Roma and Lazio fans accused of racism

by | Oct 22, 2021 12:09

One Roma supporter was thrown out of the Bodo/Glimt stadium after allegedly hurling racist abuse at an opponent, while Olympique Marseille reported racist insults from Lazio fans.

Italian football continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Two more cases of racism were reported after Roma and Lazio’s games in Europe last night.

The Giallorossi faced Bodo/Glimt in Norway, while the Biancocelesti hosted Olympique Marseille at the Stadio Olimpico.

According to reports in Norway, a Roma fan was expelled from the Bodo/Glimt stadium after targeting with racist abuse a player of the opponent team.

Media reports he made ‘racist claims and emitted animalistic sounds.’

Things do not look any better on the other side of Rome, where Olympique Marseille reported racism cases at the Stadio Olimpico during their Europa League game against Lazio.

“Following the presumption of racist screams against our players, the club reiterates its strong condemnation of all forms of discrimination,” the Ligue 1 giants wrote on Twitter.

“OM reserves the right to lodge a complaint in case UEFA confirms these serious accusations.”



epa09537348 AS Roma supporters during the UEFA Europa Conference League soccer match between FK Bodo/Glimt and AS Roma at Aspmyra Stadium in Bodo, Norway, 21 October 2021. EPA-EFE/Mats Torbergsen NORWAY OUT


  1. MC Miker G

    What a surprise (not). Yet more infantile, pathetic, bad losers resorting to the cheapest possible shots. Ban the fans from all stadia for life.

  2. peo

    Casual racism in italy is rampant. This is not their world view, but they joke about race and when the black guy cuts you off in the intersection, they slur him even though they dont truly feel that way. It’s weird way of having power.

  3. Vittorio

    Allegations, allegations…

    Facts please?

  4. Burky

    @Peo that was quite accurate …

  5. Vittorio


    You have evidence to back up your claim?

    How about reverse racism when blacks instigate against whites?

  6. Vittorio


    Sp it’s ok for the black guy to instigate lije cutting someone off?

    Blacks are completely innocent of sone reverse racist behavior?

    Or is this nareative on race really an attempt at appeasement?

  7. Vittorio

    @MC McMiker…

    Yes, also tired of blacks instigating and tired of reverse racism.

    Simple solution…if people dont like Italy…they can leave.

  8. Chris

    Newsflash: LAZIO – RACIST!!!111!!1! Footballing community surprised (for some reason)!!!

  9. Feroli

    @ Vittorio – you seem to have a huge grudge about something. If a load of black fans started booing a white footballer every time he touched a football of course there would be a case to be made and justified complaints. But that is not what is happening- it’s large groups of white, mainly Italian men, making monkey noises every time a black professional player touches a football. the reverse situation does not occur.

  10. peo

    Vitorrio – the black person didnt cut him off because he was white…instigating doesn’t make the slur justified. You see, persons who have not been victimized in this way would never have an understanding of what it is like to be on the receiving end of racism and thus don’t understand how hurtful it is. That is why it exists in a casual fashion. People will say they make monkey noises t disturb a player not racism, which shows the ignorance from their end. To your point, you dont like you can leave…back to 1950.

  11. Acemilan

    @ Vittorio , as a Canadian of Italian decent I struggle with people like you . So what you are saying is I should leave Canada if a take offence to degrading anti Italian slurs I have thrust at myself and family from time to time . Mainly on the soccer pitch . It makes it pretty hard to call out theses idiots when our home country seems to have no problem with it .
    There is no place for this in the game . Whoever told these fans they own the players or the club need to correct that assumption . Just because you but a ticket to watch a game this does not give you license to hurl ugly and discriminatory insults at players , ref’s and other fans . Its truly carry over behavior from the play ground in elementary school . Or in other words , kids who may not know better . Grow up and carry yourself with pride not anger and jealousy.

  12. Vittorio


    Well, I have experienced reverse racism. So, there is that.

    And, to continue the narrative on race without discussing the reality that blacks are equally racist is simply ignorant.

    At Peo…you in fantasyland and I will continue to live on reality

  13. Vittorio

    @ Feroli…

    Yes, the reverse situation occurs when Africans and other migrants enter Europe through Italy and choose not to fully assimilate into the dominant society in which they seek residence.

    Yes, it occurs when Italians must acclimate to migrants when, in fact, it should be the migrants who seek to improve their live by working and not expecting public subsidized support at the expense of the Italian citizen.

    These problems are worse here in the US. Thank God for Hungary, Greece, Poland and conservative Italian politicians who are at least trying to maintain their European idenity in place.

  14. Torredg

    Often an underclass will be on the end of racial and ethnic abuse when they are migrants in a new country. Sadly it is a part of living and attempting to better your life.
    However, lest we forget Italian immigants were the target of a mass lynching in the USA in 1891 and they came to the country legally not a case of casual racism at all.
    It isn’t pleasant ,right or justified but a fact of life throughout the world. Targeting fans for being abusive is like asking toddlers to behave, not going to happen. A thicker skin and respect for humanity,
    dont go hand in hand but respect has to be earned through experience by each side not by authoritive enforcement.

  15. Sam

    Bringing up events from 1891 has nothing to do woth anything im the present day and dismissong it as part of the experience of being a migrant is a ridiculous notion.

  16. Sam

    The problems are worse in USA? A nation completely made up of immigrants from other nations who now feel entitled enough after a few generations to try and close the door on other migrants…you’re such an idiot its its hilarious if wasnt so sad.

  17. Vittorio


    You are the idiot for living under a rock if you are not aware of the migrant ptoblem at the southern border here in the US.

    We, who are of European origin must now live in a society where BLM and expectations of govt subsidies are becoming the norm.

    My ancestors arrived here to work for a better living…not an expectstion of govt. welfare.

    You, sir, remain the delusional fool.

  18. Vittorio


    Here is a proposition for you. Namely, if you, yourself, are open and generous toward illegal migrants entering, perhaps you, yourself will invite an illegal migrant family to live with YOU…not at some public housing complex or public housing subsidy…rather, you, yourself personally house, feed, clothe, and provide for medical insurance to an illegal migrant family.

    Put your $ where your mouth is.

  19. Toredg

    Dear Sam:
    If events in the past regarding racial amimus have no meaning today then why does the migrant ,black and brown communities still talking abount slavery & Jim Crow in the US and riot in the streets over perceived injustices that occured in the past.
    Furthermore borders matter, illegal.repeat ILLEGAL migrants come to the USA & western europe not to escape perceived injustice and rascism but for economic oppurtunity.The USA & Italy have never closed the door on legal immigrants and today the people have to support them via taxation regardless of there opinion. PS: the only thing closed and sad is your mind & opinions.

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