Ribery offered to Brazilian club: ‘I didn’t know he was still playing’

by | Jan 8, 2022 17:13

It would seem as if Franck Ribery is already looking to leave Salernitana, as President of Ceara Sporting Club claims the Brazilian club was offered a chance to sign him. ‘I didn’t know he was still playing.’

The statement was made by Robinson de Castro, the President of Ceara SC, when speaking to Globo Esporte.

“They called me yesterday and offered me the chance to sign Ribery,” said the Ceara chief.

“I didn’t even know he was still playing.”

Considering the lack of awareness around his current career path or form, Castro was asked if he would therefore be interested in signing Ribery.

“I don’t know.”

The France legend is still active at the age of 38 and signed for Salernitana as a free agent in September, after two seasons at Fiorentina.

He has made 12 Serie A appearances so far this season, contributing two assists, but is yet to find the net for his new club.

Salernitana are rock bottom of the Serie A table and their last two games were called off due to a COVID outbreak within the squad.

Ribery will mark his 39th birthday in April.


  1. joe del monte

    Man does that guy need a dentist.

  2. Ralph

    @ Joe del monte- I’m sure you know how to use google, you can ask the question there, you know you can do great thing with your life if you mind your business ?

  3. joe del monte

    Sorry to offend you Ralph but those are really bad teeth

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