The deadline is comping up for the repayment of the loan to Oaktree of €385m including interest, but it’s reported Inter are working to extend the terms.

The Zhang family, who own Chinese conglomerate Suning, took out the loan of €275m from American trust fund Oaktree in 2021.

Including the 12 per cent interest accrued, the full repayment sum of €385m is due to be repaid in May 2024.

Serious questions have been raised about the future of the club should Suning not be able to pay it back on time, as the conglomerate owns 68.5 per cent of Inter.

According to news agency Reuters, Oaktree and Suning advisor Goldman Sachs are working to extend the loan beyond the May deadline.

The terms are expected to be different, as sources suggest the ‘maturity could be shorter’ than the original three years.

It also remains to be seen if this would add further interest to the original financing.

Suning are actively looking for investors in Inter, but have repeatedly denied they have any intention of selling the whole club.

In the 2022-23 fiscal year, Inter showed a loss of €86m, still a significant improvement on the €140m from the year before.

The total club debts stand at €807m.

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