between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Cuadrado.

The cameras followed the Bianconeri throughout the 2020-21 season under Andrea Pirlo, the campaign that saw their domination of Serie A come to an end after nine consecutive titles.

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They also crashed out of the Champions League early against FC Porto and it was at half-time of the second leg in that tie that tension erupted.

Ronaldo was furious with his teammates, urging them all to ‘work harder’ as they were 1-0 down, already losing the first leg 2-1.

However, Cuadrado stood up for his teammates against CR7 and pointed out ‘you need to set the example for everyone too.’

The Portugal international confessed he too hadn’t performed so far in that game, that they all had to be honest and admit they played ‘like s**t,’ then Pirlo walked in and the discussion ended there.

The same cameras then captured the scenes after Juventus crashed out of the Champions League later that evening, conceding a goal in extra time.

Ronaldo walked into the locker room and burst into inconsolable tears.

5 Comments on “Ronaldo and Cuadrado row shown in Juventus: All or Nothing”

  1. We lost that game because of Ronaldo’s action in the wall.
    Very happy to see Ronaldo out of Juve.

  2. Ronaldo couldn’t stop scoring at juve. It’s the midfield which are totally useless. Plus Chiellini ain’t getting any younger. There’s not 1 that can defend amongst them.

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