Restructuring San Siro ‘impossible’ for Milan and Inter

by | Oct 6, 2021 14:34

Milan President Paolo Scaroni reiterated the importance of building a new stadium, warning again that restructuring the existing Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is ‘not possible.’

The joint plans for a new arena in the San Siro area have been presented by Inter and Milan, but held up as with most of these projects by local authorities, politics and the complexities of Italian red tape.

Some are against the idea of tearing down the existing Stadio Meazza, urging the clubs to contribute to the restructuring of the arena instead.

The re-election this week of Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala could provide a boost for their hopes.

“The project plans for a new stadium to be built next to the current San Siro,” Scaroni told Radio 24.

“Mayor Sala approves of the modifications we made and now he must convince the majority. I find it difficult to understand how they think we can restructure a stadium that hosts games at least twice a week. You can’t play and have fans attend in security when the stadium is a building site.

“I don’t understand how the perfectly good intentions of restructuring San Siro can co-exist with the need to keep playing games.

“There is no stadium in which both Milan and Inter can play during the restructuring of San Siro, and the fact this is a city with two clubs in Europe means many more games.

“I hope that people have understood the importance of a new stadium. There’s no point being ambitious if we cannot count on the same revenue as other clubs.

“The sides we are facing in the Champions League earn over €100m in revenue from their stadiums per year, while Milan gets €35m. That is a big difference.”


  1. Isaac

    I want new stadium 👍. restructuring 👎

  2. Manni

    Having new stadia in Italy is vital for Italian football a complete restructure and modernisation is long over due not just for the bigger clubs but the more provincial sides too! Without this I’m afraid Italian football will always stay behind maybe not on the pitch but in terms of revenue and money streams! It is vital to make the product attractive it has a knock on effect! Hosting a major tournament would certainly help because right now the red tape which has destroyed football in Italy will not give up its strangle hold on the clubs

  3. Ali

    Can someone explain exactly what the issue is in Italy with building a new stadium and why clubs aren’t allowed to do it? Barring the 1 or 2 exceptions.

    Like… why is it rocket science in Italy to do this?

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