Reports Mourinho asks Roma to bring in Dybala

by | May 17, 2022 20:56

While Inter remain the favourites for Paulo Dybala’s next destination after leaving Juventus, intriguing reports suggest Jose Mourinho is trying to convince him to join Roma.

La Joya will be a free agent when his contract with Juve expires on June 30, as the club decided to withdraw the offer of a new deal.

He was visibly distraught and burst into tears during his farewell to the fans at the Allianz Juventus Stadium last night, having never disguised the fact he wanted to continue in Turin.

Inter are the main contenders, with Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid interested should he leave Italy.

According to La Repubblica newspaper, Mourinho is working on a charm offensive to convince Dybala to join him at Roma.

That news has now spread to the ANSA agency, who maintain the coach specifically requested the Argentina international.

It would require a definite push from owners the Friedkins to meet his salary demands, but Dybala’s arrival would probably coincide with the departure of Nicolò Zaniolo, who has been heavily linked with Juventus.

The Corriere dello Sport also points out that Roma legend Francesco Totti is a fan of Dybala and ‘liked’ several of his Instagram posts today.



    Yeah Roma, an average team. But Mou has hair though.

  2. ClIcky

    More clickbait crap, as usual. Roma to outspend PSG, Arsenal, Spurs.

    FANTASIA ITALIA at its finest.

    Salah to Juve next???

  3. Bianconero

    It will be sad to see Dybala at Inter but I wouldn’t blame him especially with Lautaro as his partner. Here’s hoping he goes to Spain or England. Could imagine him at man city.

  4. Zoro Caloro

    Should go to Milan. Drastic upgrade of the AM position from Brahim to Dybala and easily fits the formation. Plus he wouldn’t be hated like he would if he went to inter.

  5. Antonio Iannaccone

    Not sure why Juventus just didn’t keep dybala as you are in likely to be able to replace him with anyone better even if they met his wage demands would still be cheaper than getting in a striker for €60,000,000 plus wages, and despite his injuries he still managed over 40 games a season

  6. MD

    Roma would be a tolerable possibility for him, and less of a betrayal to Juve, than Inter.
    Though I still think he’s going abroad, maybe Atletico or Tottenham.

  7. villarusso

    Why would he care about betrayal? Juve cast him out. Led him on with an offer, then left him hanging. I hope he does go to Inter just to rub it in their face.

  8. Gman

    Maybe Mo is dreaming of the days he had Sneijder in his midfield. That Inter team though was also stacked in every dept and reeked of attitude and ferocity. Don’t think Roma today are equal to that.

  9. Juve left him hanging

    Offer was there for months

    He only decided to ‘negotiate down’ when they replaced him w Dusan


    Roma and Mourinho have dreams. Fair of them to have dreams. I have dreams, like Donald Trump and PhD Max scatting on my chest while giving each other reach arounds.

  11. Ringo

    If Zaniolo could be sold off they would have the cash…Roma could only afford expensive short term deal. However Dybala has to be lured also somehow for Europa League..very slim 5% chance

  12. Polik

    I pity inter if juve sign di maria perisic and pobga inter will be slayed

  13. reuz

    Average team, they said. hahaha.. We are in the top 12 UEFA rank. And, pardon me. It’s better to be called “average team” better than CALCIOPOLI team

  14. Joe

    Juventus done it again. Getting rid of good players and keeping players like Alex Sandro, Danilo and rabiot

  15. totti

    Roma Roma Roma!

  16. NOrata

    @Lord don’t make me jealous, only I do the scatting on chests, arms and legs. Donald Trump can scat me anytime, any place.

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