Roma apologise to furious fans in Norway

Roma players went over to apologise to the furious 400 Roma fans who travelled to Norway for their 6-1 Europa Conference League defeat to Bodo/Glimt.

Conference League | Bodo/Glimt 6-1 Roma: Mourinho humiliated

It was not technically the heaviest defeat in Europe, as they lost 7-1 in the Champions League, but the fact it came against such minnows in a less prestigious tournament made some treat it as even more humiliating.

There were circa 400 Roma fans who made the journey to Norway and they were furious at the final whistle, chanting insults and protests.

The Giallorossi players, led by captain and substitute Lorenzo Pellegrini, went over to that section of the stadium to apologise.

It is the first time in Jose Mourinho’s entire career that he has conceded six goals.

7 Comments on “Roma apologise to furious fans in Norway”

  1. why?? at 4-1 down, one of their invalids had his ‘nun C’E’ problema’ bandiera out proudly!!!!


  2. rosario – when Milan was terrible, we didn’t insult your club, so what triggered you to attack us I simply don’t know. Feel sorry for Milan to have you as their fan. Get some education, read some books, it will help you.

  3. hahahaha got whopped by a school side from Norway!!! Wonder if Mou is going to blame Juve or the ref who gave penalty against Juve, or Juve fans……lets wait and watch in the next episode of Mou’s blame game.

  4. Good on the players to try and apologies . Shows they love the fans and the club . Wish fans were less fickle.

  5. Even in the 3rd division of European football the Italians get humiliated. If Roma was in the PL they would get relegated. Juventus would be mid table, Milan hovering above the relegation zone and Inter would finish 8th

  6. It’s easy to make snide remarks about Roma. There is no doubt this is deeply embarrassing. But this is a malaise that effects and reflects on all Serie A. Yes, it’s all relative but only Juventus look dominant in their group at the moment. (Roma will probably still qualify) Let’s be honest – Juventus would struggle against any PL team in the CL, against any La Liga team and against Bayern and Dortmund. The whole league has to raise its standards – and that will require serious investment. Not just from foreign owners but from the state – get the stadiums built. Make fans and footballers want to come to the modern, attractive infrastructure.

  7. @Lupo


    Support your local team, pirlone. Roma fans are a disgrace. Their attitude in and around the stadium whenever I visit the Olimpico is a disgrace. A vile bunch of uneducated idiots. I used to love going there as a teenager, but over the past decade, standards have really slipped.

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