Roma have worst xG in Serie A, Udinese most clinical finishers

Roma have the worst xG in Serie A so far this season, meaning they are extraordinarily wasteful with their chances, whereas third-placed Udinese are the most clinical finishers.

The league is taking a break for international duty after seven rounds and there have been more than a few surprises already, with Atalanta and Napoli joint top of the table, followed by Udinese.

A quick glance at the statistics suggests there’s a good reason for that, as the Friulani are the most effective side at converting scoring opportunities into goals.

Their xG is +5.37, finding the net 15 times despite the expected goals being 9.63.

Lazio, Spezia, Milan, Atalanta, Napoli, Juventus, Inter, Salernitana and Lecce are the other teams to have a positive xG.

On the other hand, those with a minus score are Empoli, Bologna, Cremonese, Torino, Verona, Sampdoria, Fiorentina, Sassuolo, Monza and Roma.

Jose Mourinho is right to complain his team are too wasteful upfront, as they have the worst xG in Serie A this season on -6.64.

Their expected goals are 14.64, yet they found the net only eight times.

Serie A xG in 2021-22

Udinese +5.37

Lazio +4.36

Spezia +2.52

Milan +2.13

Atalanta +1.75

Napoli +1.66

Juventus +0.88

Inter +0.63

Salernitana +0.46

Lecce +0.17

Empoli -0.2

Bologna -0.94

Cremonese -1.24

Torino -1.4

Verona -1.68

Sampdoria -2.87

Fiorentina -2.97

Sassuolo -3.07

Monza -3.66

Roma -6.64

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