Roma boss Mourinho: I’m never satisfied, I always want more

Roma manager Jose Mourinho said the key to his success is to never to be satisfied and always seek to do more.

The Portuguese coach completed his first season at Roma which yielded the club’s first major trophy since 2008 and his fifth European honour with victory in the Europa Conference League.

Asked in an interview by Forbes what is behind his success, having won his first European honour 19 years earlier, he said: “I try not to feel too much pressure in my work.

“I think I have a healthy relationship with stress. To not feel any is not good, just as feeling too much of it is. So it’s important to have a good balance, as well as the experience to confront it.”

Mourinho added: “I think the key [to success] is to never be happy with what you have. When you win some medals, you want more.

“When you score a goal, you want to score more. Everything rotates around the “even more.” It’s never enough. This feeling has nothing to do with age, it’s to do with personality.”

Asked about being a leader, he said: “The most important thing is that the people follow you. And to follow you, they need to believe in you.

“Normally they do it if they feel empathy towards you. In my case, as a leader, it’s my responsibility not to let people or my team down.

Mourinho broke through at Porto when he won the league, cup and UEFA Cup in 2003, following that up with a sensational triumph in the Champions League the following campaign.

He then won two Premier League titles at Chelsea before moving to Inter where he won a Champions League, Serie A and Coppa Italia treble in 2010.

Mourinho then moved to Real Madrid and won a LaLiga and Copa del Rey before returning to Chelsea, where he was a Premier League champion again.

He then won the Europa League at Manchester United.

2 Comments on “Roma boss Mourinho: I’m never satisfied, I always want more”

  1. Roma play so badly under Mou, I cant even watch them anymore. He won the conference league… Fonseca made semi finals of Europa (far better competition) with $100m less spent. Would have been great to have seen the young players grow under Fonzi, who needed more experience to start making that Sarri kind of impact.

    Unfortunately Mou needs a big club or to spend big to get decent results – playing awful football to get these results. Yeah he won with Porto, but it was a freak year where all the power houses crashed out.

    Due to his celebrity status, Mou has put Roma on the (US) radar tbf

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