Rocchi on Sunday’s referees: ‘An excellent day’

by | Oct 25, 2021 10:10

The match officials were in the centre of attention again, but refereeing designator Gianluca Rocchi said the AIA ‘won’t back down’ and stressed Sunday ‘was an excellent day for us’.

Simone Inzaghi was the fourth coach to be sent off in the last round of fixtures on Sunday night, as he followed Gian Piero Gasperini, Jose Mourinho and Luciano Spalletti.

Gasperini, Mourinho and Spalletti see red, but none of them understand why

The controversial penalty towards the end of Inter vs. Juventus decided the game and helped the Bianconeri secure a point at San Siro, another refereeing decision set to cause debate in Serie A.

But Rocchi said he’s ‘absolutely satisfied’ with the performances of the referees during the weekend.

“I decided to make this small intervention to say that we don’t back down from any mistakes,” Rocchi told Radio Anch’io Sport. “I’m absolutely satisfied.

“It was an excellent day for us. We are witnessing wonderful games and it’s also thanks to the referees: with the return of the public and a very competitive championship it becomes more difficult for us too.

“But we made a choice focusing on a young group and I’m happy with how they appreached the games. I hope they continue on this path.”

Not a real Inter-Juventus without controversy

Rocchi then mentioned the two controversial sending offs during Roma vs. Napoli, when Mourinho and Spalletti didn’t understand why they were shown a red card by Davide Massa.

“I spoke to the two coaches, who apologised at the end of the game, a sign of intelligence,” Rocchi said.

“I really appreciated it, the adrenaline on the pitch makes you lose clarity. Spalletti is Tuscan like me, if he had made that joke to me, it would have been different.

“Massa has another character and reacted as we asked him to do: the referees must be gentlemen, polite and uncompromising towards those who behave bad.”

Rocchi - Serie A- referee


  1. Solointer

    So they have any regulations to keep them accountable. The last time I saw a red in Italy held responsible was when Juve lost to Crotone I believe last season. He apparently got demoted to serie B or something. Basically when refs makes mistakes against other teams it’s human error but it’s not when it’s against a certain club.

  2. Louch

    Certainly Zio Bergomi is an old hack but wasn’t expecting him to have dementia and lose his faculties so let’s clear this up for zio Beppe because it looks like he’s off the pills.
    Lukaku has never scored against Juve so he represents 0 goals
    Inter only scored one (which was an absolute fluke bc they had zero otherwise)
    1+0 equals 1 all day zio 🤦🏻‍♂️
    And what about juve’s pen – LUKAKU can’t score v Juve maybe he was a defender and prevented their peno too??? Maybe zio with those pathetic offensive numbers you’re mistaking him for a CB 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Fact is LUKAKU is good for zero goals v juve and that’s all inter was good for despite that hail Mary fluke dzeko goal. Stay on your meds zio

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