Roma secure Mourinho reunion with Matic

Nemanja Matic is on the verge of a free transfer to Roma, where he will reunite with former Manchester United and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

According to Sky Sport Italia and Sportitalia, the deal is practically done and only the final details remain to be sorted out.

It was always likely to be his next destination after announcing that he was leaving Old Trafford this summer.

Not only has Mourinho already worked with and indeed wanted Matic at Chelsea and then Manchester United, but agent Vlado Lemic also has a strong rapport with Roma director of sport Tiago Pinto.

The push for the 33-year-old midfielder became even more urgent after news Henrikh Mkhitaryan had rejected the latest contract extension and would join Serie A rivals Inter as a free agent.

It is believed to be a one-year contract with option to extend for the 2023-24 campaign.

The Serbia international turns 34 in August and played 32 competitive matches for Manchester United this season, contributing four assists.

17 Comments on “Roma secure Mourinho reunion with Matic”

  1. Great signing!! He was one of the few united players that actually performed well!! He brings experience and physicality and will definitely shore up the midfield!!

  2. This indicates that Mourinho is staying in Roma, I love the fans. PSG project is tempting as MOU fan, but hard to trade off Roma fans.

  3. PhD Max will be fuming as anything over 33 years young and free is normally a automatic guarantee for the cheapskates of Turin.

  4. Why is Mourinho not signing Italian players.
    We need to improve the national team, by allowing the youth to have first team experience.
    Roma should sign:
    Scamacca – Sell Abraham make a profit.
    Bastoni – to replace Smalling

  5. If that’s the direction for football, it would be backwards sport. EPL was built on diverse platform of Africans,south Americans , Europeans etc so stop your narrative. You need MoUr to garner world attention and that’s how it’s done. You gonna hear former man utd Matic not Roma first(lols)

  6. Amazing comment RDV. I’m sure Mourinho is very concerned about improving the Italian national team at his own expense, as are the American owners.

  7. I agree for the diverse platform. As this is what makes football great. But that’s not my argument. The Italian national team is suffering due to youth players not getting a chance and clubs just buying players rather than neaturing home grown talent hence the decline and poor applications to the past two world cups.

  8. Mourinho and The American owners should care about the national team. As they are investing in a club which is the capital of Italy.

  9. Bastoni would be a great addition.
    Would be a dream to have him.
    Roma winning any type of silverware this year was a dream but it happened.
    This is football, where dreams do come true.

  10. Could it be that Italian homebred players, just like the English, are overpriced by their agents, making it not a viable choice for managers in both Italy and the premier

  11. @Tizazu the last thing Mourinho needs is to work in a toxic club where players thing they’re gods, bigger than club and definitely bigger than him. He’s tried doing that didn’t he. It ended in tears. Unless he’s gone stupid, he knows that. He needs a team not a bunch of disjointed snowflakes ala PSG.

  12. Raid Fiorentina

    1.Crisante for Castrovili
    2.ELS & Perez for Nicolás González
    3.Sell Abraham and Zaniolo for 130m+
    4. Bring in Balotelli for nothing
    5. It might be crazy but 55 mill + Smalling for

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