Rivera: ‘Ancelotti better than Mourinho, I hope Milan win’

Milan legend Gianni Rivera hopes the Rossoneri win the title this season and explains why Carlo Ancelotti is better than José Mourinho.

The 2022-23 Serie A campaign starts today with Stefano Pioli’s Milan facing Udinese at San Siro.

The Rossoneri’s target is to retain the title won last season. Both Inter and Milan have won 19 Scudetto each in their history, so they’ll aim for the ‘second star’ this term.

“Of course, Milan can still make it, they deservedly won in May and they haven’t changed much this summer,” Rivera told La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

“Every victory has a meaning. As for Milan, they could have gotten the second star earlier, but something didn’t work.”

Rivera spent almost his entire playing career with the Rossoneri, playing 501 games with the Serie A giants. He is one of the most iconic players in the history of Italian football.

Many see Roma as a solid third candidate for the title after an impressive transfer window that saw José Mourinho welcome, among the others, Paulo Dybala and Nemanja Matic.

“I should know Mourinho better before judging him,” said Rivera. “To me, he seems a coach who sometimes wins and sometimes loses.”

Isn’t it what every other coach does?

“Not really,” said Rivera. “Carlo Ancelotti always wins, everywhere he goes and that’s impressive.”

The Italian tactician has started the season by winning the European Supercup against Eintracht Frankfurt. He became European and Spanish champion in 2021-22, becoming the first coach to win a domestic title in each one of the top five European leagues.

He is among the nominees for the 2021-22 UEFA Coach Of The Year, along with Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

8 Comments on “Rivera: ‘Ancelotti better than Mourinho, I hope Milan win’”

  1. I see this Italian Milanista is not biased at all.
    I thought Ancelotti didn’t win anything with Everton & Napoli and at PSG lost the title to Montpellier?

  2. Ancelotti is overrated coach, he really hasn’t won much in years, one lucky season at RM one of the wealthiest clubs in Europe with so much high end player does not make him a great coach. Get a reality check old man.

  3. @Inter Per SEMPRE LOL!!! He won more champions league titles as a coach than inter in their entire existence (over 100 years)!!! He is one of the greatest coach of all time and yes, he wins everywhere he goes! Don’t hate, appreciate!!!

  4. @smh
    What are you smoking? He wins everywhere he goes???
    He didn’t win at Napoli, he didn’t win at Everton and he didn’t win at PSG, so how does he win everywhere he goes lol?? He a good coach but he doesn’t always win, wake up and go have an espresso

  5. Inter fans see everything and everyone other than themselves lucky lol every achievement anyone earns is based on luck according to them. Ancelotti did what he could with Everton and Napoli. They haven’t won with anyone and couldn’t win even with Guardiola or Klopp either.

    This man has the best record and number of trophies in the Champions League history which is the pinnacle of European football. Carletto is a legend and a winner, and your opinions doesn’t change this fact.

  6. He also won Ligue 1 with ease in his first full season there. When he first went there and they finished second it was mid-season.

  7. He is a good coach,no denying. But insisting he wins everywhere he goes is a blatant lie. Patriotism has gotten into someone’s head.

  8. @smh. He was in PSG for a year and a half. He started Mid season and the following season he won double domestic cup. Check your record again man. I did admit he didn’t win in Napoli and Everton, but if he has stayed for 2 years or more he will certainly have won something.

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