Il Tempo details how Roma have managed to significantly strengthen their squad this summer whilst also managing to lower their wage bill, emblematic of their impressive transfer market work.

The Giallorossi have brought in five players this summer to improve Jose Mourinho’s squad and only one of these was a definitive transfer from another club, with Zeki Celik costing the club around €7m. Other additions like Paulo Dybala and Nemanja Matic were free transfers, and Georginio Wijnaldum is joining on loan from Paris Saint-Germain.

The addition of these players, plus Mile Svilar, have added around €29.5m to Roma’s payroll. The Giallorossi made space for their reinforcements, saying goodbye to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Sergio Oliveira, Davide Santon, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Alessandro Florenzi, Robin Olsen, Jordan Veretout, Daniel Fuzato and Bryan Reynolds.

These departures cut Roma’s payroll by around €32m, making things comfortable for the Friedkins. Things aren’t set to stop there either, with the Giallorossi looking to re-home Justin Kluivert, Gonzalo Villar, Amadou Diawara, Carles Perez and Eldor Shomurodov. 

Cutting these players would lower the wage bill by a further €16.5m, creating more than enough space for Andrea Belotti and a new defender.

22 thought on “Roma’s impressive summer: Stronger squad, lower wage bill”
  1. Very impressive indeed. I think Roma can fight for the Scudetto this season. And if not and they continue the smart investment, maybe next year at worst

  2. Roma‘s transfersa are so overrated by everyone. Dybala is injury prone. Matic is far from the player he once was, and have played 20 games in the league for the past 3 seasons, and then the PSG floop Wijnaldum. They will be lucky if they get 5th place

  3. They had the best transfer summer buys of all Italian clubs and they look great, good luck Jose.

  4. Anonymous @hope you know that napoli will not make the top 4 this season. Which will leave it open for either atlanta or roma to fill.

  5. @Dino and Anonymous. The hype is definitely on, but it can’t be denied that Roma has strengthened. And they’re “Mourinho players”. I don’t think Roma will challenge for the title, but I think they are stronger contenders for top 4 than Napoli or Atalanta, who in comparison have been weakened or remained static. In addition to Roma, there is Fiorentina who I consider the dark horse for top 4.

  6. Definitely excited for this season, its hard to say what this Roma will do, everyone still thinks this is the old Roma, but we are and have been under new management for a few years now, everything is changing – last year we brought in Mourinho, then we won a European trophy, now we have held onto the entire squad and added strong reinforcements, sky is the limit with the Freidkins?Mourinho/Pinto, delighted to be strapped in for the ride. DAJE MAGICA ROMA!!!

  7. A lot of people salty on here. Roma have done tremendous business. Imagine a front line of Zaniolo, Tammy, Belotti and Dybala. That’s unreal.
    All whilst balancing the books.
    Sorry, Inter you can have Mkhi and a bunch of dead wood. Sorry Juventus, you can invest in overblown deadwood like Di Maria and lose your best players to foreign teams.

  8. What makes this transfer window so impressive for Roma is the fact that they were able to get rid of dead weight and wages. Monchi and Palotta could have seriously screwed Roma for years based on the players they brought in. A lot needs to be said of the Friedkin Group, Pinto and Mourinho for finding smart ways to make the team better. Squad looks pretty good on paper, let’s hope they can qualify for UCL and build some momentum which they can carry over for next year.

  9. They brought a injured Dybala who cannot stay fit for more then 2 matches and Wijnaldum who is 31 and had his best seasons already at Liverpool. 6th or 5th place at best this season

  10. No defence and no midfield – you can’t win scudeto like that. And short squad that don’t have a game and clear idea. It’s not enough but it’s a progress. I see milan much better then the others with inter the closest. Juve is just a mess.

  11. Its alot of IF that need to happen to make this window great. Lets wait and see.
    Dybala can be great IF he stay fit more than 3-4 weeks between each injury.
    Matic can be great IF he find the form he had years ago.
    Wijnaldum can be great IF he find back his Liverpool form.

  12. Great window in fairness. Doesn’t mean they will win the league but players like Dybala and Wijnaldum can make a big difference to the team.

  13. Lol all the jealous fans if ASRoma now. People tges acquisitions cost us nothing. Hardly any fees, free agents, just pay there salaries. For what they payed and what they got us probably the best transfer season ever in SerueA history. Celik was are big one at 7m??? Dybala haters: go and fine another #10 in Serie A?? Come on man

  14. Roma looks strengthened , but not in a significant way. All of the new players are good bench players but not game changers at all.

    We still need one top center back, one top midfielder and one top left winger to earn top 4 place without luck

  15. Matic , dybala both were free agents to Roma and can still play . You think Dybala was really hurt all those times or maybe faking just a little cause he wanted out of Juve? Before Ronaldo showed up Dybala was doing it by himself winning games? Don’t be a hater

  16. The fact that Roma don’t (or haven’t) sell Zaniolo to Juve for cut price deal, deserves applauds in itself. They used to be supermarket, but not when Mou is in charge. Mou makes Roma more ambitious and dream higher. Whether they will actually win is different matter.

  17. It’s been strengthened, but still not enough to challenge the title. As Mourinho said, he aims at the Europa Cup and Cuppa Italia this year. I think that’s fair and achievable given the quality of this squad.

  18. With the average set of players last season and the inconsistent wins last season with few hard luck last season yet Roma was able to finish 5th and won the conference league. i believe with these crop of experience players and good results on their side As roma may not come out contenders for the Scudetto but they will surely finish better the the likes of Lazio, Napoli, atalanta and if Juventus dont put their house in order they will over shadow them. the only threat i see is the Ac milan team bcos of the depth and strenght of their teams. i believe As roma will either finish 2nd or 3rd this season with atleast the Europa cup and italian cup to challenge for.

  19. Those who thinks Jose bought flops from their previous clubs will be shock. This season, Roma did exceptionally brilliant in the transfer market bcos the team is now well balanced with depth & a mixture of experience & youthful strength coupled with the winning mentality ,self confidence & belief in themselves as champions that exists in the team currently. Certainly, teams will be more scared to play against AS Roma this season.While, they play with self belief & confidence as champions.
    With Zaniolo, Tammy, Belotti, Dybala in the attack. Matic, winjaldum, Pelligrini – Midfield. Bailey, Smalling, Celik – defense and Rico in goal with Jose on the sideline.Including, equally good options on the bench.This is a title chasing team. That’s why am amused when people say Roma can only make top four. They knew nothing about Jose. Bcos am certain his sole aim this season is to lift Seria A trophy. And I’ve got no doubt Roma will achieve that this season. Please, serve this comment & remember I said so.
    Jose Mourinho remains the best Coach in the world, that’s why he’s the Special One. All the best AS Roma/ Jose Mourinho.

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