Reports Juventus finally give up on Di Maria

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus have now given up on Angel Di Maria, as they are tired of waiting for his answer.

The proposal was made over a month ago for the Argentina international, who is a free agent after leaving Paris Saint-Germain.

He asked for more time to discuss the situation with his family, discussing both an offer from Barcelona and the possibility of a return to Argentina.

After an initial deadline passed, Juventus gave Di Maria yet more time to think it over.

However, with no news coming in yet at all, La Gazzetta dello Sport claim the Bianconeri have finally lost patience and given up on Fideo.

Instead, their next target is expected to be Domenico Berardi of Sassuolo, although unlike the free Di Maria, the asking price for the Italy international is over €30m.

He is also significantly younger than Di Maria, who is 34 years old and only wants a one-year contract so he can return to Argentina after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

21 Comments on “Reports Juventus finally give up on Di Maria”

  1. Di Maria or Neymar would never sign with Juve. I love how they always think players are trying to move there. The only reason the got CR7 was 30m. And it almost bankrupted them. Until they get rid of Agnelli, Nedved, and Arrivabene, They will never compete in European competition. Juve didn’t give up on Di Maria. He laughed at them.

  2. Credit to the Argentine for seeing the light. Sun Tzu Max would have tarnished his career. The 7/9 CL losers cannot attract anyone. No problem, 4th spot Tripleta is secure.

  3. First off, even at 34 De Maria is still faster than Berardi or Raspadori. Somehow neither inspires me as players who will succeed in Juventus. Berardi is already at the age where he should be in his prime but is inconsisitent. If either him or Raspa come to Juve it will more likely turn out to be the new Bernadeschi. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Tarnished career with 1 CL to his name in all those star studded teams he’s been in. Great player but let’s not exaggerate. He should go to Inter where he can team up with Aldi Messi and win a Coppa Italia every 10 years.

  5. Whenever a player takes that long to come to a decision to play with a club he doesn’t really want to be there and is looking for a better option and as a club that holds itself as high as juve does they should have moved on a week ago

  6. Excellent news!! And NOOOOO, not Berardi! He will be another Bernardeschi. Both players are good for middle table teams, not good enoug for teams like Juve, Inter, Milan, Napoli or Roma.

    Juve needs three wingers who could play in both sides of the pitch. They already have Chiesa, now they should focus on Heug Min Son and Moussa Diaby!

  7. lol these pantyhose PhD Max fan girls are talking about Sonaldo. He will never leave for a club like Juve. He is already happy to win nothing and has wasted too many years with Spuds. He is not getting younger and should have left a few years ago. He is also too expensive for Juve, too young for Sun Tzu Max, but can arrive when he is 43 years young.

  8. Maria is a midfielder and Berardi is a forward. If this is true, this highlights what a mess Juve is and how they are managed. They seem to just try to bring in any name that’s available. Does the management even know basics like the positions of the players they are bringing in and what positions they need? They need a midfielder which they can’t get so they turn to a forward as an alternative? Who is writing this garbage? Is the reporting real or are these stories seriously true because this is some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard.

  9. Very positive news!!!!
    Allegri slowly destroying this Juve and hope the management realize that
    With allegri that has anti-youth system then Juve will only lead to the death
    how can the garbage of old men can do?
    That much better if Juve go all out for pulisic (can be inserted in the de ligt deal plus cash)
    Or even hamed traore because he is so explosive and still plenty room for improvement

  10. Max doesn’t want to actually have to coach. Or bring in young talent. Just act like a spoiled brat until the three stooges sign this recycled talent, or last stop talent, and hope they don’t make him look like a loser.

  11. Berardi is a better choice also for the future.
    Chiesa/Vlahovic/Berardi combo would set serie A on fire!

  12. Nice one Villarusso. Only Juventus could attract the likes of Ronaldo and De Ligt. Neither of those two players would have gone to any other Italian club. I like the way you try and make Juve look like a two bob club when they are by far the most successful club in Italy.

  13. Wow, Villarusso is really angry. What are the odds he’s a jealous fan of another Serie A team? So they lose the scudetto after 9 years in a row and now they are in trouble.
    Give Allegri some time imbecile and you’ll see see what he will do.

  14. All of you clowns are wrong. You either praise Allegri when the 1-0, or 2-1 result barely comes in, or you scapegoat him when things go pear shaped. Be consistent like LORD ALLEGRI. I may not agree with everything the dude says, but he is consistent and sticks to his belief. The strange thing is, he has been more or less right on everything. The team plays so slow, predictable and without any impetus. This is the primary job of the coach to try and get the best out of what he has got. Conte is a moaner and his record in Europe is one thing. However look at Kulu and Bentancur. They are playing in a hardest league in the world and look completely different. MOTIVATION.

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