Roma coach Jose Mourinho hit out at Lazio in his press conference, claiming ‘after 22 years you can still win with a goal that is offside,’ but question marks remain over that victory against Lazio.

The two Capital rivals are now level on points in the Serie A table, as the Biancocelesti beat Spezia 4-3 last night, while the Giallorossi were held to a 0-0 draw by Bologna this evening.

Having been critical of referees in his post-match interview with DAZN, Mourinho took an even stronger approach in the press conference.

“The story has not changed. I’ve been coaching for 22 years and nothing changes. Oh many things have changed in football, but in general, you lot never do,” he said waving at the reporters.

“Another thing that never changes is that 22 years ago you could win a match with a goal that is offside and you can still do it today. Yesterday, a team won a match with a goal that was offside.”

Mourinho was referring to the last-gasp Francesco Acerbi winner, which saw him flick the ball back over himself into the empty net.

Images have circulated on social media suggesting Acerbi was in an offside position, as the Spezia goalkeeper was further in front, meaning Acerbi had to be at least level with two outfield players instead.

DAZN and Sky Sport Italia have tried to analyse the footage, but nobody has been able to see the version viewed by VAR with the lines drawn on with a computer that takes the camera angle and perspective into account.

Because the decision to give the goal was very quick by VAR, there is the suggestion they did not realise the goalkeeper was further in front and therefore only took the last defender as the line for the offside position.

This would be an error, as offside requires two players from the opposition team to be at least level, usually including the goalkeeper.

13 thought on “Roma boss Mourinho snipes at Lazio over ‘offside goal’”
  1. @ibrahim: AGREE!!!! he and roma is always get help by the referee, yet need to attack other team/person!

  2. A low man with more trophies across Europe?why is mourinho always hated?if Klopp or Pep complains,no one talks about it.

  3. Oh dear old Mou. Same old mind games as always but noone cares anymore. Your tricks are as old and dusty as your trophies and tactics. How about winning your own games and minding your business and stop blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings?

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA. ROMA were denied TWO stone wall penalties today in first 10 minutes! Clear deliberate handball by Mendal, then Maitland Niles got his heels clipped! So sure at 2-0 they should given Bologna that penalty, but MAYBE would’ve been a different game had the penalties been given??? Lazio goal was offside, we have VAR its absolutely inexcusable for it to have stood. In the long run, this awful officiating will benefit us, because we KNOW we have to score 3 goals to win as the referees in Serie A are CLEARLY bias.

  5. @suzy Campanale can you ACTUALLY do some proper investigative journalism and catalogue the jaw dropping decisions given against Roma this year that has resulted in countless suspensions for the officials involved??? All you seem to do is write lazy articles like this one or even worse those awful articles where you do mental gymnastics to try justify another terrible, terrible call.

  6. This is getting ridiculous. The goal was not offside, that’s plain for everyone to see in the picture. It was confirmed by the VAR, Gazzetta dello sport and every other even slightly objective source. What was there still to complain about?

    Mourinho should be heavily fined for the continuous undermining of the officials in Serie A. How much is enough? Is it really ok for a coach to attempt to manipulate referees after every round? Let’s not forget the facts here: Roma has absolutely not been damaged by referee decisions this season. Some calls could have gone the other way, sure, but they have received more than their share of favourable calls. Worst whiner in football in the worst whining club in football is a bad combination. When he was appointed, everybody knew what would happen. But he has exceeded all expectations.

  7. of course ….. whenever mou opens his mouth, he must mention the referee …..

    very sick of it all ……

  8. This is simple, refer to the laws of the game:

    Images have circulated on social media suggesting Acerbi was in an offside position, as the Spezia goalkeeper was further in front, meaning Acerbi had to be at least level with two outfield players instead.

    If the image above is in fact the correct instance, # 33 is in an offside position according to the laws of the game. I will admit to not having seen it live but in the photo he is offside.

  9. SOOOOOOOO, now the refs have been suspended till the end of the season for this absurdity, anyone who carped up here wanna take back what they said?? Favalli? Nothing to add???!!

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