Roma fans turn on Mourinho after 6-1 defeat

by | Oct 21, 2021 22:05

Roma fans are turning on Jose Mourinho after the embarrassing 6-1 Conference League defeat to Bodo/Glimt.

The coach said he “took responsibility” for choosing this starting XI, but effectively blamed his second-string players for not being anywhere near the level of his favoured 13 figures.

Mourinho: ‘I over-estimated Roma players’

Some supported his decision to throw these players under the bus, as Mourinho has been trying to say for months that there is no strength in depth, complaining he had very few alternatives to choose from.

However, the response from social media was largely condemning their coach.

“If his name wasn’t Mourinho, so protected by all of you, he’d already have his bags packed!” wrote one fan.

Another saw a recurring pattern to the Special One’s reaction to setbacks.

“As usual, Mourinho throws his players under the bus in the press conference, the same players he blasts every day in training.”

Paulo Fonseca was fired over the summer and some continue to miss the other Portuguese tactician.

“Was it Fonseca’s fault last season? Evidently that was not the case. The club did not sign strong players and now gets slapped around by minnows. At least last year it was Manchester United who scored six (and if Pau Lopez and Spinazzola weren’t injured, in my view we would’ve won). We just conceded six from a team I didn’t know existed.

“This season is over for me. I know how it will end already.”

Jose Mourinho


  1. Adam

    He be gone in summer, he took this job cuz no one else would entertain him! He tried to create beef with Sarri and Sarri didnt bite! No one can be assed with his games! He is stuck in 2010

  2. Chris

    Even i was shocked to see this result. Even more shocked to hear such an impudent reaction from such an experienced manager.

  3. dangerboy

    I have no love lost for him and he’s a media whore and attention-seeker. But he’s not wrong.

    That Lineup they trotted out there today? Brutal.

  4. serie a lover

    i said it before mourinho is the new connor mcgregor. a guy why had lots of titles early in his career but in recent times has been known more for running his mouth more than winning games or titles

  5. Burky

    Manchester United 7- 1 Roma
    Bayern Munich 7- 1 Roma
    Fiorentina 6- 1 Roma
    Bodo/Glimt 6- Roma

    Bye bye Mourinho (has the sheikh called you yet?)

  6. Burky

    Reporter- So in the Next game will you bring your 1st line?
    Mou- grr

    (someone make it a meme) 😅😅

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