Reports Pogba has agreed personal terms with Juventus

by | May 20, 2022 23:58

Multiple reports in Italy suggest Juventus have agreed personal terms with Paul Pogba to bring the midfielder back from Manchester United as a free agent.

His contract with the Old Trafford club is due to expire on June 30 and over the last couple of days the Bianconeri informed Manchester United that they were in negotiations with the player.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sportitalia and more, Juventus have now agreed personal terms with Pogba via his lawyer, who has taken over talks following the death of agent Mino Raiola.

It is said to be a three-year contract worth €10m per season plus performance-related bonuses.

While there was also interest from Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and even Manchester City, Pogba had his heart set on a return to the club where he felt happiest and gave his best performances.

Some of those were under coach Max Allegri, who has also returned to Turin after a two-year absence.

It is a remarkable turnaround, considering he joined Juve as a free agent from Manchester United in 2012 and was sold back to the same Premier League club for €105m in 2016.

Now he looks set to again come to the Old Lady free of charge, leaving Manchester United out of pocket twice.

While PSG would certainly have offered higher wages, Pogba learned in his Premier League experience that he did not feel appreciated by fans and the media.

The other bonus is that Pogba will benefit from tax breaks that effectively halve the tax payable on his salary due to the growth decree.


  1. serie a lover6

    great move by juve. but i sensed since december 2021 when there was delays in dybala renewal that juve would be targeting pogba on a free. it is the same 10mil that dybala was asking for last year. its a fantastic move. juve has been missing that star player in midfield

  2. Dre

    Another rabiot coming

  3. Max A

    Love football italia. Reference gazzetta as a source, but gazzetta says 7.5mio net plus 2-3 in bonuses. Love it.


    Another glorious 4th spot tripleta awaits Italy’s biggest team and small fish of Europe. Juve are like grocery store scroungers. Rummaging in the dumpsters for rotten food, semi edible fruit, old vegetables and bringing back their ex wives. A Man Utd flop whose best days are behind him, lazy and a tik tok superstar. Imagine the dressing room with Tik Tok Mckennie and PhD Max grinding to the rhythm of the “Feng Shui” CALMAAAA ocean sounds.

  5. Anon

    Because of the tax breaks Juve will pay more or less the same for Pogba as we currently pay Dybala.
    Dybala contract 7,3m net 13,5m gross= 6,2m in tax
    Now using the same numbers in reverse for Pogba
    with the tax reduction. 3,1m tax 13,5m gross= 10,4m net

  6. Dino

    Juve building a team of slow, overrated, overpaid “stars”

  7. Gman

    They should try to get Tevez back along with Marchisio and Pirlo also. Now that Allegri has returned as their coach the team would be complete again. Going backwards and reheating old soup seem to be the only thing Juve are capable of anymore.

  8. magyar

    Great marketing tool Juve not too sure about it in field performance. I remember Juve used to sell players with current Pogba age bracket (Zidane, Deschamps, Ravanelli, Vialli, Paulo Sousa, Peruzzi, etc). Seems current managemnet is taking differen route. Well the old ways got Juve to 4 UCL final in 8 years (1996,1997,1998,2003), current ways of doing things got Juve to round of 16 of CL. Great job Nedved and gang!!!

  9. Alex

    They should ask Del Piero to come back

  10. Akhil

    Juve need Regista like Jorginho and should rely on Fagioli, Rovella and Miretti and sell Arthur, Rabiot. Zakaria is ok as a substitute. McKennie can also be sold if one gets good money back because no one will buy Arthur and Rabiot for big amount.

  11. Allegri out pirlo in

    He is a remarkable player but the boring English game and it’s Manchester utd are village or Gealic Football teams the kind we see in Ireland and scotland effected his performance for the last 8 seasons, plus Allegri on the helm not promising much for him at least next season

  12. Milan141

    What an uninspired acquisition

  13. Many wise guys

    Lord Allegri:

    Do you cry at night thinking about who’s gonna leave poor Inter this year?
    It’s hard to build a winning team like Juve had for decade when you can’t afford to keep your best players.


  14. Andy

    Please return Locatelli.

  15. Andrew

    Always with them negative waves Lord Allegri . Fans this negative definitely follow a Milan team . FINO ALLA FINE

  16. Brian

    Well we all know Allegri doesn’t like the youth so we have deal what he is willing to buy.
    Actually I think Pogba is a good addition to the midfield, He is technicaly capable, calm in the field and can hold the ball upfront to solve Juve’s hastiness in Attack. He is waaaay better than Jorginho , Millinkovic-Savic. So if i’m gonna choose between these 3 , Pogba is definitely the best choice.

  17. Bruno

    @Brian. No way is Pogba “waaaay” better than SMS!! They are on a similar level technically, but SMS is considerably more consistent and professional. He shows up every week and is always involved throughout each game. Pogba disappears all too easily, often looking disinterested. He will produce the occasional moment of brilliance; something that wins over the casual fans, but those who observe the player under close scrutiny know that he is a very expensive cameo act.

  18. Pandwah

    Hahahahaha Juve looking to pogba to inspire a midfield much like United did when they re signed him. Everyone forgets Pirlo and marchisio allowed him the freedom to ghost games and do the small bits of magic that he can produce. Kante also does this for him for France.

  19. Pooopi

    Great now they have w rabbiots

  20. FERBAN

    And Serie A wonder why they never win anything.

    Taking wasters and leftovers from other leagues.

    Serie A is getting like a souped up Turkish league

  21. Farid

    Just as I was going to comment on the subject, it seems I have stumbled into the children’s section once again. This place has become a sewer and one devoid of any reasonable debate regardless of which team you’re on.

    @phony NOrata and @fake Lord is the same person and not even amusing. Bring your jokes up to standard then I might laugh. I can tell because only an English person would speak and behave in such a distasteful manner.

    Now back to the subject. Pogba is a fine player and been proven at the highest level. You do not win a World Cup medal, and be a starter for France given their abundance of talent if you’re not good. Manchester United is not a club it once was and many players have struggled for reasons mostly down to poor management of the overall club itself.

    However as a Juve fan I think we still need a lot more than just Pogba and just hoping we can get SMS as well. Looks unlikely as Lotito will move heaven and earth just to spite us.

  22. Debu

    @Farid, i think It’s not wise to put Pogba and SMS together. They are too similar. They are good technically and physically but slow and don’t involve in defense. I feel Pogba’s arrival meaning Locatelli will play Khedira’s role in 2015 and Cherrubini will hunt for Jorginho’s signature.

  23. Brian

    SMS is a joke compared to Pogba. No where even near Pogba

  24. Damion

    With pogba a back up striker and 2 full backs juve will be set
    Acquiring di Maria they will be in a very strong position

  25. Damion

    With pogba a back up striker and 2 full backs juve will be set
    Acquiring di Maria they will be in a very strong position
    Many say that pogba is a failure
    But Man U was a failing team

  26. Ravanelli


    A bit harsh.

    Pogba was amazing with Juve. If he perfroms 70% of that next season then I’ll be happy. Juve’s midfield is miserable and someone like Pogba is certainly a big upgrade.

  27. Alaa

    Many of you talk so much trash! Pogba is “only” 29 yrs old and still got at least 3-4 yrs or more at the highest level! He only need to be in the right team – Juve!

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